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How to Set Up Your Amazon Book and Author Pages

amazonThe process of setting up your book title on Amazon.com has been likened to hacking one’s way through a jungle with a machete. One would think Amazon would go out of its way to ensure self-published authors can easily update their book information and author profile so as to maximize their potential; after all, book sales increase Amazon’s bottom line as well as an author’s. Instead, Amazon has chosen to throw up barriers and riddles, making the experience more akin to finding your way out of one of those […]

Your book is not as important as what people think about your book

Here’s a bit of book selling wisdom from Brian Jud of Book Marketing Works.

How important is your content to potential corporate buyers? Consider this example. What would happen to McDonalds’ ability to raise financing and launch operations if all its physical assets around the world were to mysteriously disappear overnight? Most likely they would have little difficulty raising money.

But what if instead, everyone in the world woke up one morning with partial amnesia such that they could not remember the McDonalds brand name? Long-standing habits would be broken and consumers would not automatically stop at McDonalds’ […]

How to reach more readers without leaving your couch

webinarLive author events and book signings are important, but don’t overlook the power of technology to reach your readers. In previous blog postswe have talked about social media. Now, consider video conferencing to reach readers directly.

Everyone is familiar with Skype, but most use it to communicate with only one person at one location. What if you could get your mom in California, your child in New York, and your brother in the UK all on the same screen at the same time? This is […]

Five Simple Steps to Test Your Book’s “Sale-ability” Factor

By Wendy Keller, Senior Agent, Keller Media, Inc. – Los Angeles

crystal-ballWhether you plan to self-, subsidy or traditionally publish your book, wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball to tell you whether or not it will sell? After over twenty-five years as a literary agent, I happen to keep one here in my desk. It’s not one hundred percent infallible, but it’s far more accurate than the “I hope…” method some authors seem to use. You can call me “Madame Wendy” from here on.

The questions I ask when considering […]

How to Market Your Self-published Book

PLAN-300x208Have you heard the saying “Hope is not a plan?” Unfortunately, some authors use hope or fate as a marketing plan or strategy: Wait for a miracle. Hope that someone trips over the book, falls in love with it, and becomes an angel promoter. Books are sold.

Hoping for a miracle will not sell books or replenish an author’s bank account; at best it will sell 100 books, mostly to family and friends.

In truth, the only way to sell books is by sheer determination and hard work—and by having a real plan. […]

What Paper Should I Choose?

Paper grade and quality for book printingAs an author and independent publisher, you have a dizzying array of paper to choose from for your book. How do you know which type and grade to use? It’s helpful to think about the qualities of paper, and how they best match to the nature and purpose of your book.

Brightness: How white, or reflective, is the paper? Brightness is measured on a scale of 1 to 100, with most commercial papers falling in the 90 range. Cheaper, less […]