Learn from authors just like you who have self-published their books.

Author Story: D. A. Hickman

“There was no returning to ‘normal’ this time. Nothing as gradual as picking up speed after a sudden stop when the driver in front slams on his brakes in heavy, fast-moving traffic. This time, the highway itself had disappeared.” – Opening lines of Chapter One, The Silence of Morning: A Memoir of Time Undone D. A. Hickman sees a memoir as a chance to share one’s experiences with others, and feels that memoirs offer connection, understanding and companionship. Ms. Hickman says, “Memoir is a form of outreach, really, and since books have been such an important part of my life, [...]

Author Story: Danny Rubin

In this new series, 1106 Design interviews authors who have teamed up with 1106 Design to self-publish their books. Danny Rubin noticed a big problem in the college application process and the job world, a problem he aims to solve through his new book Wait, How Do I Write This Email?: Game-Changing Templates for Networking and the Job Search. “People from high-school-age on up lack the writing and ‘soft’ skills colleges and employers need. My book fills that gap by teaching those skills in a way that’s easy to follow and put into action.” Wait, How Do I Write This [...]