The Title Must Sell Your Book

Title writing is a unique skill that requires marketing expertise. As an author, you may be an expert in a particular subject, but that’s a different skill than being able to choose the exact words that will capture and hold a potential buyer’s attention. Read more

Proofreading books: A study in contrasts

If there’s one truth about working in book design it’s that there’s no end to the surprising contrasts we encounter. Read more

Assembling the pre-press team for your book

Establishing a new publishing company is relatively easy. Assembling the best team possible to properly prepare your titles for the brutal book marketplace is more difficult. Read more

25 Rules of Setting Type

Anyone who uses type and loves it; Anyone who uses type and hates it; Anyone who uses type and doesn’t understand it; Anyone who uses type… can follow these simple rules to create great-looking documents. Read more

5 Steps to Get the Most from Your Book Design Dollar

You Tried Book Layout Yourself. Now What?

Let’s say you’ve listened to the predominant self-publishing message available today and tried to lay out your book in Word. Let’s say you quickly realized it’s a lot more difficult than you thought to get the results you want, and you have decided it’s well worth the money to hire a book designer. Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice! Professional design and typesetting help your book stand out and sell better. But now, you’re a little worried. You’ve never worked with a book designer before. How will you control the process and make sure […]

On Book Experts Who Are Not

The great thing about the internet is that now we all have access to an astonishing amount of information. The bad thing about the internet is that a lot of it is just plain wrong. Read more

Enhance Your Professional Book Cover with a Clear Corporate Image

A professionally-designed book cover is absolutely essential when it comes to marketing your book. If your book looks good and stands out from the crowd, it has a better chance to sell. Read more

Your Book Printer is Your Best Friend

The expertise you need is free for the asking… and printers WANT you to ask!
Book printing is one of the largest expenses in publishing. That’s why it’s so important to talk to—and learn from—the folks who do it every day. Read more

4 Basic Requirements of an Effective Cover

Staying on track is important when evaluating concepts presented by your cover designer. Chances are, when you show the concepts around to your circle of acquaintances, everyone will suggest changes—partly because they want to help, and partly because it’s just plain fun to participate. Read more

So they tell me I should blog…

I discovered early on not to accept what they say.

They being the kids who explained on the first day of first grade that this Italian kid wasn’t allowed to play in the schoolyard, because I wasn’t Irish, and also because I was a  “shrimp.” Hmm. We’ll just have to see about that, I thought. Read more