Author Story: George Hackler

Inspired by the human condition, George Hackler created Doggerel: Really Bad Poems, the culmination of 40 years of writing and compiling poetry. George’s initial goal was to write 500 poems and then publish them. Having far exceeded that goal, George chose only the best poems for publication. The selection of poems is eclectic, covering topics ranging from the complexities of human emotion to musings on Heaven and Hell.

While editing and formatting his work, George realized that Doggerel: Really Bad Poems is his testimony. Over the course of writing his book, George came to Christ. While some poems are very explicit because of who he was before he found Christ, many of the poems focus on God, displaying the magnitude of the change he experienced.

A Less Traditional Route…

After spending so much time creating Doggerel: Really Bad Poems, George wasn’t willing to go through years of rejection slips to publish his work. Instead, he turned to 1106 Design. The process was rigorous, but the team at 1106 Design supported George every step of the way.

George worked as an editor and publisher before retiring, but since then, the technology used throughout the publishing process has changed. This would have been a problem for George had no one been there to explain these technical concepts. Thankfully, the experts at 1106 Design came through for him. George especially appreciated 1106 Design’s technological knowledge.

Because of the dedication and expertise George found at 1106 Design, he’ll be returning for help publishing his next project.

Advice for Authors…

George advises authors to go into publishing with an open mind and to let the experts do the heavy lifting. Being an author is hard enough without having to worry about learning all-new skillsets on your own. Allowing a team of dedicated professionals to assist you takes the brunt of the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on what’s most important: sharing your message with the world. George recommends 1106 Design to anyone who has a book they’d like to publish.

Doggerel: Really Bad Poems

Author: George Hackler

Genre: Poetry




Twitter: @GeorgeHackler3

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