Printing & Distribution

How It Works

The little-known secret in the publishing business is that there are only two distributors that will print your book on-demand and distribute to online retailers and brick-and-mortar bookstores: Amazon KDP and IngramSpark. And authors can deal directly with these distributors to maximize their royalties.

Many self-publishing companies purport to do print-on-demand. In fact, they have to go through the same channels: Amazon KDP and IngramSpark. As a middle-person between you and the distributor, they’ll take a chunk of your compensation as their fee.

Under our model, distribution accounts are set up in your name with your choice of distributor and you set the retail price of your book. 

When a book is sold, the retailer takes a cut, the printing cost is deducted, and the balance is deposited directly into your bank account, never ours first. The difference can amount to several more dollars per book in net revenue to you. Best of all, we’ll help you set up the accounts and upload your files for you!

If 1106 Design sounds like the best choice for your publishing goals, please contact us today. We’ll reach out to you to explain our unique model more fully and answer your questions.