AuthorU and Bublish: Book Marketing Tools for Authorpreneurs

Guest post by Grace Allison, Modern Mystic and author of Do You Have a Dream?, A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes, and Einstein’s Compass, A novel of what if?

In the 1980s I was a sales representative for voicemail. In those days people relied on pink slips for messages. It could take days to connect with the person you wanted to talk to. So when I told people about voicemail they gave me the “huh” look. Send a letter with my voice? Why would I want to do that? We have come a long way from the pink slips. With voicemail technology, I taught people how to communicate with each other. Today, thirty years later, the residential real estate brokers in Dallas, Texas are still using the voicemail technology to connect with their agents.

Bublish is the new technology for the publishing authorprenuers who want to connect their books to readers. I am an author, and I began my self-publishing career in 2004 with Authorhouse and with Amazon as my store. The sales of my book, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes” did not do well. The marketing tools available through Authorhouse were expensive and did little in return.

Earlier in 2016, I joined AuthorU to learn new ways of publishing. Bublish was presented to Author U in summer of 2016. Like voicemail, which was the new technology of its day, I saw Bublish as the new technology for reaching buyers and readers. I purchased a one-year subscription immediately.

The set-up of the dashboard is very easy. I found you could download your book or write it on the Bublish dashboard. When you complete your book you can download it into an epub. The next step was to capture a few paragraphs of a chapter to create a book bubble. Then, I could add a short paragraph of how I came to write the chapter. With a push of a button, the chapter bubble and personal bubble were live.

Next, are connections to social media, Facebook, Twitter and a place where you can send people an email to have them follow your book bubbles. When you publish a new book bubble, it automatically goes to your followers.

You can tweet your bubbles and share them on Facebook. I added Tweetsmap to my marketing plan. I tweet my book bubble of “Einstein’s Compass” that will be out next year with a copy of the cover. On the dashboard of Bublish are three windows, one that shows how many people have read your book bubble, the date and which social media source it came from, in addition to how many people have read your profile. The last window is for Conversions. Bublish has a connection to bookstores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and anywhere you have set your book up to be purchased. The Conversion window tells you how many people went to look at your book on the on-line bookstore. They could have purchased the book at the same time.

The Bublish dashboard also has a synopsis of your book, your profile, and a link to your author page.

In the last three months, I have had 9,000 people read my book bubbles for my book, “Einstein’s Compass,” which has not come out yet. In addition, I am having sales on my first book, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes.”

Bublish sends out an email to authors on Friday that says if you have a new book bubble by the weekend they will push out your book bubbles on social media that weekend.

To me Bublish is the new technology for Authorprenuers. It is the best marketing value for social media book promoting and selling.

Do you still have pink slips to call someone back? With the new communication technology, we have come a long way. Do you consider yourself a good marketer for your books? If not, Bublish will help you. Through AuthorU, the tools and talent that is available, I am just beginning to learn how to be an authorpreneur. Bublish is giving me the boost on the social media internet highway.

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