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by Forrest Wright on A WordPress Site
Time For Wonderlust

When I came to 1106 Design about his time last year for a cover design, a painful period followed. Michele was adamant that the interior design I brought with me was poorly done and should be replaced by a new one at 1106 Design. It was hard for one to swallow because it meant I was, in effect, starting over. She did prevail. The 1106 Design team redid the interior and added the cover design as well. Often, I wondered if I had made the right choice, given the extra time and cost. Now I'm at the point of seeking third-party support from reviewers, distributors, and celebrities, and I finally know we made the right choice. I can't predict what others will think of my writing ability, but I do know the book looks like a contender. That's crucial in a totally saturated market.

Thanks for your candid remarks, Forrest. We knew it would be a tough decision for you to start over but we were thrilled when you accepted our advice. Now your book's "package" (inside and out) accurately reflects the solid advice within and you have the best possible chance to stand out in a saturated market. Thank you for working with us! We really appreciate it!

by John Leary on A WordPress Site
A Professional Outstanding Publishing Company

Almost two years ago we were approached by a traditional book publisher to submit a book proposal. They ultimately decided that the book had too much of an international focus for their audience so we decided to complete and publish it ourselves. We were new to writing and publishing a book, so we spent a great deal of time researching independent publishing companies. After reviewing the services, costs, royalties conditions and design samples for numerous companies we felt that 1106 Design offered the best deal. Our experience working with Michele and Ronda over the last two months has been amazing. Writing the book is only half the work; the editing, interior design and proofreading to provide a professionally published book is the other half. 1106 Design not only provided us a professional publishing service, but also made it fun. Their project management tools, procedure and communication helped to streamline the process. We learned a great deal about self publishing through this process and felt like they are not only experts in the industry, but care deeply about the perfection of each project. I would highly recommend 1106 Design for any self-publishing project and will use their service again in the future.Once the publishing process is complete, we received all files and the book was uploaded to Create Space and IngramSpark making it easy for us to access distribution channels through Amazon and other online and retail book sellers. 1106 Design does not take royalties from the sales. They have a one-time fee for their work and then the author receives all profits above printing costs and retailer discounts.1106 Design is transforming how authors and business professionals can distribute their work is a timely and profitable manner. Thank you for working with us to make this book available to our supporters.

Thank you for the detailed review, John. As you know, the deadline to complete production for Earth Day 2017 was a tight one. You and your team were outstanding partners and we couldn't have done it without your timely responses and willingness to work as hard as we did at every stage. Thank you for trusting us with your book. We wish you great success with this highly informative and important work.

by Scott Weiblng on A WordPress Site
A Trailer for Your Book is a Must

If you're wondering whether or not to create a trailer to supplement your book, consider this, what made you spend money on the last movie you watched? Most likely it was the trailer. We too questioned the relevance of a trailer for a piece of literature. But after seeing the trailer produced by the team at 1006, we are so grateful we decided to make one. The team at 1106 captured the essence of our book using our words, but brought so much more to the table with music, imagery, and a professional voice over. We plan to use the trailer at our launch and all of our speaking engagements, in addition to posting it on YouTube and social media networks. Again, we couldn't be happier with the end result!

We're so glad you're pleased, Scott. Best of luck with "River Guide"!

by Robin Mason on A WordPress Site
#1106 in name, #1 in design

Michele, Ronda and the team at 1106 Design have designed the interior of my three children’s fantasy books. Their work is very professional, communication is exceptional and turnaround excellent. I’m delighted with the result and look forward to working with them on my next book.

Thank you, Robin. You're so easy to work with. We look forward to the next title as well! Good luck!

by Scott Weibling on A WordPress Site
If you’re searching for someone to help you design your book, your search is over!

After working with Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design on my first book, I am very happy to say that I will undoubtedly request their services when the time comes to publish my next piece. As first-time publishers, my wife and I learned so much during the past few months and Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design supported us every step of the way. They gave their honest and professional opinions and advice, while still giving us the opportunity to make final decisions along the way. Saying that we recommend 1106 Design is an understatement. Thank you so much to Michele, Ronda, and their design team!

Thank you so much, Scott! "River Guide" is an awesome book and it was our honor and pleasure to help you bring it to life. Good luck!

by Dennis Meredith on A WordPress Site
Professionalism and creativity personified!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Ronda and Michele on six novels, and they’re terrific! The design and layout of the books has been excellent, and the creativity they’ve brought to the books has made a huge difference in their quality. It’s also incredibly comforting to know that they manage the production process so meticulously. Several times when I’ve misplaced a file or used the wrong file, they’ve come to my rescue. They are always super-responsive. I know they’re constantly juggling many book projects, but they’ve always made me feel like mine is a priority.

We can't thank you enough, Dennis; we appreciate your business very much and wish you continued success.

by E. Paige Burks on A WordPress Site
Their work is amazing!

I worked with Ronda mostly, but I've met Michele, and she is wonderful as well! My questions were always answered, even though some of the work fell over the holidays. I never felt frustrated or out of the loop. The cover is amazing, and the formatting for my book is also amazing. Couldn't ask for better! Ronda was happy to connect me with other people when I had questions about marketing, etc. 10/10 will work with them in the future for my next books.

Thanks for the great review, Paige. It's always a pleasure to work with talented, young writers like yourself. We wish you every success with your book!

by Stephanie Wascha on A WordPress Site
Ronda was great!

I worked with Ronda almost exclusively. She was prompt, courteous, and always willing to help with anything that needed to be done. The editors and designers they used were clearly professional and you could tell they knew their stuff! This was all new to me and it was a huge benefit to have that extra helping hand navigate this strange industry of book publishing. Similar to my industry, subjective tasks can sometimes take more time and money than expected. My book turned out to be only slightly more than the estimate (due to my changes) which was expected. The amount of time it took to finish was about double the 4-month promise.That was a surprise. Unfortunately, being that I have no comparison, I cannot offer you reasons as I don’t know if it was because of me and my changes or them… all I can say was that it was a surprise. Lastly, we had some snafus with Ingram Spark at the end but Ronda did go to bat for me. In addition, I called afterhours due to one particular snafu, and Michele picked up and chatted with me even though she could have let it ring through to voicemail. So, all in all, 1106 were great people to work with. If you need the helping hand getting your book published, I would recommend 1106.

Thanks for the great review, Stephanie. It was a pleasure to work with you. I'm glad you understand that it takes time to work through many rounds of revisions. We think, and we hope you agree, that the effort was well worth it. Your book turned out great!

by John Sherman on A WordPress Site
Convitality: A Story of Tolerance

It is so refreshing to have tremendous personal support with the utmost professionalism. I can't say enough positive things about my experience with 1106 Design.

Thank you so much, John. We appreciate your review and your business very much!

by John F. Harrison on A WordPress Site
Why Go Anywhere Else?

My forthcoming novel Fighting Back is my second interaction with the good folks at 1106 Design. They did a cover and exterior for my nonfiction book back in 2009, and I'm still very pleased with it eight years later. I contacted Michele last year about doing my novel, and she still remembered me! However, I initially opted to save money by getting a budget cover done elsewhere. Bad idea. After seeing the results, I came back home to 1106. Without a hint of "I told you so," they took on my project. Ronda is the main point of contact. I have found her to be informative, responsive, patient with my questions, and always pleasant, whether via email or phone. The new cover the 1106 team designed is arresting, and it generates lots of unsolicited compliments. The interior is great too. I'll be doing a sequel in a year or two, and I don't plan on shopping anywhere else for these services. Thank you 1106 Design!

Thank you so much, John. We always enjoy working with you and look forward to your next book as well. You're the best!

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