Interior Samples

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(Please note: Some clients decline our editing and proofreading services, so the editorial content of these samples are entirely the responsibility of the author.)

Nonfiction Titles

Be An Unstoppable You

By: George Griffin

Principal: A Personal History

By: Caroline Tompkins

Waiting to Hear Momma

By: Lucille Messina (Memoir)

When I Turned Nineteen

By: Glyn Haynie (Memoir)

Béla’s Letters

By: Jeff Ingber (Memoir)

Wait, How Do I Write This Email?

By: Danny Rubin

Here’s My Heart

By: Leigh W. Callan (Memoir)

Rivulets of the Absolute

By: Stephen Grissom

Living Your ‘Someday’ Now

By: Jo Anne Musolf

Deep, Blue, Heavenly Seas…A Retreat for Your Soul

By: Melissa Heckman, MSW

Fat Loss Happens on Monday

By: Josh Hillis, with Dan John

Life from A to Z; 20 Minutes a Day: A Guide to Creating a Better You

By: Livia Spitz Steingart, Psy.D., M.B.A.

My Gutsy Story Anthology 2

By: Sonia Marsh

Parasites of Health, on the Pathophysiology and Mode of Communication of Non-Communicable Diseases

By: Torgeir Landvik, M.D.

Rebel in High Heels

By: Charlotte Laws

Fiction Titles

Thou Shall Not Kill

By: John Leifer

Softly Fall the Snowbirds

By: Marlene Zefferys

The Great Snapping Turtle Adventure

By: Susan Yaruta-Young (YA)

The Kingdom of Assassins

By: Erik Mackenzie

Terminally Safe

By: Daniel Martinez