I’m not a social media expert, and like you, I agonize over the amount of time I spend updating my Facebook page, tweeting, and scheduling blogs and newsletters. But, I’ve picked up some tips along the way, which I share with you now:

  • Social media is more than Facebook and Twitter: it’s your blog, subscriptions, emails, website and more… and they have to work together. Post your blog updates on Facebook and Twitter. Put a link to your Facebook page in your email signature. Include your website address on your Twitter profile. Put “share” buttons on each blog post and “like” buttons on your website. You get the idea.
  • Define your goals. What do you hope to achieve?
  • Who is your audience? If you don’t know, how are you going to reach them?
  • Content should inform, entertain and educate. If you have a Facebook “page,” look at Insights, which show you what content worked and what didn’t.
  • Don’t repost your “tweets” in your Facebook feed. Twitter’s 140 character limit means posts like this: “Review national laws & purchase #backgroundchecks #seniorcare  http://ereriu.rur/erii!#$.” That might make sense to your Twitter followers, but to your Facebook fans? Not so much. Facebook allows more than 140 characters. Use them.
  • If your book’s topic is conducive to imagery (i.e., travel, recipes, flowers), use Pinterest to connect with followers.
  • To catch different audiences, post once or twice a day and at different times. Blog weekly or biweekly, and be consistent. Don’t post too much; people may “unlike” you if your posts become annoying or too long.
  • Get Twitter followers by following others. They will follow you back. It’s only polite.
  • Visit the profiles of your Twitter followers. Contact them if they seem like someone with whom you might build a partnership to generate book sales.
  • Your Facebook cover image and profile picture must FIT! The cover image must be 851 by 315 pixels. The profile picture is 160 by 160 pixels. Rectangular book covers will not fit a square profile picture.
  • Interact. If someone comments on Facebook, follows you on Twitter, or comments on your blog, say something back. Start a conversation and make a friend. Friends buy books.


I could keep going, but perhaps this is enough to start a discussion…what has worked for you in terms of social media?