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Dispelling the Myths about Book Design

When aspiring publishers search the web to begin their education in this complex field, they will find an astonishing amount of information. The problem is, most of it is downright wrong. Read more

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Why Hire a Book Designer?

There’s a lot more involved to designing and typesetting a book than you may
The best way to wind up with a professional-looking book is to hire
an experienced book designer.
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Is Your Book Cover Ready for Market?

Now self-publishers can know for sure… You can find out at Read more

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Why You Should Love Your Book Designer’s Questions

When you’ve searched the web and settled on a few book designers to interview one of the next steps is to request a quote. You DO want that quote to be accurate, right? Read more

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Book Cover Evaluation Service Coming Soon

I hired a designer to create my book cover, but I’m not quite sure if it makes the grade. Do you offer a book cover evaluation service? Read more

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How to Scare Away a Qualified Book Designer

It’s safe to assume that if you’re surfing the web for a book designer that you want to find someone who is qualified, capable, customer service oriented, and interested in your book. So why, pray tell, do prospective clients say things that will make any good designer head for the hills? Read more

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The Tricky Business of Book Printing

Book printing has it’s own jargon which can be intimidating if you’ve never worked with it before. Read more

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The Benefits of Professional Typesetting

Today, the tools to arrange words on paper are everywhere, and it’s easy to assume there’s nothing difficult about typesetting your own book. Read more

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A Book Cover is Everything

Some people think that book cover design happens in just a few moments, but that’s not the case. Read more

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The Importance of Editing

It’s a major achievement to write a book. I certainly couldn’t do it. But sometimes an author is just too close to the material to be objective. After many rewrites and even more readings, your brain “fills in the blanks” and sees what it expects to see. Read more

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