Author Story: Jerry Kirkpatrick

Jerry Kirkpatrick has been writing for quite some time and publishing articles on his blog. It’s a great place to present his content and share his thoughts on a wide range of topics. Jerry, however, didn’t want his essays to “die on the internet.”

Collecting blog posts from January 2007 through December 2016, Jerry wanted to publish them as a single collection: Applying Principles: Short Essays Based on the Philosophy of Ayn Rand, Economics of Ludwig von Mises, and Psychology of Edith Packer. The collection of essays inspires readers to think critically. Topics range from capitalism and politics to epistemology, academia, education, psychology, youth sports, and the arts.

Which Publishing Path?

Jerry is no stranger to publishing. He had another book under his belt, In Defense of Advertising. When he published that book, unfortunately, he signed away his rights to it. He didn’t discover this until he wanted to make a paperback of it.

After consulting a lawyer at the Authors Guild, he finally regained the rights to In Defense of Advertising and self-published it.

Jerry learned from that experience. Applying Principles would be self-published from the start!

After working through the layout, Jerry came to 1106 Design to find help with cover design.

1106 Design’s cover artist was a good fit for the project and both were satisfied with the result!

Advice for Authors

Jerry, having published multiple books now, advises authors to do their homework. Traditional publishing and independent publishing have their benefits and their obstacles. It comes down to how much you want to do and are capable of doing. Authors should enjoy doing the work or else it won’t be worth the effort.

In the meantime, Jerry is contemplating a second book, maybe a compilation of the second ten years of his blog. But that’s still four years away, so Jerry has time to decide. When he does, 1106 Design is ready to help once again!

Applying Principles: Short Essays Based on the Philosophy of Ayn Rand, Economics of Ludwig von Mises, and Psychology of Edith Packer

Author: Jerry Kirkpatrick

Genre: Applied philosophy, applied economics, applied psychology



Twitter: @jlkirkpatrick



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