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by Kathleen Vallee Stein on 1106 Design

When I decided to independently publish my book I wanted it to look professional: the cover, editing, book design, right down to the smallest detail. I found 1106’s ad in the Independent Book Publishers Association journal and, from the start, I knew I was in good hands. Michele, Ronda, Doran and Anita helped me create a book that I was proud of. They are set up to communicate on-line but a couple of times I wanted to talk to them directly and they always responded and answered my question promptly. The best part was that they always knew the next step in the process so I simply followed their direction and completed each task with confidence. My book, Loving Choices, Peaceful Passing: Why My Family Chose Hospice is for sale on Amazon and other online retailers and people are buying them! I can’t recommend 1106 highly enough. They are the best!

Thank you, Kathleen, for writing such a nice review. It was a pleasure to work with you. We hope your book brings much-needed comfort to many others at life's most difficult time.

by Stuart Fabe on 1106 Design
Self-publish with the Pros!

I just published my fifth novel in five years with the guidance and counsel of the true professionals at 1106 Design, and I couldn't be more pleased. Working with Michele, Ronda, and Brian has been a very positive experience once again. They are very knowledgeable, extremely courteous and patient, and are dedicated to creating a final book that I am proud of. Trust them with your literary efforts. You'll be pleased that you did.

Thank you, Stuart! We love designing your books and reading them, too!

by Margaret Placentra Johnston on 1106 Design
Very pleased!

Everyone at 1106 Design did a fantastic job. They were super responsive to my every question and concern, attended to details I didn't even know existed, and really provided peace of mind that we were following "industry standards" that would have taken me hours or days to research on my own without a traditional publisher. If I write another book, I definitely plan to use 1106 Design again. Overcoming Spiritual Myopia: A View Toward Peace Among the Religions:

Thank you, Margaret. We enjoyed working with you and hope your book is a success.

by Melissa Ann on 1106 Design
Extremely Satisfied

I can honestly say, working with 1106 Design was nothing short of spectacular. The insight and advice the whole way through was appreciated. I am extremely satisfied with the final product and I will definitely be recommending them to anybody needing similar services. Thank you!!

Thanks for the great review, Melissa. It was our honor and pleasure to serve you. Your title, "Hope, Love, and Me" is an immense inspiration. I hope your book reaches many people and achieves the success it deserves.

by George D. Griffin III on 1106 Design
One of the Best Professional Decisions I’ve Ever Made!

My experience with the entire team at 1106 Design was, in one word…Exceptional! Everyone was amazingly courteous and professional, from Ronda, Brian and all the others behind the scenes that contributed to designing my self-published book, "Be An Unstoppable You: The Ultimate Self-Leadership Formula to Achieve PEAK Performance." I even had the opportunity to work directly with the owner, Michele DeFilippo. Michele was extremely attentive and her eBook, "Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing" was full of extremely helpful information. She took the time to listen to my questions and answered all of them to my satisfaction. This was by far one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made! If you want a beautiful book of the highest quality, meticulously prepared by industry experts, look no further than 1106 Design. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you, George! We loved working with you too. There's no limit to what people can accomplish together when courtesy and professionalism rule the collaboration. We wish you every success with your book!

by Jill HIckson on 1106 Design
Great collaboration -- thanks 1106 Design!

I found 1106 Design after I contacted another company with great industry recommendations. This company was not taking new clients and recommended 1106 Design. I noticed that 1106 Design did many fiction books and mine is non-fiction with many citations so that was a concern. I contacted them and set up a preliminary discussion online as I live in Africa. From that day forward, my collaboration with 1106 Design was professional and fun. I needed a lot of handholding because I am not a computer whiz and there were many revisions that I made to the pdf's they sent, but always, they explained clearly what to do and how to do it. I would especially recommend the proofreading -- it made all the difference for me since I had many technical terms. Also, I was concerned with going over my free dollar limit for revisions but they gave clear estimates of overages and stuck to them. Overall, this was a great experience and I am eternally grateful to 1106 Design. I love my book!

Thanks so much for your kind words, Jill. Working on your book was a joyful collaboration. We hope "Suing Terrorists: The Politics of Civil Lawsuits Against Iran and Other State-Sponsors of Terrorism" is widely read. We found it to be a real eye-opener.

by Michael Clark on 1106 Design
Joint '72 ...a novel about coming of age -- twice.

I found 1106 Design on Facebook, liked their page and started collecting some of their "How To" and "Consider This" blog posts months before I was ready to publish. Then we worked together for about 3.5 months and I couldn't be happier with the result – the overall design inside and out stands up to all and surpasses many publishing-house-produced books. I found Michele, Ronda, and their crew to be very responsive to my desires and probably more tolerant than they should have been of my occasional lapses into basket-case status. And when an unforeseen literary award submission deadline suddenly loomed, they were able to shift gears and accelerate getting a print version on the market in a hurry, without compromising quality. These folks are pros in all departments, but if I had to pick one of their services that was more valuable than the others, it would be their professional proofreading. On a handful of occasions their suggested revisions sent me to the internet with a "that can't be right" in my head, and every time I came back with "okay, it's right, it's right, it's right. Joint '72 launched three weeks ago and the reception for the quality of the book itself has been excellent. My thanks to everyone at 1106 Design!

Thanks so much for the great review, Michael. We were honored to help with your book and we wish you the best of luck!

by Jonathan Wallach on 1106 Design
The Speed of Water

I stumbled onto 1106 Design by accident. Michele's bio appeared on my LinkedIn search. It was divine intervention. I wanted to self-publish my first novel and I didn't know what I needed to do. I cannot speak enough about how well I was treated by Michele and her team. 1106 Design are consummate professionals, they held my hand from start to finish. As I said in my acknowledgments page, I gave 1106 Design a manuscript and they gave me a book. If you are thinking of self-publishing, do yourself a favor and hire 1106 Design. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for your kind words and your business, Jonathan. We enjoyed working with you very much and we hope your book is a huge success!

by Lynn Nanos on 1106 Design
Excellent work!

The 1106 Design team provided me with a thorough, prompt, and superb result. I am not disappointed.

Thank you, Lynn. We appreciate your business very much and wish you the best of luck with your book!

by Fred Stuvek Jr. on 1106 Design

From: Fred Stuvek, Jr. Author of It Starts With You

I was fortunate to have worked with 1106 Design. Michele, Ronda, and the rest of the team were delightful to work with. They were prompt, professional, and provided me with the support and advice which was needed. Their demeanor was always pleasant and cheerful. They were always willing to help and offer their unique insight and perspective regardless of the task.

It is obvious 1106 Design knows what they are doing, inside and out, and are world class at what they do. Their design work and layout is impeccable, always meeting the highest standards.

“You don’t know what you don’t know” is a familiar term. It is most apropos here as there are a host of issues and nuances specific to this industry which must be addressed. 1106 provided me with necessary perspective and advice so I could effectively navigate my way. Having been through the process I simply cannot envision publishing a book without them. It was of incalculable value.

I am more than pleased with the final product. I would unhesitatingly recommend that anyone authoring and publishing their first book utilize the services of 1106 Design.

Thank you, Fred! We loved working with you, too! We love the message of your book and are confident it will achieve the success you envisioned. Best of luck!

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