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Author Story: Jo Anne Musolf

Jo Anne MusolfSometimes you meet someone who has a message for you, and choosing to listen can literally change your life.

Jo Anne Musolf, author of Living Your ‘Someday’ Now! It’s All About What You Believe, met her messenger while she was weighing the pros and cons of attempting an uphill climb. You see, Jo Anne is afraid of heights. While she was trying to decide whether or not to start climbing, a gentleman noticed her hesitation and said to her, “I would give anything for your health and your youth and […]

Which editing service is right for you? Here’s how to find out.

editing FThe first step to having your manuscript edited is to understand the difference between the various editing services offered by companies. Educating yourself about copyediting, substantive editing, and proofreading is essential. Here’s why: A company recently advertised their editing services as being offered at a price that is much less than their competitors. A review of their offer quickly shows that what they call “copyediting” is what 1106 Design and most editors call “proofreading,” and an author who compares the fees quoted by this company and 1106 Design for “copyediting” […]

Author Story: Emilio Corsetti III

Emilio Corsetti ScapegoatEmilio Corsetti III has an interesting perspective on the concept of “self-publishing a book,” something we’ve never heard before but certainly resonates. Emilio says to authors:

Don’t let anyone call you a self-publisher. My book was independently published. In the film industry, when an individual embarks on making a film without the backing of a major studio, it is called an independent film. A self-published book is something that only your family and friends see.

And indeed, Emilio states that his new book Scapegoat: A Flight Crew’s Journey from Heroes to […]

Self-publishing Companies Don’t Do Anything You Can’t Do Yourself

DIY FI’ve spoken with thousands of authors. I understand how confusing self-publishing can be: how DOES a Word file eventually make its way into an Amazon box and get delivered to someone’s doorstep? Authors know there are many steps involved in producing a beautiful printed book (or eBook) that people will take seriously and readers will want to buy.

But as confusing or overwhelming as it might be, I’m here to tell you that there is nothing you can’t handle yourself, provided you do the research, educate yourself, and surround yourself with […]

Author Story: Peter Likins

Peter Likins Peter Likins, author of “Coyote Speaks”

“I always wondered if I might be able to write a respectable novel and publish it before I reached eighty years of age.”

We are happy to bring you Peter Likins’ author story today, of all days, his 80th birthday, July 4, 2016. Happy birthday Peter, and congratulations on beating your goal by publishing Coyote Speaks: Cross Country Run (a highly respectable novel receiving great reviews on Amazon.com) six months ahead of schedule.

Coyote Speaks: Cross Country Run is the story of Coyote Viejo, a fugitive […]

What Author Websites Need to be Effective

website designDid you know you have about three seconds to convince a website visitor to stay longer and explore? First impressions are critical. Site visitors will quickly form an opinion about your site, your author credibility, and your successfully self-published book. Here is what we recommend to keep people on your site for longer than a few seconds.

A Clear Website Identity and Purpose:

Your site should have a logo and perhaps a slogan. What is it and who are you? An author? A book? A business? A blog? Something else? You […]

Author Story: Stuart Horwitz

stuart-book-jacket“You don’t want to be writing the same book for the rest of your life,” says Stuart Horwitz, author of Finish Your Book in Three Drafts: How to Write a Book, Revise a Book, and Complete a Book While You Still Love It. And that’s why he tells authors, “Three drafts. That’s all you need.”

The messy draft: which is all about getting it down.

The method draft: which is all about making sense.

The polished draft: which is all about making it good.

“I find that the idea […]

How Difficult Is It to Publish My Book?

lost in thoughtHave you ever wondered, “How difficult is it to publish my book?” You’re not alone, and while my impulse is to say, “Only as difficult as you choose to make it,” in truth there is no good answer. I can, however, provide you with some guidelines to help you decide if self-publishing is for you.

Beware of Those Who Say Publishing Is Easy

My best advice is to be wary of anyone who tells you that it’s easy to publish your book. Any path to self-publishing that looks too easy is […]

Authors: Know What You Are Getting Into

self-publish2I was recently asked what an author should know before hiring a self-publishing company. Before we start, you should understand what a self-publishing company IS and IS NOT. 1106 Design, for example, is not a self-publishing company. We provide services TO authors and companies who wish to publish books but don’t have the skills, background, market knowledge, human resources, or time to do the design, editing, proofreading, typesetting, author websites, etc., themselves. At the other end of the spectrum from 1106 Design are traditional publishing companies, who will pay the author […]

Author Story: Jeff Ingber

Jeff_IngberThe discovery of a treasure trove of poignant letters and postcards from family members to his father before and during the Second World War was the tipping point for Jeff Ingber to write Béla’s Letters, a novel about the struggles of Béla Ingber and his family during the Holocaust.

A writer by nature, Jeff says he’s always been fascinated by the stories his parents tell of surviving the Holocaust. “My dad told me innumerable tales of his youth and of the war, and I had the foresight to have interviewed […]