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by Paul Sean Hill on A WordPress Site
1106 Design Brought My Book to Life

1106 Design’s work is nothing less than spectacular. From start to finish, Michele and Ronda couldn’t make it easier and the finished book is, again, spectacular. Everything they did, from editing to interior design and cover design, brought my book to life and were great guides for setting it up for print-on-demand and ebook stores. I can’t recommend them enough!

Wow, Paul, thanks! With your smart collaboration every step of the way, it was easy to do our job. It was our pleasure to work with a real-life "rocket scientist." I highly recommend your book to anyone who wants to learn more about leadership. Best of luck!

by M. Lauryn Alexander on A WordPress Site
1106Design Makes Dreams Come True

Dear Michele,I really appreciate all of your help in preparing my novel for publication. The level of detail and accountability Ronda demonstrated on my project made the process go so much more smoothly. Your entire team has been right there, every step of the way, whenever and wherever support was needed.  I couldn't have realized my dream without you.

Thank you, Lauryn. Words like this make our day! We wish you much success!

by Sean McCabe on A WordPress Site
Rest assured, you have found the best team in the world to work on your book.

It was truly a breath of fresh air to work with 1106 Design. Both Michele and Ronda were incredibly professional, thorough, and prompt.Throughout the entire process, I never had any doubts. Their communication was excellent. When you work with 1106 Design, you will have full confidence your book is in good hands.You deserve peace of mind, and your time is best spent doing more of what you do best: writing!Let 1106 Design take care of the details so you can get started on your next book!

Thank you, Sean. We enjoyed working with you as well. You were the first client to send us text corrections via video! 🙂 We hope "Overlap" is a great success!

by Sonia Panigrahy on A WordPress Site

The team at 1106 Design, especially Michele and Ronda, were my lifeline during the entire process of creating my first children's book—from helping to edit the manuscript, to identifying the image specs and coordinating with my illustrator, to assisting with the technical gymnastics of getting the book ready for distribution. I appreciated that they were honest about what they were experts in and not, and in the areas they were not, they provided guidance on where I could find more information. I never felt like I was being left on my own. Rather, they always kept a lifeline out to make sure I could navigate the process and often ending communication with asking me how they could help me next. There was a lot I did not know and they always took the time to thoroughly and clearly answer my questions. As a result, I have a beautiful and professional book that most cannot tell is self-published. I could not have done this without them. I feel services like what 1106 Design provides is the key step from sitting on a book idea to making it actually happen. Thank you! —Sonia Panigrahy, author of Nina the Neighborhood Ninja

Thank you, Sonia! It was great fun to work on this book. The message within is timely and important and we wish you the best of luck!

by Scott Eubanks on A WordPress Site
Real Pros Who Become Good Friends

The ladies of 1106 Design are good at what they do. Their patience is supreme and their hand holding abilities throughout the book-birthing process averts many mistakes and heart attacks. They are part of my team from now on. —Scott Eubanks, author of Mad Dogs, Marbles and Rock Fights

Thanks, Scott. We enjoyed working with you. Baby boomers of all ages will appreciate your book and we wish you much success!

by Don Kennedy on A WordPress Site

I'm talking about Michele and Ronda and the entire team. The most difficult part of writing a book isn't the writing, it's aligning yourself with an editing and publishing team that senses and cares for your baby, your book, your passion, and has the patience to hand-hold and actually respond to your questions. The Surfer's Journey was my five year effort through a PhD program and a new career. They were professional, did what they said they would do in the time set, and taught along the way. Thank you!!

Thank you for the great review, Don. We enjoyed working on your book and with you. Best of luck in your new career!

by Scott Weibling on A WordPress Site
Book Website

Michele and her team at 1106 Design never cease to amaze us. Our website is exactly what we wanted! We wanted a clean, easy to navigate website that captures the essence our our book, River Guide. Once it launched, the compliments started to rush in immediately. People couldn't stop commenting on it's professional design and captivating appearance. And the technical support, for someone who very much needs it, was much appreciated and still allowed us to make major decisions. Once again, we couldn't be happier with the results from 1106 Design! Thank you, Scott and Michelle Weibling

Thank you, Scott. It was a pleasure to help with your website and your book. Best of luck!

by Danny Rubin on A WordPress Site
Excellent Job Once Again!

Thanks to the 1106 Design team for a fantastic job on my second book. Since we already had a template in place from the first book, the process was even more seamless and stress-free. My thanks to Ronda Rawlins for being prompt and willing to talk things out by phone so we got the interior layout 100% right. Again, my sincere appreciation on a job well done!

Thank you, Danny! It's always a pleasure to work with you. You have much to teach others about indie-publishing success.

by Forrest Wright on A WordPress Site
Time For Wonderlust

When I came to 1106 Design about his time last year for a cover design, a painful period followed. Michele was adamant that the interior design I brought with me was poorly done and should be replaced by a new one at 1106 Design. It was hard for one to swallow because it meant I was, in effect, starting over. She did prevail. The 1106 Design team redid the interior and added the cover design as well. Often, I wondered if I had made the right choice, given the extra time and cost. Now I'm at the point of seeking third-party support from reviewers, distributors, and celebrities, and I finally know we made the right choice. I can't predict what others will think of my writing ability, but I do know the book looks like a contender. That's crucial in a totally saturated market.

Thanks for your candid remarks, Forrest. We knew it would be a tough decision for you to start over but we were thrilled when you accepted our advice. Now your book's "package" (inside and out) accurately reflects the solid advice within and you have the best possible chance to stand out in a saturated market. Thank you for working with us! We really appreciate it!

by John Leary on A WordPress Site
A Professional Outstanding Publishing Company

Almost two years ago we were approached by a traditional book publisher to submit a book proposal. They ultimately decided that the book had too much of an international focus for their audience so we decided to complete and publish it ourselves. We were new to writing and publishing a book, so we spent a great deal of time researching independent publishing companies. After reviewing the services, costs, royalties conditions and design samples for numerous companies we felt that 1106 Design offered the best deal. Our experience working with Michele and Ronda over the last two months has been amazing. Writing the book is only half the work; the editing, interior design and proofreading to provide a professionally published book is the other half. 1106 Design not only provided us a professional publishing service, but also made it fun. Their project management tools, procedure and communication helped to streamline the process. We learned a great deal about self publishing through this process and felt like they are not only experts in the industry, but care deeply about the perfection of each project. I would highly recommend 1106 Design for any self-publishing project and will use their service again in the future.Once the publishing process is complete, we received all files and the book was uploaded to Create Space and IngramSpark making it easy for us to access distribution channels through Amazon and other online and retail book sellers. 1106 Design does not take royalties from the sales. They have a one-time fee for their work and then the author receives all profits above printing costs and retailer discounts.1106 Design is transforming how authors and business professionals can distribute their work is a timely and profitable manner. Thank you for working with us to make this book available to our supporters.

Thank you for the detailed review, John. As you know, the deadline to complete production for Earth Day 2017 was a tight one. You and your team were outstanding partners and we couldn't have done it without your timely responses and willingness to work as hard as we did at every stage. Thank you for trusting us with your book. We wish you great success with this highly informative and important work.

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