Self-Published Author Story: Sonia Panigrahy

When self-published author Sonia Panigrahy went looking for children’s books that featured a young girl superhero protagonist, she was in for a surprise. Nowhere could she find a book for young children that realistically identified females—especially ones of color—as intelligent, physically tough, brave and adventurous. Disappointed that girls continue to be excluded from the heart of the superhero story, Sonia set out to create her own.

The result is Nina the Neighborhood Ninja, an illustrated book for children ages 3-6, about an everyday girl superhero who uses her brain and her muscles to complete rescue missions. Through the book’s narrative and […]

The Parts of a Book: A Comprehensive List

Your manuscript is only part of the book—the most important part to be sure, but there are more. Inevitably, you will be ready to submit your book to the typesetter, and your editor or proofreader will say, “What about ______________ (fill in the blank with the missing piece)?”

We’d like to help you avoid that issue. Here’s a list of the various book parts in the order that readers expect them to appear. We’ve also provided you with a handy Parts of a Book Checklist that you can use to keep track of the pieces as they are […]

10+ Resources for Indie Authors

Authors often ask us for our favorite self-publishing resources and sources of information for writers. Over the years we’ve accumulated some favorites and in researching this article, came across a few new ones as well. Here’s our list of resources for indie authors. Let us know of your favorites and we’ll add them to the list.

IngramSpark: We’re particularly impressed with the practical and informative resources IngramSpark is adding to their website, and we reference their videos often. On the Resources tab of the IngramSpark website, you’ll find a list of their educational materials, including videos, blog posts from publishing experts, […]

Philip Muls: Author Story

This month, author Philip Muls celebrates five years of sobriety.

Looking back, Philip sees clearly the transformations he went through thanks to sustained sobriety, and it’s this improvement in the quality of his life, along with sharing his story with people on the same difficult journey, which motivated Philip to write his new book, Mind on Fire: A Case of Successful Addiction Recovery.

Mind on Fire is a gripping, authentic account of Philip’s first eighteen months of sobriety. The physical symptoms of withdrawal from a drug or alcohol addiction might last a month or two at most—but the psychological withdrawal can last […]

How to Self Publish a Book in 7 Steps

If you’re planning to self-publish your book, it’s a good idea to be aware of all the steps involved before you start. In this blog post we outline the basic process.

Step 1: Understand the Publishing Process

The publishing process involves a few moving parts. Understanding these before you begin will help you with the remaining steps. For example, it’s hard to choose the members of your publishing team if you don’t understand their jobs.

Basically, the publishing process involves:

  • Cover design
  • Interior page design
  • Editing
  • Typesetting
  • Proofreading
  • Printing and distribution
  • Marketing

You can read more about the publishing process here.

Step […]

Accessing Your Application Files with CreateSpace

Thanks to one of our intrepid authors, we’ve learned some more details about CreateSpace’s policies around the availability of your application files after April 20, 2018.

Those of you who have been following this space know that CreateSpace will no longer provide editing and book design (formatting, typesetting) services to authors after April 20, 2018. They will, however, provide print-on-demand services for the foreseeable future. Your book will not disappear from Amazon and you can still order copies of your book from CreateSpace.

If you’ve never used CreateSpace for book design or typesetting (i.e., you hired 1106 Design or another third-party provider […]

What the Shuttering of CreateSpace’s Services for Authors Means to You

First off, if you don’t have a book in the process of being edited or designed by CreateSpace, you can stop panicking.

If you’re a client of 1106 Design, whose book is being designed, edited and typeset by us, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The news about CreateSpace does not impact you.

Second, there are a lot of rumors and an absence of facts regarding the situation, so what we will attempt to do here is clarify the services that CreateSpace provides and how they fit in with what we do here at 1106 Design.

And as updates […]

Opportunities for Authors in Changes to Facebook’s News Feed

In an effort to take the focus off of fake news and an overload of information from business and community pages, Facebook has announced it is changing how posts are prioritized in its news feed. The news feed is what you see when you first open up the site on your computer or smartphone, or if you click on the “Home” button in Facebook.

The priority will soon be posts from friends and family, putting the emphasis back on communicating and sharing with those who matter most to you. You’ll see fewer recipes, celebrities, magazines, newspapers, and…authors.

Basically, any Facebook page will […]

Author Story: Terry Braddock

When asked about the motivation behind his decision to self-publish, author Terry Braddock said something that really hit home: “I wanted to ensure my story was told as I remember it.”

Terry’s memoir, The Stump—My Way Out of Chicago’s South Side, tells of his journey out of the ghetto streets of Chicago’s South Side, where he grew up during the turbulent 60s and 70s. During the struggles of the civil rights era, Terry experienced racism as he spent his summers in the Deep South, working on his grandparent’s farm in the cotton fields of Tennessee. His faith and entrance into the […]

Indie Publishing New Year’s Resolutions

Is 2018 the year you publish your book? Or perhaps you launched in 2017 and are now in book marketing mode.

Either way, here are seven New Year’s Resolutions to guide you on your path.

1. Be paid 100% of my royalties.

Fortunately for indie publishers, this is easy to do. While authors working with publishing service-based companies like 1106 Design have always earned 100 percent of their compensation by dealing directly with the print-on-demand (POD), sales and distribution of their books, thousands of other authors knowingly or unknowingly trade off a percentage of their compensation to self-publishing companies. Authors are now starting […]