What Promise Does Your Book Cover Make?

books-on-shelvesWe are often told, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” but that’s exactly what we do. Your book cover is a retail package; your book is a product and the cover is the package that tells everyone about your book.  People have short attention spans, and in today’s world we make decisions (including book buying decisions) in less and less time. In fact, you have about three seconds to attract a reader’s attention, and for buyers to judge whether or not there is something in that book for them.

Traditional publishers know […]

Author Story: June Hyjek

© 2013 Peter Billard Photographer, 160 Oak Street Unit 206, Glastonbury, CT  860-633-6300  pbillard@snet.netAuthor June Hyjek is one of 12 million people in the US impacted by Scoliosis, a condition that shows up as a curvature of the spine and has no known cause or cure. June has dealt with Scoliosis for many years, and even as an adult struggles with the body image issues of being, as she describes, “crooked.” Says June, “I have had people look at me with pity and others who did a pretty poor […]

What’s the Best Route for Self-Publishing Your Book?

choose-the-right-route-to-self-publishWith the myriad options available for self-publishing—some more legitimate than others—it’s understandable why authors get confused about the best route to take. Being confused leaves one open to scams, so I’m always trying to educate authors about the self-publishing pitfalls, not because it will necessarily help my business, but because it breaks my heart to hear some of the stories authors tell me when they finally arrive on my virtual doorstop, beleaguered and bewildered and often thousands of dollars poorer.

First, the Self-Publishing Horror Stories

Take one author I spoke with recently. She was […]

Preparing Digital Print Files: Cover Files

Guest post by Sandy Gould, Direct Sales Manager, Color House Graphics

Having good print-ready files helps keep your book project on time and on budget. Whether you’re printing digital or offset, it is important to be sure you have all print specifications correct before submitting your files.

At Color House Graphics, we find many unplanned file adjustments and corrections can easily be avoided. We have assembled some of the most important steps needed to ensure your cover files are print-ready when you submit them for digital printing.

Assembling the parts:

Your cover must contain the back cover, spine, and front cover panel. These […]

Author Story: Leigh Callan

leigh_and_mom“How much longer do I have to live to see this book?”

Talk about pressure!

Leigh Callan’s mother, Juby, had saved over four hundred letters sent to her during World War II by her husband Lt. Doyle Whittenburg, along with many treasured photos. In 2009 Juby handed the letters and photographs over to Leigh, who began transcribing the letters so all her family members could have copies and enjoy the family history.  The historical importance of the letters and photos soon dawned on Leigh, and she realized she needed to find a way to […]

Crowdfunding to Self-Publish Your Book

eleanor-crowdfundingSelf-publishing takes a lot of planning, and one of the first planning steps is to create a budget for editing and proofing, cover design, page design and layout, printing, a website, marketing and more. Once you’ve got a budget, you can think about how you’re going to pay to self-publish your book. Crowdfunding is a popular option, one that many authors have good success with IF they do the work necessary to create a good campaign.

We think that the Kickstarter campaign created by 1106 Design author Eleanor Scully Gilvarry to publish […]

Declining eBook Sales. What’s an Indie Publisher to Do?

1920_aapstatshotmay2016 With thanks to the Association of American Publishers

It’s no secret by now that eBook sales are in decline. The Association of American Publishers found that sales of eBooks for trade publishers (i.e., “traditional publishers”) fell 14% in 2015 compared to 2014. Similarly, the Codex Group’s April 2016 survey of 4,992 book buyers, which includes eBooks published by traditional publishers and self-publishers and sold across all channels and in all categories, found that eBook units purchased as a share of total books fell from 35.9% in April 2015 to […]

Author Story: Stephen Grissom

stephengrissomSometimes it takes an author to jog our memories about what we do here at 1106 Design for authors who self-publish, and why we do it. OK, so we know what we do. We provide cover and page design, editing, proofreading and layout services to indie publishers who choose to self-publish, along with hand holding…blah blah blah. And we do it well. But it’s so easy to lose the “Why” of what we do.

Stephen Grissom, author of Rivulets of the Absolute: Healing Ground in the Ancient Tamil Siddha Tradition, reminds us that in […]

Lynda Goldman shares her roadmap to success

lynda-goldmanLynda Goldman, a native of Montreal, Canada, is an author of 40+ books, a publisher of health and wellness books, and a copywriter for the natural health industry.

With a fine arts degree but few job prospects, Lynda got a teaching degree and a job teaching English as a Second Language at the college level. She subsequently fell into writing (read more about her journey here), when a colleague asked her to co-author a book, and they were offered a contract by Prentice Hall to write a series. This led […]

AuthorU and Bublish: Book Marketing Tools for Authorpreneurs

Guest post by Grace Allison, Modern Mystic and author of Do You Have a Dream?, A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes, and Einstein’s Compass, A novel of what if?

bublishIn the 1980s I was a sales representative for voicemail. In those days people relied on pink slips for messages. It could take days to connect with the person you wanted to talk to. So when I told people about voicemail they gave me the “huh” look. Send a letter with my voice? Why would I want to do that? […]