Learn from authors just like you who have self-published their books.

Author Story: Lynn Lorenz

In this series, 1106 Design interviews authors who have teamed up with 1106 Design to self-publish their books. Lynn Lorenz has some advice for authors: If you don’t have a passion for the subject you’re writing about—save your ink! One visit to the website for Lynn’s company Just Multiples and you know that she has tons of passion for the subject of her new book, Twice Upon a Time. Lynn specializes in products for parents of twins, triplets and beyond; indeed her tagline is “Where shopping begins for triplets and twins!” Lynn says, “This was a passion of mine for [...]

Author Story: Jeff Ingber

The discovery of a treasure trove of poignant letters and postcards from family members to his father before and during the Second World War was the tipping point for Jeff Ingber to write Béla’s Letters, a novel about the struggles of Béla Ingber and his family during the Holocaust. A writer by nature, Jeff says he’s always been fascinated by the stories his parents tell of surviving the Holocaust. “My dad told me innumerable tales of his youth and of the war, and I had the foresight to have interviewed him in depth before he died in 2003.” Jeff adds, [...]

Author Story: D. A. Hickman

“There was no returning to ‘normal’ this time. Nothing as gradual as picking up speed after a sudden stop when the driver in front slams on his brakes in heavy, fast-moving traffic. This time, the highway itself had disappeared.” – Opening lines of Chapter One, The Silence of Morning: A Memoir of Time Undone D. A. Hickman sees a memoir as a chance to share one’s experiences with others, and feels that memoirs offer connection, understanding and companionship. Ms. Hickman says, “Memoir is a form of outreach, really, and since books have been such an important part of my life, [...]

Author Story: Danny Rubin

In this new series, 1106 Design interviews authors who have teamed up with 1106 Design to self-publish their books. Danny Rubin noticed a big problem in the college application process and the job world, a problem he aims to solve through his new book Wait, How Do I Write This Email?: Game-Changing Templates for Networking and the Job Search. “People from high-school-age on up lack the writing and ‘soft’ skills colleges and employers need. My book fills that gap by teaching those skills in a way that’s easy to follow and put into action.” Wait, How Do I Write This [...]