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by W. Sherman Rogers on A WordPress Site
Winners and Losers in the American Capitalistic Economy: A Primer

I cannot say enough positive things about 1106 Design, LLC. The company provided numerous services in helping me to produce my book titled "Winners and Losers in the American Capitalistic Economy: A Primer." Those services included: (1) interior design and layout services; (2) indexing services; (3) proofreading services; and (4) overall project management.I shall be using my book to teach a class called LAW, ECONOMICS AND CAPITALISM at the Howard U. School of Law during the fall 2018 semester.1106 Design did a phenomenal job on my book. Many scholars and members of the general public who have read my book have also taken the time to note the excellent design and layout of the book.I would recommend 1106 Design to any publishing company regardless of whether the publisher is a "self publisher" or a publisher of other persons' works. Accordingly, if you are in need of all or some of the four services I mentioned earlier, I would definitely recommend that you check out 1106 Design. You won't regret it!

Thank you, Sherman! It was a pleasure to work with you as well. I hope your students, as well as a much wider audience, access your comprehensive analysis of contemporary issues that affect us all. Best of luck!

by Roge Bolan on A WordPress Site

The people at 1106 Design are amazing. They go out of their way to make it as easy as they can for a novice like me. The dust cover front page is beautiful and it was a creation of the people there.

Thank you, Roger, for the great review. We enjoyed working with you very much. Your poetry is moving and I hope many people enjoy your book.

by Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S on A WordPress Site
Excellent and Professional

Ronda, Michele, and the staff at 1106 were well worth the expense. My first book has been published less than a week, but I keep receiving compliments on the design. 1106 really worked well with me to create exactly what I wanted to express. The book looks beautiful, and I have so much appreciation for what a knowledgeable book designer and editors can do. Having all of the services (interior design, exterior design, and editing) under one roof made for a smoother production experience. I really needed that assistance and wanted that expertise. Ronda's professionalism and attentiveness was out of this world. I would highly recommend 1106 to any self-publishing author who wants to create a truly polished and attractive book. The process may take longer than you hoped, but you will have something that you can be proud of at the end of it.

Thank you, Heidi. It was a pleasure to work with you. We hope you enjoy great success with "Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body and Self."

by Jose Gomez, M.D. on A WordPress Site
The 7 Secrets to a Happier Life

For someone like me, who does not know anything about creating a book from my original manuscript, it was an amazing easy job to do it with the help of Michele, Ronda and their staff. 1106 Design is, without any question, the best available option for self-publishers.I did a lot of research on the Internet and asked other people who were in the publishing business, and they all pointed to 1106 Design as the one I should try. And, I am so glad that I did. I have no words to thank you all.

Thank YOU, Jose! Your kind words made our day, and we were honored to help you. Best of luck with your book. It's filled with terrific information.

by Philip Muls on A WordPress Site
Mind on Fire: A Case of Successful Addiction Recovery

Ronda and Michele at 1106 Design were absolutely great to work with, especially for a first-time author like myself. I had decided to self-publish because I like to remain in full control of the process. The team at 1106 Design made that possible, with iterations at exactly the right time. They guided me towards a great end product that I am proud of. Thanks guys!

Thanks for your kind words, Philip. We enjoyed brining your book to completion and wish you every success.

by Glyn Haynie on A WordPress Site
Soldiering After The Vietnam War

When I finished my second book, I went back to 1106 Design. It was an easy choice for me knowing how professional and efficient Michele, Ronda and the 1006 Design team are, and the outstanding work they did for my first book. On my first book, they exceeded my expectations, and they didn’t disappoint me for my second book. The process was smooth and Ronda or Michele took time to answer my questions and provided valuable advice. I will be back to 1106 Design for my next book. If you are an Independent Author and Publisher use 1106 Design to produce a professional-looking book free of errors.

Thank you, Glyn. We love working for you!

by Terri Segal on A WordPress Site
Never Parted: A Brother's Loving Teachings from the Afterlife

As a first time publisher who needed a lot of hand holding, I received great attention and care from 1106 Design. They made a sometimes intimidating and confusing process seamless. Thank you all for making my dream come true.

Thank you, Terri. It was wonderful to work with you and to read your book. Anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one will take great comfort from it. Good luck spreading your message far and wide.

by John Leifer on A WordPress Site
Great Experience with 1106 Design

After working with a traditional publisher on two books, I decided to try self-publishing. The team at 1106 Design made it a breeze!  They have the process down to a science. Their consultation was on-point, and their work product excellent. I am so pleased that I'm going to have them start work on a second manuscript shortly! My thanks to Michele and Ronda for their excellent help and clear communication!

Thanks so much, John. We think "8 Seconds to Midnight" is an excellent book. We appreciate your business very much and look forward to working on your next title. Best of luck!

by Stuart Fabe on A WordPress Site
Consistently Excellent

I just completed publishing my third novel with guidance and great design help from 1106 Design, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It is rare for me to think that a company has exceeded my expectations, but once again Michele and Ronda and their team have done so. I’m addicted to their astute professional skills; both Michele and Ronda have the kind of friendly and forthright personalities that make it much easier to navigate the rigors of publishing a book. I would encourage any writer to work with 1106 Design. A+++

Thank you, Stuart! We love working with you as well and wish you every success with your books!

by Byron M. Roth on A WordPress Site
exceeded expectations

Working with Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design was very productive and, at the same time, extremely pleasant. They and their staff were entirely professional and provided helpful and timely assistance at every step in the process. I have written three books before this, but was never involved in setting them up for publication. For a variety of reasons I decided to publish this book on my own and could never have done it without the able assistance of the people at 1106 Design. They explained the intricacies of publishing, setting up ISBN numbers, and myriad things with which I had never before had to contend. They arranged for the cover, layout and interior design as well as the ebook, and produced a truly professional product. This book was a fairly technical social science work and involved many detailed tables, all of which were handled expertly and expeditiously, better in fact than in my previously published books. When I finally received the hard copy of the book, I was immensely pleased; it met or exceeded my expectations in all regards. I can recommend them with complete confidence.

Thank you, Byron. It was a pleasure to work with you as well! We wish you every success with the book!

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