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They promised I’d be delighted, and I was!

I chose 1106 Design because of all their great reviews. Now it’s time for me to leave my own great review.

I am very proud of my just-released book, “The Great Boomsky: The Many Lives of Magic’s First Black Superstar.” I’m proud that I wrote it, and I am equally proud of my decision to work with 1106 Design. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Because of Michele, Ronda, and their team, I have a beautiful book that is holding its own magnificently in the mainstream marketplace. “Boomsky” is a finalist in the 2024 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and (as of this morning) is an Amazon best-seller in three categories.

The 1106 team was there for me throughout the ten months it took to transform my edited manuscript into a finished book. I had assured them early on that I was an easygoing type. Turns out I lied. Finishing my book was stressful and emotional, and I lost it a couple of times. But the team took it in stride and were ever responsive, efficient, and kind, while producing extraordinary work.

In addition to my beautiful finished book (in three formats), working with 1106 Design brought other unexpected perks. They advised me on paper weights and pricing. Their preparing the files and uploading them to IngramSpark and KDP was worth its weight in gold. When there was an issue with IngramSpark, Ronda dealt with them directly on my behalf, and it was fixed pronto.

I also appreciated their many additional offerings. One-stop shopping of the highest order! I signed onto the Marketing Mentorship program, which I highly recommend. In addition, 1106 designed a fabulous logo for me. I’ll be back for more! I’m currently eyeing the Media Kit and Book Trailer offerings.

1106 Design provided a wonderful publishing experience. They have completely spoiled me. I can’t imagine working with anyone else. My next book is waiting in the wings, and I’m eagerly anticipating our next collaboration.

Thank you so much!!!

Margaret B. Steele

They truly help you Publish Like a Pro!

Most authors will tell you the easiest part about writing a novel, is actually writing the novel! Once that completed manuscript is finally in your hands you will undoubtedly ask yourself, “What do I do with it now?” When I first finished my novel, I immediately took a deep dive head first into the overwhelming ocean that is self-publishing. I quickly found myself spending money I didn’t have on products and services I didn’t need. Thankfully, I found 1106 Design at just the right moment.

I truly believe they deserve an award for their service and the product they created for me. First, when they say, “hand-holding,” they mean it. From the first contact through the entire project, Ronda (my project manager) was responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I don’t know the name of my cover designer, but “WOW!” The cover of my novel is absolutely stunning, as is the interior design and formatting for my book. I truly do not think I have ever seen such a beautiful book on the inside. They thought of every detail and executed the layout brilliantly. I also have so much respect and gratitude for my editor Anita. I probably read and edited my manuscript fifty times before I finally put it in her hands. And let me tell you, she took my novel to the next level. From start to finish, from the front cover to the back copy, from design to marketing, 1106 Design truly does publish like the pros.

I cannot say enough great things about 1106 Design. They made the experience of publishing my first novel enjoyable, and they created a product I am incredibly proud to call my own. I am already planning to work with them on my next book. My debut novel Big Love and War Horse is on sale now if you would like to see the quality of their work. Then, give them a call to talk about your project. You will be glad you did!

Shallen Anne Chitwood

1106 Design is Superb!

This is the third book 1106 Design has done for me. Chasing Cleopatra, Chasing Othello and now we just finished Chasing Czars. They were with me through every step; they know the business so well that their advice is worth its weight in gold. It has been a wonderful journey.

Tina Sloan

Excellent service from 1106 Design!

1106 Design provided excellent service in turning my novel manuscript, The Source of a River, into a published paperback and ebook. Their work throughout each stage of the process—from cover design to interior layout to proofreading to final preparation of the books—was of superior quality. They also produced a very professional and compelling video trailer for the novel. Just as important to me as the quality of their products was their customer service: highly skilled, engaging, responsive, and friendly professionals handled all aspects of the production. I highly recommend 1106 Design to other authors seeking to produce a high-quality book.

Gary Morse

Perfectionist Impressed

As a first-time author, I engaged 1106 Design for the interior and cover designs of my book, “THREE ESQUIRES,” because I inferred from the website of one of the major Print-On-Demand companies that they had a high opinion of 1106 Design for multiple author services. I found Michele DeFilippo’s “Publish Like the Pros” very helpful. I accepted the company’s initial and excellent recommendations for sizing my book, pricing both covers and interior design. During the process, 1106 Design would set short deadlines for their work, and they met those deadlines. I made many revisions to my manuscript, and the proofs that followed accurately incorporated them. In particular, I was impressed that my myriad, intentional misspellings were preserved. I am very proud of the final product for my book that was produced with a very reasonable charge by 1106 Design. Ronda Rawlins was my project manager, and almost immediately, I worked with Ronda exclusively. She proved to be an expert in her field, unfailingly pleasant, and very patient with me and my penchant for perfectionism, which led to 16 proofs being generated to incorporate (never-ending) revisions on my part. I now consider Ronda a friend. Submitted February 28, 2024.
I almost never rate a product or service, but the services I received from 1106 Design were so impressive I thought it would be helpful to other authors, particularly first-time authors, if I shared my experience.

William Stuart Rose

Many Thanks

I am grateful for the effectiveness of all at 1106 Design. Their comprehensive process enabled me to enjoy bringing my first book, “Whose Life Are You Living?” from a completed manuscript to a professionally recognized 5-star quality product, available for purchase.

Each step was efficiently managed, including interior design, cover design, line-editing, copyrighting, and contracting for printing and sales. My artistic style and desires were included and honored, and I am thrilled with the results. They took care of all the details that would have buried me. Ronda was incredible. Her relational skills and patience matched her organization and professional skills as I learned to navigate this journey with her.

The work is being very well embraced. In the few months since publication, it has received four five-star reviews from professionals, five-star reviews from readers, and a gold-medallion book award from a national competition.

My thanks to all at 1106 Design. I look forward to our continuing relationship.

Curt Martin

Always Thorough and Professional

1106 Design—namely Michele and Ronda and the team—have helped me create two excellent independently published books that stand up next to traditionally published books. My first book, Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Self, won three awards and has been quite successful. My second book, Nurture: How to Raise Kids Who Love Food, Their Bodies, and Themselves, was just released last week as a #1 Top Release in my category on Amazon on its first day of publication and throughout the pre-order process. That wouldn’t have happened without the professional and detail-oriented assistance of 1106 Design from the beginning of my book-writing journey. Throughout the production process, Ronda was accessible, helpful, and a real pleasure to work directly with. She and the team listened to my cover design concept and delivered a beautiful design on the first try—exactly what I was looking for. I have received many compliments on this cover since it was released. The entire book is professionally polished, thanks to 1106’s fantastic collaboration. I would not hesitate to recommend 1106 Design and plan to use them again.

Heidi Schauster

An Appreciative Author

Ah. I finished writing my novel. You writers know. Research, plotting, writing, editing, revising, and refining. Years gone by. I established a publishing company. Then, I wanted to publish my book, The Moon and The Gryphon, but I needed production quality to match or exceed the output of the major publishing houses. I needed assistance. My editor suggested I investigate Ingram Spark, so I did, and there I found information about 1106 Design. I called them up, and I talked to Michele DeFilippo and Ronda Rawlins and found two principals so personable—so nice, and so knowledgeable about production—they have years of experience in the book industry.

I wanted a completely professional production. 1106 Design has top-notch artists, typesetters, and proofreaders. With Ronda overseeing, 1106 helped me with the cover design, the interior layout, and the appropriate fonts for the subject matter, working with me to produce a beautiful book that reflects what a reader might find inside. So, thank you, 1106 Design. We will meet again!

All the best,
An appreciative author, T. F. Long

T. F. Long

Hands Down Best Book Company

There are many things I could say about 1106 Design. But there is only one true statement that fits this company, and “Magnificent” is an understatement. The experience an author goes through while working with 1106 Design is a remarkable one. I’ve experienced nothing but pure ambiance. The environment is relaxing, and Rhonda and Michelle are very patient. They naturally help you navigate with ease during the entire publishing process. I am so grateful for this company and these two individuals. Hands down, they are the best and worth every word and every cent.

Candice Hutchinson

Details matter

I’ve used 1106 Design for two Crime-Fiction novels now, Central Station and The Duke of North Beach, and I’ve never been disappointed. They’re personable to work with and do outstanding work. They’ve done my interior design and layout work, book cover setups, and proofreading. My books receive great Amazon reviews, and the quality of my books has never been called into question by a reader. I highly recommend the team at 1106 Design for your next publication!

Joseph Cariffe

Amazingly Smooth Process

I had the pleasure of working with 1106 Design to publish my first book, “Properly Understood.” After significant research, I selected them because I did not want to manage the many steps myself—and it turns out there are even more steps than I knew. Working with a single firm is the way to go. Their team did all of the hard work and guided me along the way. In addition, they were a source of expertise and experience to help with decisions I had to make. They were always available for my questions. The entire process was amazingly smooth. I strongly recommend 1106 Design and would gladly work with them again.

Dwight Yoder

Absolutely Fabuous!

As a first-time author of Spirit Rising: My Winding, Tumultuous Odyssey with Depression, I could not have been more pleased with the education, communication, guidance, and support provided by Michele and Ronda from 1106 Design. Their estimated timelines were always on target if not before expected deadlines. All of the contractors that I worked with through them are highly respected professionals in their individual fields and very experienced in their areas of expertise. The everpresent encouragement was, “This is your book and you make that choice or decision!”, though when I felt stuck and asked for an opinion, it was offered. Their patience with me as a novice was wonderful and their availability was so appreciated. I do not think I could more highly recommend a partner in producing a book! I will be forever grateful! Dr. Cindy

Dr. Cindy Hoard

I Would Use 1106 Design Again

I had my most recent self-published novel, THE MAUI MURDERS, edited and laid out by 1106 Design in Phoenix. Overall, I was pleased with their service. They tell you upfront what your costs will be and what you get for that money (50% up front and the remainder before layout begins), and I definitely got my money’s worth.

They say, “At 1106 Design, we deliver more than tasks. We create your book, your way, with our hand-holding and guidance every step of the way.” For the most part, I found that to be true and was very pleased.

First, they assign you a Project Manager who will shepherd you through the entire process. Mine was always helpful in answering questions, and who gets 5 stars for the “hand-holding” part. My previous two novels were prepared and printed by CreateSpace, the now-defunct publishing arm of Amazon. One thing I liked about CreateSpace was if you called, someone called you back within minutes.

1106 uses a collaboration platform, which I can understand is great for them as it keeps all correspondence from their authors in one place. I’m sure that is helpful for them, but often I got frustrated with the delays. Call me impatient, but often I didn’t want to wait for a response in their system and just started calling. My project manager always answered my calls.

The editor assigned to my book was excellent. He explained certain options, didn’t guess but asked me if I meant to say something the way it was written, and didn’t just correct a comma error I was consistently making, but took the time to explain the “why” to me.

When the final layout was approved, my Project Manager was excellent in providing precise directions on how to upload my book to the major booksellers and sometimes did it for me.

Overall, I was pleased with 1106. They’re not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Any self-publishing author who thinks they don’t need professional editing will have junk for a product.

Marty Martins

Never Disappoints!

This is my fourth title designed by Michele and company, and I continue to be amazed by the creativity and professionalism their team brings to the monumental task of turning words and images into books. In today’s pay-to-publish business, responsiveness is a function of the customer queue. The longer the queue, the longer the wait for that email reply you expected yesterday. Not at 1106. Ronda and Michele answer all queries promptly, politely, and with no run-around. They are knowledgeable, patient, and attuned to an important truth: authors may know words, but they don’t know beans about making words please the eye. As for cover design, the team at 1106 knows that a professional ‘look’ requires more than expertise in the mechanics of trim and typesetting. It requires collaboration. It requires artistic vision—something Michele brings to a project. Kudos to her talent. Also, a special shout-out to Ronda, who battles in the trenches of book design every day. Thanks, Ronda.

M. S. Holm

Five Stars for 1106 Design

I worked with 1106 Design on my new book, “Is There Evidence for God? An Economist searches for Answers.” My experience could not have been better. The entire staff was efficient, courteous, and highly responsive. They did an outstanding job, from the initial reading of my manuscript to the organization of various formats for publication. I was particularly impressed with their concern about reformatting my e-books instead of letting Amazon do it. I had been particularly disappointed with Amazon’s e-book “conversions” for previous books, which appeared unprofessional. I give 1106 Five Stars for an amazing staff. They not only did a superb job publishing my book, but they also provided excellent references to top-rated marketing firms. Hire them. You won’t regret it.

Robert Genetski

Important to work with proven professionals

Just finished working with 1106 Design on my ninth novel, Kindred Spirits. Couldn’t be more pleased with their professional expertise and their warm guidance at every step of the design process.

Stuart Fabe

1106 Design is Great!

Michele, Ronda, and the team at 1106 Design were excellent. As a first-time author, I didn’t know the process. Now I have a professionally designed and edited book out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. I couldn’t have done it without 1106 Design.

Michele and Ronda took the time to explain each step of the process and were timely in feedback and delivery. They provided advice, insight, and encouragement all along the way — even helping me to upload the eBook over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I highly recommend 1106 Design and hope I have occasion to work with them again.

Look for my children’s Christmas book, SANTA CAMP, and see for yourself what 1106 Design can do.

Michael Strobl

Michael STrobl

A Five-Star team for CHASING CLEOPATRA and now the sequel, CHASING OTHELLO

1106 Design is a FIVE-STAR team. My questions were answered right away, and instructions were always clear. I liked what they did with my first book, CHASING CLEOPATRA, so I hired them again for my second book, CHASING OTHELLO; I will continue to work with 1106 Design on the future books in this series. The covers are gorgeous, and the price is very fair. Thank you, Ronda and Michele!

Tina Sloan

1106 Design—YOU ROCK!

For any of you authors out there who wish to publish without any fuss, there is only one name you need to know: 1106 Design! Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the team of Michele DeFilippo and Ronda Rawlins, along with their support staff of editors and interior designers, can make your book look the best it can be! And it will be done with the utmost efficiency and time consciousness. I speak from personal experience, having published three books in three different genres with their help.

My name is Priya Mary Sebastian, and when I published my first book “Organic Tales from Indian Kitchens” a memoir/recipe book, in 2020, the task seemed daunting at first. But with the competent team of 1106 Design helping me every step of the way, we were able to put out a very nice book. The next one was editorially more challenging since it was a period novel, “It’s Hard To Run In A Sari” (a Hindu/Muslim romance set in 1950’s India), but with the guidance of the team at 1106 Design, we achieved our goals in 2021. The latest is a children’s book, “The Adventures of Jhansi Rani: A Pet Squirrel” (2022), where the efforts of the author and illustrator had to be coordinated by the publishing team. So my point is that whatever your genre of writing might be, you will do yourself a great favor by seeking the professional and yet, very personal publishing services offered by 1106 Design. —Priya Mary Sebastian


1106 Design: the place to go for publishing your book

I am a psychoanalyst and first-time author of a 560-page memoir dealing with the treatment of suicidal depression. I was unsure how to get my book into the public square, and a friend suggested I work with 1106 Design LLC to help publish my book. My first contact with the company was with Michele DeFilippo, the founder of 1106 Design. I had a pleasant chat with her on the phone, and she answered all my questions and reassured me. All my subsequent contacts were through Ronda Rawlins, the project manager for my book. All communications between her and me were through Wrike, a safe system for clear written communications. She managed the project by communicating with the staff at 1106, working on my project.

I sought their comprehensive services for end-to-end book design, production, and publishing services. I was impressed by the professionalism and hands-on help provided by 1106 Design. They have an excellent staff to help with cover design, interior page design, eBook formatting, and comprehensive editorial services, including proofreading and indexing services. In addition, 1106 Design lists the prices for each service. The author may select only the service(s) they wish, remain the publisher, and retain royalty rights.

Although the author may present the work in a WORD document, 1106 Design works through a PDF version. After the project’s completion, 1106 Design helps transition the book product to Amazon and Ingram Spark for sales and distribution. Overall, 1106 Design is professional, timely, straightforward, and honest. I recommend 1106 Design to anyone trying to have their work published.

Bhaskar Sripada, M.D.

Bhaskar Sripada

Expertise, Professionalism, Timeliness

1106 Design has, without doubt, the best design team in the business. Fiction, nonfiction, picture books, covers, interiors, ebooks. They do it all with care and reverence for your work, seemingly effortless energy, and generosity of spirit. Always communicative, always on time, always professional in every way. Consistently great work.

Susan C Turner

Excellent professional guidance

I write my books for the few friends and family members who read them, but I want them to be professional in every way. Discovering 1106 Design was one of the happiest events in my publishing “career” if you can call it that. I have never been disappointed.

Nyle Kardatzke

Thank you for seeing my DREAM to REALITY!

I’m really grateful for the support of the 1106 Design team in helping me put together my book, The Art of Healing and Manifesting. They were so insightful about best practices and held my hand along the way. I felt that they understood what I wanted and were able to bring my vision to life. Thank you for everything.

Leah Guzman

I was so pleased working

I was so pleased working with 1106 Design. The entire process was painless and smooth. Thank you so much!!

Michelle Rogers

Work Par Excellence

I am truly delighted to recommend 1106 Design, LLC for your next book. Their editing, formatting, and proofreading of a Non-Fiction book like mine reflect their commitment and dedication to developing a high-quality product par excellence. Each staff’s attention to detail and timeliness of completion of required steps are commendable. Michele, Ronda, Anita, and others personally oversaw the project all the way. I am well pleased. Thank you, thank you.

Anasseril E. Daniel, M.D., Author of Suicide in Jails and Prisons: Preventive and Legal Perspectives.

Anasseril E. Daniel, MD

Beautifully designed

As the author of the book, “The Entrepreneur’s Mindset: How to Rewire Your Brain for Business Success,” I want to express my deepest gratitude to Ronda and the whole team that helped me successfully finish and publish my book. I can’t count how many times people have remarked how attractive the cover and interior design of my book is. I owe all of this to the expertise and talent at 1106 Design.

Lalia Helmer

Don’t Walk; Run to 1106 Design!

1106 Design and its staff of publishing and design experts ensure one’s final product is comparable to books released by major publishing houses.

One’s investment in 1106 Design is well worth it. Do not skimp on a DIY web site, no matter how convincing it sounds. 1106 Design walks you through the finer points of design, production, and distribution. All questions are answered on a timely basis. Finally, 1106 Design stays on schedule, even if the author or publisher do not.

Professionalism throughout!

Mother of Exiles: Interviews of Asylum Seekers at the Good Neighbor Settlement House, Brownsville, Texas.

Suzanne Pace

Lots of Guidance

This was my first time around, so expert guidance was indispensable for me. The 1106 Design team had a lot to handle with my book, Wellsprings of Work: Surprising Sources of Meaning and Motivation in Work because it entailed unusual formatting and loads of endnotes. When the going got tough, Ronda jumped in and resolved the issues, which I greatly appreciated. The promised “hand-holding” has, in fact, been provided and Michele greatly helped me refine my subtitle, which was important to positioning the book. I’m also very pleased with the final cover/spine/back cover design and appreciated the substantive editorial comments as well.

Samuel "Skip" Halpern

Many Thanks

As a first-time author wanting to self-publish, it was a challenge to find a non-traditional publisher who could walk me through the long and complex process of putting together a quality book. After querying over a dozen publishers, I was fortunate to find Michele DeFilippo and her excellent team at 1106 Design in Arizona to help with my book, The Good News File: Hope for a Modern World.

Writing a book has many steps – writing your first draft, having it professionally edited, formatting, reviewing by a proofreader, setting up a website, designing a cover, getting it on Amazon and Ingram, and finding a quality printer. It’s a lot like a general contractor building a house who then subcontracts all the parts like carpentry, roofing, etc. Many authors try to do it on their own but only end up with a sub-standard book and having to deal with multiple different businesses. The beauty of 1106 Design is that all these services are under one roof. Their prices are reasonable and fixed so there are no surprises. They can also help with marketing your book, which is the second and perhaps most important part of your book project.

Special thanks to Ronda who was a constant source of help and encouragement, Bob for his proofreading, Jerome for website development, and others who were all part of the effort. If I had a nickel for every time I felt like giving up (especially as an older guy who is computer-challenged), I’d be a rich man. Without 1106’s help I could not have done it.

Dennis Lynn Mickleson

All-Around Excellence

Everyone I worked with from 1106 Design was excellent. They were responsive, professional, and gave me excellent advice for my book, “Escape Velocity: How Narrative Immersion Can Revolutionize Reading Education.” I am very grateful for their expertise in helping me publish.

James Flanagan

Watch Me Practice Math Workbooks

It has been a blessing working with 1106 Design for my Watch Me Practice Math Workbooks. This was my first time working with a company on a project such as this. From the beginning of our business relationship, 1106 Design went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and address all of my concerns. 1106 Design made it a priority to ensure that the interior files for the Watch Me Practice Math Workbooks received exceptional care as it relates to the design of the interior files, the typesetting of the interior files, proofreading of the interior files, and uploading of the interior files. I do not believe the professional service I received from 1106 Design could have been provided elsewhere. The help, guidance and care that 1106 Design provided were invaluable. I am extremely grateful to have had 1106 Design work on my Watch Me Practice Math Workbooks. I plan to contract, once again, with 1106 Design as I continue to create and author books for the Watch Me Practice Workbook Series.

Belinda L. Spears

The best service I could ask for

Michelle, Ronda, and the 1106 Design team assisted me in publishing my first book, And You Shall Be Heard: In the Courts of Law and Beyond. They were well informed, patient, responsive, and extremely helpful every step of the way. I made many edits throughout the process. Ronda was patient and prompt in executing the changes. Whenever I had a question or a problem, I received a prompt and helpful response. I had previously dealt with other companies in the field, each of which presented problems such as losing my manuscript, overcharging, lack of attention to questions, and the like, causing me to terminate them. With 1106 Design, I had no such problems. I recommend 1106 Design highly, particularly for an author who is new to the game.

David Klingsberg

Lessons in the Dark

My first major experience with self-publishing was like walking through the dark woods at night without a flashlight. Suddenly you hear a lady’s voice. It’s a melodious thing. Then, half symphony, half cacophony. Still, reassuring; even calming. That is the voice of 1106 Design project manager extraordinaire, Ronda Rawlins. You imagine, “That’s what an angel must sound like,” and she is. She somehow guides you by mental telepathy. Reason in her lantern, nothing but faith in yours. She guides you past the pitfalls and crevices that threaten to engulf you. Past the ledge that drops 11,000 feet down. You barely make it, but somehow, you do. Then one day she tells you it’s all over; she has emailed your final files and wished you good luck. You think it must have been a dream. But it wasn’t because a few days later your very own book arrives in the mail, the protagonist smiling at you from the cover. After that, you know that you’re not just a writer; you’re an explorer. But where would explorers be without angels like Ronda?

Mary Ellen Campagna

I keep coming back

I cannot praise 1106 Design enough! I have been so impressed with their professional services that I have come back five times for their assistance. Michele and Ronda have provided excellent cover designs at a very reasonable price. Best of all, anyone who sees the books has been impressed by them. I’m looking forward to using them again.

Richard H. Triebe

Grateful for Excellent Work on “Fragments of Time”

I would like to thank the firm 1106 Design and especially project manager Ronda for their excellent work in designing my autobiographical book “Fragments of Time.” Ronda gave me important advice, was always courteous, and met her time projections. I am grateful for the cover design, the typography, and the arrangement, all of which contributed to the success of the book.

Peter Lindenfeld

Far beyond expectations

The 1106 Design team is more than excellent. Michele and Ronda are wonderful! Their hand-holding guidance was professional, helpful, and heartful from the beginning to the end of the project. The service and kindness were always so impressive. I can’t thank you enough, Michele and Ronda! The team members are all proficient. The cover and interior designs the team provided me were just perfect. I am so satisfied with the beautiful designs, including the color coordination and layout. I strongly recommend 1106 Design to all authors who want to publish a book!

Eikotto Japan Guide

Superb Service

If you combine all the wonderful words that writers in this review section have used to describe their experiences with 1106 Design, you’ll have an accurate picture of the quality of their work. I had two books, one a comedy and one an academic book, both due to come out at the same time. The pressure led me to send the comedy, “Hope and Glory, OH” to 1106 Design. Owner Michele Filippo combines high professional standards and knowledge with a hands-on humane approach, something rare in any business today. On a day-to-day basis, I worked with the cheerful Ronda Rawlins, who is the epitome of patience, calm guidance, and reassurance, even though we were working with a nine-hour difference.

The 1106 designer provided a great font and layout. Best of all is the cover—anyone who sees the book has been impressed by it.

I find it difficult to describe just how good the people at 1106 Design are. They hold your hand all the way through to make your book be the best it can be. I’m looking forward to using them again.


Eileen Kane

Wonderful Find

Working with 1106 Design was a joy.

I was looking for assistance to republish my book. My emails were read. I was treated like a unique customer. Their responses were prompt. Their work was top notch.

A professional outfit, they were responsive and cordial at each step. I was lucky to find them. I highly recommend their services.

Christine M. Agnitti writing as Tina Marie L. Lamb

Gold Medal Review

Five stars and a gold medal best describe my experience with 1106 Design.  In the beginning, I thought my first non-fiction writing experience would only take a couple of months, and I could go back to my gardening.  After practicing dentistry with both my father and son for 50 years and referring to specialists daily, you would think that would carry over to book writing.  It almost didn’t until I came across a book written by 1106 Design owner Michele DeFillippo titled “Publish Like The Pros.”  This was a lifesaver because it was so straightforward, and it made me realize how much I needed help.  Michele, Ronda, Brian, and Jerome, the web specialist, along with all their other specialists, have helped me produce something, from cover to cover, that is better than I had ever envisioned.  “Around My Garden in 80 Years” plus the website says it like the pros.

Jon Cunningham

Excellent service

I’ve published five books with the help of 1106 Design. Each time, the process has been seamless and the physical and eBook products of high quality. Michele, Ronda, and the 1106 crew are friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. I always feel that I’m in good hands with them. I highly recommend 1106 Design to all authors looking to self-publish.

Jeff Ingber

Pleased and Proud

I am very pleased with my recent experience with 1106 Design in publishing my first book, Dating ‘n’ Mating: Wit and Wisdom on Love and Marriage. It was a pleasure to work with Ronda. She did just the right amount of “gentle handholding.” Any questions were addressed promptly and thoroughly. Her information and explanations allowed me to learn a lot along the way. Perhaps I could have self-published on my own or with minimal assistance (I doubt it!); but, because of 1106 Design, I have a first book of which I am really pleased and proud. Thank you, Ronda and 1106 Design!

Connie Jameson

Exceptional Team!

Without 1106 Design, my book “The Mortgage Freedom Playbook” would not have been possible. Michele has an AMAZING team delivering EXCEPTIONAL services. Brian and Ronda were there to guide me each step of the way and offered solutions when I encountered problems, especially at the final stretch. An example of this is when Amazon rejected my book due to not meeting certain requirements (not caused by 1106). Brian recommended a fix and jumped into action without delay. Similarly, Ronda tackled Ingram when my subtitle did not appear the way it should be.

I value 1106 for being “solution-focused” and carried out the project with a sense of urgency. These qualities made self-publishing my book possible.

Lici Deng

1106: A Winning Team!

My choice to use 1106 Design for my sports book: Torchy: The Humble Life of a Coaching Legend was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The team’s much-needed advice to me, suggestions, and constant encouragement were extraordinary. Michele and Ronda were super helpful, kind, and so patient with me as a “rookie” author. They truly WALK you through every step of the entire process.

I was also impressed with their true professionalism and never-ending support in answering questions, replying to emails, communication, and guidance in making revisions. The book’s cover and interior design are outstanding and first-class…thanks to 1106. They are a WINNING TEAM and deserve five stars! All the best to 1106!

Bo Clark

Bo Clark

Commitment to excellence.

I have used 1106 Design for two books. Their service is outstanding, and they are committed to making sure your book is a publication that you can be proud of. I have friends who have used other organizations to help publish their books, and they did not experience the same level of professionalism and excellence that I did at 1106 Design.

Donald E. Pont

Very Very Pleased With My Book’s New Cover

After wrestling with the decision for a long time, and at the suggestion of my editor and a couple of fans, I decided I needed to upgrade my brand and redo the covers of my first two books. After a little research, I settled on 1106 Design. This turned out to be an excellent choice. The team at 1106 Design was helpful, professional, and worked with me until I was 100% happy with the cover. We completed the first cover, Serpents Underfoot, just today and will be starting on the cover of my second book shortly. And I will also be using 1106 Design for the cover of my work-in-progress, the third in the JD Cordell series, and several books I have in the planning stages. While not the cheapest source for a book cover, I discovered the hard way that you do get what you pay for. I do believe that 1106 Design was well worth the price.

Darren Gilbert

1106 Design Rocks.

I hired 1106 Design to help with my book, Diggin’ Up Bones: One Woman’s Spiritual Struggle and her Golden Retriever Who Leads Her Out of Unconscious Transgenerational Shame. I was never more impressed with the openness, expertise, quality of staff who are non-pretentious and caring. Here there are no hidden agendas. What you see is what you get and much more. You become part of a writer’s family that supports you even when you think the question is embarrassing. Not happening here. They have a project timeline they meet with your full cooperation. The only thing that would hold up the work is the author. The investment is fair. You own your work and your files and take responsibility for what you submit. It’s always the author’s choice of how much of the services to purchase or how little. Extremely organized. You will find some of the nicest warm-hearted people who are honest with cards on the table. No games. Straight shooters. An organization you can trust.

Bonnie Wright

The structure and support I was looking for!

From the first intro call to the upload of my book to Amazon’s KDP: the 1106 Design team supported me in the best possible way. Every step of the process was clear, well explained, and the work they did (in my case cover design, interior design, proofreading, eBook design) was amazing. If I write a second book one day, I’m sure I’ll get in touch again.

Petra Wille

Exceptional experience

As a first-time author, the process of getting my book published was an exceptional experience with 1106 Design. From the very start, Ronda and Michele lovingly guided me through each phase. They were professional and timely in their responses which kept my project progressing at a nice pace. They are a very special company and I highly recommend them for any book project! I had such a great experience and can’t wait to use them again for book two.

Kelley Della Vecchia

Beyond Expectations!

I just published the book  ”Organic Tales From Indian Kitchens” and I must say that the help and support I received from 1106 Design in publishing the book was invaluable. As a new author, they guided me through each step and it was a lot less intimidating because of it. From start to finish, it was dealt with in a very professional manner and yet in a very personable way which is hard to accomplish. Always friendly and approachable and yet very goal-oriented, they are an outfit that any author can work with and achieve success. Michele, Ronda, and their team are very clear on what they hope to achieve as the end product.  Michele had assured me at the beginning of our association that when they were ready to release the book, that book would be as professional as if it had been released by one of the major publishing houses. They more than delivered on that promise. Brian and the design team did a marvelous job as did Doran with the editing of the book. We had hired them to publish my book based on the recommendations of other authors and now we can confidently recommend 1106 Design to anyone who aspires to publish. Priya Mary Sebastian


Great? You bet. But How Does 1106 Design Do It?

Unless you are smarter than I am—good chance—and more savvy in the intricacies of bookmaking, you need 1106 Design. I didn’t realize how much. I had written or co-written five books, four of them published by the same university press. This book, a memoir, did not fit my usual publisher and the one I thought might be interested disabused me of that notion. This was a book I would have to publish independently.

Instead of trying to put together a team—designers, editors, technical types—I researched production companies who manage such projects. I knew I couldn’t. I researched three, interviewed two, and chose 1106 Design based on what I had seen, heard, and was promised. The highest compliment I can offer is: Promise exceeded.

Your book will only be as good as the team supporting it. If you choose 1106 you will have the best, from owner Michele DeFilippo and project manager Ronda Rawlins to every person along the production chain. The only thing I might have wished would be to have known and understood more with whom I was working. A former journalist, I value transparency. 1106 was not hiding the excellent cogs in its production process but, I think, shielding them in order that they could do the work efficiently and well and, for the most part, without a meddlesome author looking over their shoulder. The process works. Ronda deserves great credit.

I was not the easiest author with which to work. And I may be getting too old to do this again, but if I did, I would confidently throw myself into the arms of 1106 Design.

Steve Love

Absolutely Amazing

It was absolutely amazing to work with Michele, Ronda, and their excellent team! From brilliant editing to thorough proofreading up to a stunning book cover and interior design, my book became much more beautiful than I had ever expected. The professionalism, support, and help of the whole 1106 Design team are fabulous. They guided me through the process step by step which made it easy to follow. Already my book is nominated for multiple book awards! And the best of all: I don’t have to think again who will edit and design my next book — it’s clear that it will be again Michele, Ronda, and their team. Thank you very much for making my book so amazing! I can highly recommend 1106 Design for every author who wants to get a professional and beautiful book.

Dr Margit Gabriele Muller

Great work

I needed a lot of help. They took me though the process step by step. They were not happy until I was happy. I am thrilled with the end result of my book and would use them again if needed.

Kristi L. Downard

1106 Stars!

Wow. Watching Carl opening that CreateSpace box and seeing his reaction to his own book was priceless. You guys are priceless!

You made such a gorgeous “real” book for us and we couldn’t be happier. It truly looks spectacular and gives 100% proof to your advice: The #1 Secret to Self-Publishing Success: Don’t Let Your Book Look Self-Published. We can’t wait to have sales confirm this as well. We’ll definitely be back for more!

Teri & Carl Ciarfalio

So happy with the results

When I came to 1106 Design, I had a giant Microsoft Word document in need of a makeover. When I finished the interior design with 1106 Design, I had a polished book ready for market. As a newbie to the publishing world, Michele and her team walked me through the process and didn’t rest until everything was perfect. I’m so proud of the finished product and grateful I had the 1106 Design team guide me through every step of the process. I recommend 1106 Design to any author — new or veteran. You’ll be glad you made them part of your team!

Danny Rubin

A Team of Professionals that Care

I would like to thank the project manager and staff for an excellent and smooth transition of my first publication Growing Spiritually With God. The team was very timely in responding to my questions or needs. Ms. Ronda, her professionalism was demonstrated at all times, and her proactive engagement kept my publication on schedule in meeting promotion date. I will certainly, utilize 1106 Design again for my next project in 2016. I consider it an honor to work with a staff of professionals that care about your material just as you do. Thanks again, for your support and editing contribution.


More Than 1106 Ways

Are you in the market for a professional book design? Consider 1106 Design. Please. Their creativity and ability to guide the process to a finished product will not disappoint. A book’s cover, if left in the hands of the uninspired, becomes what the Inuit call “the winter of eating your clothes.” Publish, then perish—on the bookshelf, at least. Michele and Ronda will do their best to not let that happen. They are talented and artful. For authors watching the clock, they are prompt with responses and patient with revisions. Their prices are ridiculously reasonable, which, in the wistful world of commercial book design, means they hold your hand but not your wallet. They know books. They know design. They will please you in more than 1106 ways.

M Holm

Great People To Work With

Michele was very knowledgeable and offered some sound advice that improved the ebook format. Ronda was a delight to work with – very responsive, pleasant and helpful. I appreciate everyone’s assistance at 1106 Design.

Judith Henry

Productive Partnership

Thanks to the team at 1106 Design, I have a cover that is beautiful, clever, representative of the book’s content, and that will attract the right kind of attention. Who knew there were so many moving parts involved in independent publishing? The team also coached me on fonts and created an interior design that looks extremely professional and goes well beyond the cookie-cutter approach of popular self-publishing websites. While it has taken a little longer than expected to get my book into print and ready for e-book publication, I am completely satisfied with the service I received from the team.

Caroline Tompkins, author of Principal: A Personal History


I am so grateful to have found 1106 Design. I had published two prior books—each learning experiences. But, this new one was the result of fifteen years of research and writing and it had to be right—absolutely right, and a work of art. The book is a historical fiction account of two famous Rembrandts. I had spent much on the content, the editing and rewriting. There was no place for it to be in any way other than first class. 1106 Design did that first class job.

I first heard Michele giving a talk about book design on the internet. I liked what she said and how she said it. It sounded to me her main interest was artistic and professional excellence. While I had qualified book design services nearby, I was impressed with the 1106 Design approach and gave them a try with the front cover design. It was, and is, a winner. The most important page in the book, so to speak. It’s the first impression, before they “take a look inside.” That cover, along with their very professional and artful design of the interior, meets or exceeds expectations.

Working with 1106 Design has been so productive. Michele and Ronda get deeply involved. It’s a team. Responsive, friendly, trustworthy. It’s like dealing with professionals in the next room. Their costs are reasonable and very worth the final product.

For authors, it is a different world today, if they want their dedicated work to meet the intended audience, the reader. The author has to do so much more than write the book. Writers often say they only want to write. I agree entirely. But that is impractical today, if the book is to reach the reader. The book designer packages the story, the words, and the pertinent information. After the cover, the visual impression continues, formatting the story. Michele and Ronda have done such a good job at all of that, designing the total book of my story. Again, my great thanks to 1106 Design. It has been a critical step toward a successful entry to the market—the reader.

Frederick R. Andresen, Author of The Lady with an Ostrich-Feather Fan. Available 9/15.

Frederick R. Andresen, author of The Lady with an Ostrich-Feather Fan

My First Book and Self-Publishing Experience

What a great year or so it has been!

1106 Design was referred to me by my father, who is in in his own right a great author of many, many books. With this being my first book, I did not take his reference lightly. 1106 Design was so patient with me. I worked with Ronda. She became like a family friend who houses all the answers, encouragement, honesty, and patience you will ever need.

In writing my very first book, one thing I was told was to not have my book look like a first book. This is where 1106 Design came in to play and I must say, they delivered. The attention to detail by the editor, the handling of the layout and technical information, such as ISBN and publishing information, production, and in my case reproduction of the cover design, was wonderful. I appreciate the honesty I received in regard to both the book and the use of time. I never felt like 1106 Design was wasting time to waste the hours in order to receive more money. With the seemingly constant redesign of my cover, I was always made aware of the time used and the time remaining. That to me, as an accountant, was just as important as the completion of my book.

From this experience I am already pointing others to 1106 Design.

I love the finished work and the “take you by the hand” approach I received; and boy did I need it. Also, the suggestions by the editors of what else can come from my book. I am looking forward to working with 1106 Design again.

I am Talisha Bennett, author of Eat at the Table: Your Life Made to Order, and a very satisfied customer.

Talisha Bennett, author of Eat at the Table: Your Life Made to Order


It all starts out with the hope of having an artist paint your cover. Do you know anyone that draws? Paints? My first fortunate encounter was meeting an art school student. He was amazing, but neither of us really knew what it took to get the job done. After a few painting sessions, we both just kind of called it quits. Then I looked into hiring a seasoned professional artist; the expense was out of this world. It was about 2500 dollars if you wanted the painting with lifetime copyright rights. Now don’t get me wrong, for 2500 bucks, you’d be getting one heck of a cover. I thought this especially important because I needed cover art for a young adult fantasy book. You know, pictures of dragons and the characters on the front.


That’s the sound of my dream-bubble of a painted cover and budget bursting all at once. Okay, so the next thing I did was download GIMP (a freeware paint program similar to Photoshop). I read about what eBook covers should look like. You need that TITLE to stand out when it appears on a reader’s computer screen…


After many hours, I was getting the hang of my free paint program. It felt great to create my own cover. I put my website’s address at the top to drive traffic to my site. I decided that since my last name was in my website title, I could just forget putting my full name on the cover. You know, be different from the rest. Maybe it’s never been done before…


Since I wanted to create a PRINT book because I already had all my eBooks created and ready to go (or at least I thought so), all I had to do now is use any ALL-IN-ONE self-publishing company to get the job done. Just send them my MS WORD final draft of the novel and POOF!—a beautiful soft and hard cover book in a few weeks. It all seemed too easy, so I did NOT trust it. I kept inquiring around. The BIG voice inside my head kept saying, “I’m not dropping thousands of dollars if I’m not SURE of what I’m getting into.” I just kept calling and emailing different book design companies.


1106 Design, lucky. Yeah, the name of the company made no sense to me. I wasn’t sure if it was the company’s address or some meaningful number to the owner; the best I could come up with is that it was the owner’s birthday, November 6th. Honestly, I still don’t know! All I can tell you is that Michele from 1106 Design made sense. She was direct and HONEST (so get ready to hear some “suggestions,” but when SHE says it, it makes sense).

ME: (Serious) “Michele, what do you think of my cover?”

MICHELE: (Jokingly) “Are we friends?”

ME: (Unsure) “Yes?”


I spent the money on a WHIM. I figured it was a WIN-WIN. Either I will get a better cover, or I will rocket forward in a blaze of glory knowing that my self-made cover was the BEST after all.

After I saw 1106 Design’s cover concept, I had a book cover burning—I mean digital deleting party.

1106’s cover was the most refreshing and amazing collaboration. I say, “collaboration” because I believe that MY cover was a decent start and it helped shape and inspire 1106 Design. The difference is that 1106 Design does this type of thing every single day and they KNOW what they’re doing.



G. C. Schop

92 Countries Later – Thanks 1106 Design!

“Once upon a time,” a wonderful journey of writing a children’s book series began with a single step. The enchanting stories of The Woodland Elves are now PASSING THE JOY OF LIFE AROUND in 92 countries and all 7 continents. We could not have accomplished this without working with the experts at 1106 Design for the past seven years. They have guided us with their knowledgeable advice, friendship and caring. We have used nearly every area of their expertise to travel this path, from editing to print-page formatting, to cover designs and so much more. We began this journey with the following philosophy. We will do what WE do best and then we will HIRE THE REST but HIRE THE BEST. I did my research before hiring them and narrowed the field down to 12 companies around the USA before doing a phone interview with each company. I made the decision to hire 1106 Design with a smile on my face knowing they were THE BEST. They did not disappoint. I would recommend them to anyone and have done that throughout the years.

Shary Williamson

Beyond amazing

On Eagle’s Wings is the first and last book I will ever write. It is a book from my heart and is very special to me. 1106 Design treated it that way and gave me exceptional work that I am extremely pleased with. Through every phase and step of the way I worked with talented and caring people. They had a keen sense of vision but my ideas and preferences were always their priority. I enjoyed working with them to complete a finished book, including 50 color pictures, that is five star quality. They worked with a deadline and costs were reasonable. Their coordinator, design department and proofing expert and others were beyond amazing. They were all very friendly, professional and talented. I always felt that my book was their top priority. You won’t find better results or relationships in a design company.

Gail Parker, On Eagle's Wings

A joy of a project

I was serendipitously introduced to 1106 Design on October 15. I say that because I did not realize they had worked on my previous book I had written for someone else and had not been involved in the design and production process. 6 weeks later they had taken my raw word files and turned into a high quality mobi and ePub file and Amazon had released it on the Kindle when I thought it would not be out till late January. The print versions were also uploaded around the same time.

The availability in time for holidays and a media review copy before Thanksgiving helped the book climb to # 1 on the best selling list in its category the day it was launched.

It was a joy of a project. Ronda was responsive on a daily basis. The quality was excellent, and their cost reasonable.

Very very high marks. Thanks!

Vinnie Mirchandani, SAP Nation

Hiring 1106 Design was clearly the right move

I’ll admit it, I was skeptical at first. It would be an expensive, time consuming process to have 1106 Design produce my book in paperback and ebook versions. Why not just use a template or hire someone else to do the conversions?

I wish I hadn’t hesitated for a minute. Hiring 1106 Design was clearly the right move. My book looks as close as possible to “the real deal” and not some crappy, obviously self-pubbed version.

Working with professionals Michele and Ronda was terrific. They were consistently responsive, efficient, eternally cheerful, and willing to indulge my obsessions (“The shovel image in the last chapter doesn’t look right!”).

I’m writing a sequel – no question who’s going to produce it!

Valerie Rind, Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads: True Stories of Friends, Family, and Financial Ruin

“Take you by your hand”

I thought my part of the job was finished when I asked 1106 Design to do the interior page design, proofreading, and cover of Fateful Encounters, my novel.

Far from it, they drugged me in again—almost by force.

It’s not an empty phrase; they mean it, when they say that they will take you by your hand. I don’t like it to be taken by my hand, actually. I’m not a small child anymore. I don’t regret it, however, I let it happen, now holding the result of our cooperation in my hands.

Beat Wild, Fateful Encounters


I wrote a great book (so, I am sure have you!). But writing a book and actually producing a work that is beautifully designed, expertly laid out and lovingly crafted in every detail is not what writers are born to do.

Do yourself a favor and hire a professional to help bring your baby to birth. Michele, Ronda, Laura and the whole team at 1106 Design are exceptional in this field.

Yesterday, the proofs of my book arrived from the printer. There is nothing quite like holding your book in your own hand for the first time. What I accomplished with 1106 Design is as close to actually grasping a dream as I think I will ever come. I am proud of the story I wrote. 1106 Design has made me proud of the book I produced!

Tim Spillane, Four Before Their Time

“Dream Team”

As an unpublished, first time author, I realized early that I would need to put together a “Dream Team” to navigate the complexities of publishing my first book. Michele, Ronda, Laura and the other professionals at 1106 Design were the key players on my team. They provided knowledge when I was ignorant, clarity when I was confused and guidance when I was lost. Their editing, proofreading and book design were all very professional with exhaustive attention to detail. I highly recommend the professionals at 1106 Design.

Managing Partner, Monetary Publishing LLC

Stanley Riggs, Build Wealth & Spend It All

Great experience

I had a great experience with the people at 1106 Design. They provided excellent cover design and interior design at a very reasonable price. Even better than the outcome was the process.

As a first-time publisher, I essentially knew nothing about the process, and had a million questions and concerns. Ronda and Michele walked me through each step, answered all my questions, and got me to the finish line with a great product. Highly recommended.

Company: Better Movement

Todd Hargrove, A Guide to Better Movement

I keep coming back

Business Techniques for Growth is my third book designed, laid out, and made ready for publication by Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design. I keep coming back for their good-humored professional skills and service.

Now, 3 months later, they have completed the complicated assembly of 10 (!) sixty page booklets containing parts of both prior books and some new sections. These booklets collect all my material on a single small business topic (e.g. Marketing), so they can be used by students attending a workshop on that topic. They’re sold from my website as .PDFs instead of via Amazon, for more margin!

Michele and Ronda created a simple cover page scheme linking all the booklets with different colors for each. They inserted common front and backmatter, and tweaked it when I changed my mind. They followed complicated instructions on what parts of other books to put where in the booklets, yet created interior formatting making it all appear to flow. AND they did it all quickly and pleasantly!

I’ll be back, and meanwhile I recommend 1106 Design to all.

President, Business Techniques Institute

Thomas H. Gray, Business Techniques for Growth: More Tools for Small Business Success

They never missed a beat

I would like to use the expression “good to the last drop” in regards of having spent a few weeks publishing our book with 1106 Design. I was born too early for any in-depth comprehension of Internet and computers and for months my frustration only increased while looking for some help to give birth to our book, some help from A to Z. Then came Michele and Ronda, both recommended by Ingram. The curtain rose, the stage smooth as they never missed a beat with the utmost courtesy day in and day out. I had of course my own ideas [don’t we all?] regarding the pages and the covers. They only made them better! And now our book is out and there is a certain should I call it “sadness” due to the fact that we are done! It makes me want to write another one to again have these almost daily so pleasant and refreshing exchanges. Ronda, you are the best… and so are you Michele. Thank You for making it all possible, efficient and pleasurable, all at the same time.

Ara and Spirit

Company: 6LeggedProductions

Ara Gureghian, Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash

Outstanding job

1106 Design did an outstanding job with the conceptualization and creation of the AFTER OBAMA cover image, and on the finalization of the full cover. Your team listened to my vision and designed a cover that is being discussed by people inside and outside of the publishing industry. As a result, the book is getting major “word of eyeball” attention. I am looking forward to working with 1106 Design on more projects in the future.

Marc Curtis Little, AFTER OBAMA

I cannot recommend 1106 Design enough

For years, in the back of my mind, I have had a story I wished to write. Because of a lifestyle change, and sharing my life with a new partner who lived on Vancouver Island – a relatively quiet, restful place – I found I had the time to make my dream a reality and begin my book. I had taken no courses in creative writing, was minimally adept on the computer – I am old enough that it was shorthand and a typewriter in my career years – but a friend set up files and I wrote down my instruction as to how to place the chapters into them once completed. He actually placed the first three for me which I had already written, and when it came to the placement of Chapter 4, I actually deleted it! Not a good start! Fortunately, I had printed it so did retain the content.

I planned nothing, outlined nothing, drafted nothing, and just started writing. It flowed well and easily, and the only notes I made were the names I gave to the various characters. A friend who is a professional editor helped me with various aspects – some editing, the benefit of her computer skills, and direction as to how to approach self-publishing. I believe I had put off writing for many years because of the horror stories of rejection, publishing houses over burdened, their lack of interest in new authors, etc. It seemed like a lot of time and effort for an unrealized outcome. However things had changed and I made contact with a company which would produce my book, carry it in their bookstore, and I could look forward to the pleasure and satisfaction of attaining a long-time goal.

I had engaged an artist friend to paint a cover and that artwork was ready to go. I had a completed manuscript, the “front matter” the “back matter,” my dedications, my preface, my DBA, my ISBN numbers, and my barcodes. This was, indeed, an education! I hadn’t known of most of these requirements and hadn’t really considered anything more than just writing a book. However, with help and guidance, everything was in order. Then my real problems began!

I understood that the first step for the company I had chosen to work with would be to typeset the manuscript, produce the cover, and provide me with a draft book. This I would check, correct, revisions would be made, I would approve these, and we would be all set to go. There were a few short lines, some uneven pages, and a few word corrections. No more than eight. Next time it was a PDF file that was sent for me to check that the corrections had been made. But wait – why were some paragraphs now running together, and why were there spaces after hyphens before their connecting words, and why had only six of the corrections been made, and different lines now short?! My friend had taught me how to scan but from what I was picking up, I knew I would have to read it all again. The next PDF file had corrected some of the new errors, but had produced more. This exercise was repeated time and time again. They were breeding errors like rabbits, sometimes over twenty at a time, and I knew it would never stop.

I took far too long before I called a halt and concluded my arrangement with this organization. I was fearful that things had been missed and confused and what I was left with was not the book I had written. I was actually quite distraught and could hardly face starting over. But my friend insisted I must and provided me with the name of 1106 Design, Arizona, which company, she assured me, another author with whom she worked had used and had nothing but good things to say about their staff, their professionalism, and the books they produced for him. Fortunately, I had retained a copy of my original manuscript and cover and decided, on a Sunday morning, to call Arizona from Vancouver Island to leave word for a call-back on Monday. I felt so dejected and think I was almost in tears.

My call-back came about five minutes later, from Michele, the owner of the company. She said that she could tell from my voice that I was troubled and asked what she could do to help. I explained, she asked some necessary questions about the manuscript, cover, etc., and said they would be happy to help me. With respect to my book, that was the day the sun started to shine for me once again! I provided what I could, received email information and guidance on how they work, costs, etc., and felt what had become a burdensome load, lifted from my shoulders. Shortly after they took on my book Michele very kindly told me that the cover looked too “self-published” and provided me the means by which to select something else. I love my new cover which they were happy to work through with me. I was introduced to Ronda, the woman who would be my direct contact – my guide, my advisor, my supporter, my consoler, my everything-I-needed to produce a book that I am proud to call my own. Nothing was ever impossible or too much trouble. There was no problem that she could not help me surmount, or resolve for me. I am always reminded of those unforgettable words of JFK’s – “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I believe she took that to heart as she never fails to ask what more she can do for me in any phone conversation or email. She amazes me with her patience, her always upbeat disposition, her kindness and positive approach. She is a gem.

I cannot recommend 1106 Design enough. They took this novice author from book despair to happy accomplishment. I know they will do the same for anyone who is fortunate enough to join forces with them to bring a book to fruition.

Elizabeth Bourne, A Fickle Wind


The best way to describe 1106 Design is WOW! What an affirming, efficient and helpful group of folks under one banner! While I initially spoke to Michele, Ronda Rawlins ended up as the project manager for my book. I needed a cover…I had pictures and an idea, but the cover folks at 1106 Design had a better one…with some tweaking we shortly approved the cover image. There were some typos and interior formatting that I wanted to ensure came out right and Ronda made it happen. I needed to have the book formatted for Mobi and ePub versions and that happened sort of magically, at least from my perspective. I got copies of everything, no fuss. 1106 Design had no problem uploading my electronic versions to the appropriate locations, so I didn’t have to worry about that hassle. I particularly liked the process of asking a question or dealing with some other issue and got a response the same day, even though I knew Ronda had other clients with whom she was dealing. And, oh, BTW, the book has just won four awards in three book festivals, three weeks after publication, including the Grand Prize for one of them. So, while I can take credit for the writing…1106 Design can take credit for the cover and ensuring the interior formatting didn’t embarrass me. All in all, I will definitely use 1106 Design again.

Company: Stonywood Publications

Robert H. Sholly, Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors: Inside One of the Most Highly Decorated Battalions of Vietnam

A great company with an awesome team

I had no idea which way to turn when it came to interior design, proofreading, and formatting for my novel. Fortunately, I found 1106 Design, a solid team with a comprehensive solution. As Project Manager, Ronda Rawlins was a real professional; she coordinated the various experts seamlessly and was responsive to all of my questions. Michele runs a great company with an awesome team. I’m looking forward to working with 1106 Design on my next novel.

Company: Chaparral Press LLC

Patrick Kelly, Hill Country Greed: An Austin, Texas Mystery

Personalized service with top quality results

Personalized service with top quality results. I’m so happy with my cover and interior layout. Every question/concern was addressed promptly and warmly. You can’t go wrong with 1106 Design.

Founder • Company: The Options Lady

Laurie Itkin, Every Woman Should Know Her Options: Invest Your Way to Financial Empowerment

It has really been a pleasure!

Thank you Michele, Ronda and everyone else at 1106 Design. It has been great working with you. You have the most efficient system and the most wonderful project manager. It has really been a pleasure! I will miss your contacts and seeing your smiling face, Ronda.

Dr. Kathleen M. Hilton & Assoc.

Clinical Psychologist and Life/Business Coach & Consultant

Kathleen Hilton, Partners in Business and Love: a guide to creating your ideal professional and personal life

Whether in this life or our last, you’re important to us!

What appeared to be a daunting experience with our decision to not use a traditional publisher became an easy task, filled with assistance, knowledge, and support from 1106 Design.

Book cover design: Excellent!
Editing: Excellent!
Layout: Excellent!
Website: Excellent!
Book set up and distribution with KDP and IngramSpark: Excellent!
Hand holding: Excellent!
Confidence: Excellent!
1106 team: Excellent!
Our overall experience: Excellent!

And, we have already sent another book for a second time around!

Dave Bettenhausen/Carla Bogni-Kidd

Excellent creative decisions

We appreciate the great book design work of 1106 Design on our new biography to be published in March. They have made excellent creative decisions. 1106 Design are cooperative and friendly to work with. Thanks to Ronda, Michele and all the design team.

Company: Leeward Publications LLC

Wayne Brown; Ed Cutts Designer, Boatbuilder, and "Cutts Method" Inventor

Professional, timely

Once again 1106 Design gave professional, timely and cordial aid in publication of this third book of mine. No matter what question or concern I put forth, the answer or suggestions came quickly. My future books will be designed by them.

Company: AFG Weavings LLC

Art Gafke, Beside Cool Waters

Can’t say enough good things about them!

1106 Design has done eight beautiful book covers for me, as well as designing the interior of a children’s book brimming with photos. Their work is professional, prompt and of exceptional quality—and yes, they do hold your hand when hand holding is needed. Michele has a great eye for detail and the special touches that add so much to a book. She is very intuitive and her suggestions are always excellent. Michele and Ronda are a great team and they deliver a wonderful product. Can’t say enough good things about them! They go the “extra mile” in customer service to achieve the best outcome possible.

Pam Daoust, THE HONU WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, A Fable For Grownups And Children

Excellent company

I first worked with 1106 Design in 2009, on the cover and interior of my book. The team is professional, responsive, and creative, and willing to lend their experience to someone who is still learning. They revised several sections of text, at my request, in 2010 and did all the work of submitting files to the printer. Now, they have just helped me again, with a super quick turnaround time, to get files ready and submitted to Create Space. I definitely recommend working with this excellent company.

Company: Perfect Planet Solutions

Janice Stanger, The Perfect Formula Diet

Completely delightful and satisfying experience

Once again, working with 1106 Design, and in particular [project manager] Ronda Rawlins, has been a completely delightful and satisfying experience. Not only is the end result EXACTLY what I wanted, but every step along the way was carefully attended to and easy. Thank you Ronda and all your 1106 Design team.

Founder, The Great Dads Project

Keith Zafren, How to Be a Great Dad—No Matter What Kind of Father You Had

Happy with 1106 Design

I have been happy with 1106 Design. The editing services are thorough, professional, and helpful. I am a new author and the editing process that 1106 Design has led me through has been in valuable in helping me make my books as good as they can be. The staff is approachable and understanding of an author’s needs.

RC Knipstein MD, Paradise Forbidden

Exceptional services

I have utilized 1106 Design’s exceptional services for a number of books now. Very trustworthy company that delivers on what it says it will and provide good guidance along the way.

Managing Editor, SCM Focus

Shaun Snapp, Gartner and the Magic Quadrant: A Guide for Buyers, Vendors, Investors

I am speechless

I am more than pleased with 1106 Design. Thank you very much not only for designing a classic International cookbook but also for just answering any question on time. As a new publisher, I had so many questions, and they went beyond designing the book. They care; they will not treat you just as a customer. I am speechless. “May God bless the work of your hands 1106 Design”.

Miriam Kinunda, Taste of Tanzania

Thank you

I wrote a book about my young daughter’s journey experiencing and rehabilitating from a major stroke. The story is very important to me for many, many reasons. 1106 Design helped me to take my story and make it accessible to others as well. 1106 Design is professional, caring, timely, meticulous, and, clearly, highly recommended. Thank you.

Juli K. Dixon, A Stroke of Luck: A Girl's Second Chance at Life

Would recommend

I would recommend 1106 Design without qualification to anyone wanting to self publish. First time through on any unfamiliar process is always difficult and my rep was unbelievably patient with my stumbling and bumbling. The result is a book that surprised everyone with its professional appearance. I have a number of other books in process and 1106 Design will have the business for each one of them!

David Sage, Adzul

I LOVE 1106 Design

I LOVE 1106 Design. I cannot speak of them highly enough. They are super responsive, helpful, and willing to hold my hand (metaphorically speaking). I’m a new publisher so I ask a lot of questions and they patiently answer all of them. Not to mention my book looks gorgeous — inside and out.

Company: Inspirí Press

Rebekah Moan, Just a Girl from Kansas

Highly recommend

Michele, Ronda and their team are pros from beginning to end. They are great to deal with, creative, organized and accurate. 1106 Design have produced several e-books and printed books for us. Our latest project was a complex HR training workshop facilitator guide and an accompanying workbook. 1106 Design consistently exceeds my expectations, their layout and typesetting skills are outstanding. I highly recommend them : )

Carina Ahren, several titles for HRDQ

Couldn’t be happier

Here we go again! 1106 Design has just finished working on my third book with them, and I couldn’t be happier with their expertise and personal service. Ronda and Michele have always been prompt in reply to my questions and uncertainties, and have given me excellent advice on all phases of the book writing and publishing endeavor. They know what I want so they include what’s best for me when they give me several options for a certain matter. I highly recommend them without any reservations whatsoever. Super book design team!

Daniel Martinez, Ph.D., Rage from the Womb

This team is of exceptional quality

When we interviewed Michele before we ever committed to 1106 Design, I remember her assurance in the level of customer service, step-by-step hand-holding, and quality of work she knew her team would provide. As first time authors and complete rookies in game of the self-publishing, we knew those three qualities were essential to success. Now, with book in hand, we are completely satisfied and impressed with 1106 Design. Extremely professional, very quick responders, and true to their word—this team is of exceptional quality. I highly recommend 1106 Design to all self-publishing authors. They truly are committed to exceeding your expectations, and do it so skillfully.

Laura Blind and Lauren Bontrager, Forever Wild Parenting

Wonderful to work with!

I’ve used 1106 Design for both of my books and plan on doing so again! They’re wonderful to work with!

Sandi Greenberg, Your Yoga Experience & Journey to the Self


The crew at 1106 Design have been excellent in helping this new author/publisher in book design and e-book formatting. I look forward to working with them again.

Arthur Gafke, Pray the Seasons and Strong Ministry

A great experience

I’ve always published books through traditional publishers. This was my first time to publish an ebook. I found working with 1106 Design to be a great experience. I learned so much from them about ebook design. Ronda and Michele were always available and helpful. They helped me find a cover that was perfect for the content of my book. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Resa Willis, Farmer's Daughter & I Can Prove It

We appreciate you so much!

We want to thank you so much for your help in reformatting Alex’s book into an eBook. You have this wonderful knack of making complex processes quick, easy and enjoyable. You are informative and your work is impeccable. We appreciate you so much!

Company: Rainbow Light Creations

Amy LaLicata and Alex Hermosillo; A True Story of Hope, Healing and Miracles

An incredible experience

As a new author, working with 1106 Design was an incredible experience. With their extensive industry knowledge, they gently guided me through the process to create a book that I could really be proud of. The quality of their work is impeccable and their care and concern for the author was evident every step of the way. Working with 1106 Design to create my book was not a “job”, it was an unfolding of a beautiful expression, nurtured by their compassion, enthusiasm and knowledge.

June Hyjek, Unexpected Grace: A Discovery of Healing through Surrender

Very happy

Great company to do business with! Very happy with the book, It All Starts With You.

K.W. Wilson, It All Starts With You

Exceeded all my expectations

1106 Design has worked on the layout and design of two of my books and they have exceeded all my expectations. We are about to start on the third one. Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly — I recommend them highly.

Daniel Martinez, Ph.D.; Self, Absurdity, and Feudalism in 21st Century America

Excellent one-stop services

1106 Design provides excellent one-stop counseling, direction, and hand-holding services, particularly for those launching their first book project. Their depth of experience and wide ranging menu of professional services take the mystery out of what can be an intimidating publishing process.

Paul Brennan, Blowback

A fantastic choice

1106 Design were a fantastic choice as a first-time author. Their professionalism, prompt quick responses, and patience through the many editing requirements made the whole process stress-free! I deeply appreciate their complete service, right up to uploading my files to the publisher on my behalf. I will certainly be using them again.

Liz Linssen, 10 Steps to Knowing God

You made it easy

I just want to update you on the status of my memoir – My Winning Season: Memories of Baseball and Family Growing Up Italian in Lockport’s West End. Lightning Source completed the printing and sent me the copies I ordered. They also let me know that it is now available on line at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. All my friends and family who have read it have been extremely complimentary, albeit not unbiased. For me it was a joy to write, and I thank you both for holding my hand through the design and printing process. You made it easy, and I will recommend 1106 Design to my friends who are contemplating writing a book.

Lou Rosati, My Winning Season: Memories of Baseball and Family Growing Up Italian in Lockport's West End

They always go the extra mile

1106 Design is the first company we recommend to our clients who need cover and design work. They are easy to work with, reasonably priced, always go the extra mile for our authors and produce top-level books ready for the marketplace.

Amy Collins, New Shelves Distribution

Huge 1106 Design fans

Thank you so much for making the world revolve around us…or at least making us feel that way! It has already been such a JOY to work with you and your team. The attention to detail and the response time, as well as the guidance and advice to help us make our book look the best have made us huge 1106 Design fans.

Ann Tardy, Why Mentoring Matters

I am walking on air

I received the first copy of Blowback: An Anecdotal Look at Pressure Equipment and Other Harmless Devices That Can Kill You today and I am walking on air. A great job by all of you! The few who have seen this first copy (including our executive director) have marveled over how great it looks and how it will proudly reflect upon the National Board.

I can’t begin to thank each of you for your wonderful input and all of your much appreciated contributions!! Your professionalism and kindness will not be forgotten.

Company: The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

Paul Brennan, Director of Public Affairs; Blowback: An Anecdotal Look at Pressure Equipment and Other Harmless Devices That Can Kill You

Outstanding job

I GOT THEM!!!! The books look absolutely awesome… wow, I don’t know what to say…. whew. I am excited and nervous all at once. Again, I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in helping me get this done… wow. I am on chapter three of my next book and when I sell a bunch of these and replenish my funds I want to start working on a cover with you guys and the whole deal all over again!

James Kiger, The Spark: Overcome Burnout and Reclaim Your Passion for Teaching

What an honor

What an honor to have the opportunity to work with such a highly professional and competent team at 1106 Design on my first book The Seven Victories of the Divine Child. Their design work, attention to detail and responsiveness exceeded my expectations on both interior layout and full cover design. I would confidently recommend 1106 Design to any author in need of their services. Thank you so much and I am grateful for your help! Peace and Many Blessings to You and your Team!

Rev. Michael Jones, The Seven Victories of the Divine Child

Sincere thanks and appreciation

I welcome this opportunity to express sincere thanks and appreciation for the quality of work 1106 Design has done on my inspirational book Cheers to Life – True to Myself. The staff at 1106 Design is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. My questions were answered promptly and clarification was always provided. Early in the process, I provided 1106 Design with several ideas for images. The designer manipulated the images and created an alluring interior, cover, exterior, and spine. The most proficient expertise requires the skill of an experienced designer that’s capable of manipulating images into a form that’s graceful, alluring, and also eloquent; designs that are so neutral, they appeal to both men and women. In Cheers to Life – True to Myself, this level of expertise was achieved. I thank you Michele, for sustaining such a world class team. To my project manager Ronda – thank you for guiding me and for showing patience as I asked so many questions. To my designer Nathan, through your creativity, the images in Cheers to Life – True to Myself are more eloquent than I ever imagined they could be.

Dr. A.H. Cameron Strother, Cheers to Life – True to Myself

Superb job

You and your team did a superb job in keeping the book moving forward and transforming it from text to a thing of beauty and precision. Thank you all so much.

Peter Alduino, The Citizen Leader: Be the Person You’d Want to Follow

Excelled with flying colors

NASM’s Guide to Sports Nutrition was a demanding project and you guys excelled with flying colors.

Director of Content Development, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Brian Sutton MS, MA, PES, CES, NASM-CPT; Guide to Sports Nutrition

Thank you

Thank you, Ronda and Michele, for your patience and exquisite work.

Candace Rose, I Could Have Been a Movie Star


After laboring alone, creating and living with my characters through thick and thin, I felt a deep, emotional attachment to them and the story that I had created. Not unlike every other author, I am sure. That being the case, I’m also certain that I shared the fear of handing over the design of my book cover to just anyone. I worried that no one would be able to take my words, both spoken and written, to heart in a way that would allow them to properly represent this new world of mine. Since I didn’t have the talent to do this, I took a chance on 1106 Design. My response when I received the cover composites was simple. WOW!!! I just couldn’t explain what I felt at that moment. Michele and Ronda had captured my story, not just once, but multiple times. I went from wondering if I’d have one good choice to trying to choose from several great choices. And it just kept getting better. While the cover was being worked on, my book was being skillfully edited and later proofread and formatted. All along the way, they held my hand and led me through the process in an extraordinarily professional manner. They were always pleasant and incredibly efficient, keeping the operation moving, updating me at each step, answering my questions, and working to meet my changing needs. The folks at 1106 Design understood how important this was to me and they treated me and my work with the utmost respect. It could not have been a more pleasant experience, and for that, I will always be grateful, a fan and a return client!

Jeffrey Blount, Hating Heidi Foster

How great are 1106 Design!?!

How great are 1106 Design!?! Ronda is a gem and it was fantastic working with the team on the interior layout of Honeycomb Kids. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and everything was flexible and professional with great communication. Thanks 1106 Design. Might just have to write another book to work with you again!

Anna M. Campbell, Honeycomb Kids: Big Picture Parenting for a Changing World and to Change the World

So happy I decided to use 1106 Design

I am so happy I decided to use 1106 Design for the cover design and interior of my travel memoir: Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family’s Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island. Your friendly staff is terrific, and whenever I e-mailed or called your office, I got an immediate response. I’ve received so many compliments regarding my professional book cover from everyone including Barnes and Noble store managers and Indie book store owners. Thanks so much for making my book stand out on the shelf.

Sonia Marsh, Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family’s Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island

Really delighted with the high quality

Your proofreader did a great job! I am really delighted with the high quality of all the work you have done on this project. Everyone who sees the cover design is just blown away by it.

Marian Anders, My Dog Bites the English Teacher: Practical Grammar Made Quick and Easy

Showed care and creativity

I was very pleased with 1106 Design. Their pricing is fair and clear, and their website provides extensive information. They are very responsive, both in time and in reaction to requests for changes. They showed care and creativity in producing a lovely book that I am very proud of. Finally, I appreciated their patient and knowledgeable answers to my many questions.

Jennifer Crittenden, The Discreet Guide for Executive Women, How to Work Well with Men and Other Difficulties

Held my hand and contributed immensely

Here is a belated, big thank you for your, Ronda’s and the rest of your staff’s excellent work on my book. It has been a whirlwind ride since Lessons from a Street-Wise Professor was released in January, and that has contributed to this delayed thank you. But, I can’t thank you and Ronda enough for the great work and advice you gave me as I navigated the self-publishing process. You held my hand and contributed immensely to relieving stress over the project. I wanted this book to be presented in a first-class manner, and you exceeded my expectations. I continually get comments on the excellent cover and interior design. I know that the look and feel has contributed to the very positive reception it has received. Sales have been very good and, FYI—it hit number one last week in the Amazon music business category. That was equivalent to its 15 minutes of fame! But I think it has legs. Thanks again for all your help.

Ray Ricker, Lessons from a Street-Wise Professor

Awesome Cover

Both Ronda and Michele were a delight to work with. They were courteous, efficient, quick and inexpensive. They know what elements are essential for a cover to attract attention. This is my third cover created by 1106 Design and it will not be the last. Their work is so good that even months after they were published I find myself gazing in awe at these marvelous books. Everyone knows half the battle in selling a book is getting the customer to pick it up. With my books I am confident that they are putting their best cover (foot) forward. Thank you so much 1106 Design!

Richard H. Triebe, author of “Fort Fisher to Elmira” and “Point Lookout: Prison Camp and Hospital”

A Very Positive Experience

Every once in a while, I have an experience with a company that truly exceeds my expectations. This has been the case in working with Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design. After I wrote my novel, entitled Becoming Stardust, I was eager to self-publish it since I got nowhere in trying to obtain an agent. Alas, I decided to self-publish and thought it would be relatively easy since I had self-published several fine art books of my photography. It wasn’t easy preparing a 284-page novel for printing; especially the PDF for the cover design. After getting a list of book designers from IngramSpark, I reviewed several of the designers’ websites to try to get a feel for their expertise. On a lark I decided on 1106 Design and have not regretted my decision.

Both Michele and Ronda are proven professionals at their craft, but beyond that, their positive communications made me feel much more secure in dealing with a printing and publishing world that I have had little exposure to. I hesitate to gush too much about Michele and Ronda’s talents and personal styles, but I would encourage anyone who needs design help in bringing a written dream to printed fruition to pick up the phone and call Michele to begin a fulfilling process. And, I feel heartened knowing that 1106 Design is available should I need further help. Very positive indeed!

Stuart Fabe

Design From A to Z

Here’s what one of my beta readers told me when she got her hands on my book. “There’s something about reading a published book compared to a Word document. It’s exciting!” I felt the same way when the proof copies came in. They looked like first-rate publications. 1106 Design provided professional, experienced people to bounce my ideas off of—developing the title and cover art were smooth, collaborative processes, and I received many compliments on both. And I was out to sea on designing the e-book and hard copy files. They took the guesswork out of that.

Eric J. Smith

A One-Stop Shop That Delivers

I can’t say enough good things about the folks at 1106 Design. When we first connected about a year ago, my goal was to build a website and self-publish a book, both of which were considerably more labor intensive than I imagined. But Michele and Ronda took me through both processes with patience, humanity and great skill. Every step along the way was smooth and, best of all, so much fun… from designing the cover and interior of my book (Scattered: My Year As An Accidental Caregiver) to collaborating with their brilliant web designer on building my website. Michele and Ronda are reliable, responsive, compassionate experts. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with 1106 Design again.

Jana Panarites

Stop Struggling, Call 1106 Design!

After struggling for almost four years to put together a small guide book to the rafters of a historic church in Laguna Beach, California, I finally found the marvelous team at 1106 Design. What a pleasure it has been working with Ronda and Michele. They are extremely competent and easy to work with.

From picking the right font to designing a cover and re-doing all the diagrams in the book, it seemed there was nothing these two couldn’t do. They even found a printer for me! I am extremely grateful not only for their willingness to work with me but for their gentle nudgings in the right direction.

They transformed my book from just words with hand sketches into an impressive, slick little guide book. From the moment I started working with them I felt like I was in the right hands.

If you are looking to take your book from OK to polished and professional, call 1106 Design. You will be glad you did.

Jessica deStefano

The published book far exceeded my high expectations

The published book far exceeded my high expectations. In every respect it is a beautiful paperback book: front cover, back cover and interior design. Although there are other considerations in any evaluation, the key goal is to create a high quality product.

Beyond the quality of the product we authors care about the relationships we develop with the people who guide us through the process, which can be complex and confusing to a novice to self-publishing (as I am.) Both Michele and Ronda are competent professionals but more than that they were remarkably patient with my fumbling efforts to follow their lead through the maze.

I have no hesitation in recommending 1106 Design for self-publishing.

Peter Likins, Coyote Speaks: Cross Country Run

Great job on my first book

I want to thank Michele and Ronda for holding my hand and doing a great job on my first book People of the Horse. Truly looking forward to working with them on all my future ventures.

Duke Charles

From cover to cover they exceeded my expectations

Satisfaction! That is what I got from working with 1106 Design. From cover to cover they exceeded my expectations. Michele and Ronda are efficient and organized. I highly recommend 1106 Design to anyone who expects professionalism.

Kim Bradford, Sins of Neglect

Professional and great working relationship

1106 Design did the proofreading, editing and page design for my book Networking Karma. They did a great job. 1106 Design provided constructive feedback and suggestions that improved the book overall. I highly recommend them – professional and great working relationship.

Gail Tolstoi-Miller, Networking Karma

I couldn’t have done this without you

When people say “I couldn’t have done this without you” they are often just being courteous, but I really mean it. If you ever need a first author to testify to the absolute necessity of having a firm such as 1106 Design to provide guidance through the self-publishing wilderness, send them to me for firm advice. I would simply say “Don’t try it without help unless you will be satisfied with loss of control and a poor product.”

Peter Likins, COYOTE SPEAKS: Cross Country Run

An excellent choice. Look no further!

This was my second author-published book with 1106 Design. A joyful process inspired by the strong desire to create a superior product … great people to work with (bravo, Michele and Ronda!) … and in the end, an excellent choice. As a self-publisher (Capturing Morning Press) I like to bring a unique product to market, while also meeting the expectations of discerning readers. This can be challenging, but 1106 Design is always ready to think outside the box … in many ways surpassing the abilities of traditional publishing companies. If you are in the market for a book designer, look no further! Why gamble on your hard work? Just go with the pros and never look back.

D.A. Hickman, THE SILENCE OF MORNING: A Memoir of Time Undone

I highly recommend 1106 Design

Being a first time self-published author, I wanted to make sure my book would get the best professional preparation for publication possible. That’s why I chose to go with 1106 Design.

Before I signed up with Michele DeFilippo, I read her free online PDF: Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing. I had so many questions, and her book put my mind at ease by answering them. From the very first phone consultation with Michele to the completion of my project I felt assured that both my project and I were getting the attention contracted for.

Initially, the illustrations I wanted to use in my book posed a challenge. Michele, seemingly unfazed, took on the challenge and did a fantastic job with the assortment of photographs and documents I sent her. I was assigned a project manager, Ronda Rawlins, who was patient beyond imagination, guiding me, answering my questions, and reassuring me every step of the way. Other professional staff — the graphic designer who created 3 gorgeous cover designs to choose from (making it very difficult to choose just one!), and the proofreader extraordinaire (he gave my manuscript a gratis review!) — were also very responsive and helpful to me. There were other behind-the-scenes staff members, whose names I do not know, who also contributed their expertise to my project. In the end, after a few “bumps” were ironed out, I was very pleased with the job 1106 Design did. I want to thank them, one and all, for a job very well done!

I highly recommend 1106 Design to anyone who wants to self-publish, who wants to get the job done right, and who wants to have a book you are proud to take ownership of.

Margaret Dopirak, Missionary Kid: Born in India, Bound for America

Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!

I could not have been more pleased with the way 1106 Design, Ronda and Michele worked with me. They were always available to speak with me about changes that I wanted made during the entire process. Also, they were there with positive suggestions to make my book more appealing to the readers. In one simple phrase…they were absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!

Anonymous, I Lift My Eyes to the Mountains

People who remain true to excellence

The Power of Jah Will is the second time I have used 1106 Design. I once was a business owner for 30 yrs. When I found a vendor or supplier that I could trust, I always remained loyal. How refreshing it is — in this world of broken promises and ‘flash in the pan’ companies — to find people who remain true to excellence. 1106 Design will make you feel as though you are their only customer as together, you work to make your project the best that it can be.

Dr Charles Eddy, The Power of Jah Will

Great work! Total Pros!

I used 1106 Design for formatting of my book, The League and the Lantern, into ebook formats. Great work! Total Pros! On time, on budget, excellent quality, timely and courteous communication. Thanks. I will definitely be a returning client!

Brian Wells

Their kindness, patience and understanding has been a gift

As a complete novice in the world of writing, but not in music, my marvelous editor and mentor taught me that story telling, like music, is also an art form. Everything must be in tune and within the parameters of the canvas for the reader to have the best reading experience. 1106 Design (Ronda, Michele, proofreader Penny) get that. Their track record in helping authors introduce their story in the best possible light speaks for itself. But for me, one who worries about and wants to get everything just right, their kindness, patience and understanding with all my legitimate and silly concerns, has been a gift. Now I have a book with a beautiful cover and powerful endorsements on the back, being requested by historians, musicians and historical societies alike. Whether it continues to generate interest or not, I’ll always have the comfort of knowing I put my best foot forward and couldn’t have done it without them. If I travel this road again, I’d do it with 1106 Design if they’ll have me.

Robert Foster, Blue Is Just A Word: The Civil War Within

Look no further than 1106 Design

If you are looking for kind, patient, highly knowledgeable professionals to output the very best interior design of your book, look no further than 1106 Design. Michele, Ronda and team were nothing but a pleasure to work with and the results were outstanding! Book #2 of my series will be in their hands soon!

Tom Kiernan, The Mad Dash - Bite My Dust

Living Your ‘Someday’ Now!

It seemed to me that my book would never be finished. It went on and on and on. Then I called Michele at 1106 Design and from then on everything moved smoothly and quickly. Michele and Ronda and the proofreader and the cover designer were on top of everything from the moment I sent them my first line and my first cover ideas. They were supportive, professional, and a delight to work with. A five star team all the way.

JoAnne Musolf

This company went above and beyond

This company went above and beyond for me. It was a pleasure to have worked with a reputable company such as yours. Thank you, 1106 Design, for your hard work and dedication and for helping me out with the interior formatting of my book.

John C Lukegord, A Stalker's Journey

Selecting 1106 Design was one of the best decisions of my life!

People do judge a book by its cover, and the inside too. Selecting 1106 Design was one of the best decisions of my life!

Meeting the challenge of independently publishing my husband’s first book, Curse of the Coloring Book: A Novel Inspired by a True Story, by Howard L. Hibbard, I could not have selected a better team who thrive on helping their clients take their book to market with the look of a big publisher.

While I found other company’s services to be less or more expensive, my decision was made easy after learning of 1106 Design’s design, publishing and marketing services, and speaking to the owner, Michele DeFilippo, about her prior, extensive professional background working for a major publisher in NYC.

Don’t waste your time and money. If you are new to the business, learn from the best. If you buy cheap, that’s what you get, and the redo will cost twice as much. If you’re an experienced publisher, you’ll appreciate 1106 Design’s standard of excellence, saving you time and frustration. You won’t have to coach them as to what a classy book should look like. 1106 Design gets it, and they’ll show you.

I still laugh about my early debate with Michele that I didn’t need their proofreading service, included in their interior design package. I tried to convince her I was delivering a clean manuscript, one that many editors had worked on, another proofreading wasn’t needed, and with this service removed, I wanted a reduction in price.

Michele held firm that she didn’t sell her interior design service without providing a final proofreading, and now I know why. She cares about the quality of their work. Imagine how surprised we were when they delivered a beautifully designed book, with yellow highlighted 1,766 edit suggestions! Their attention to detail is amazing.

Michele and Ronda are easy to work with, and generous with their time, answering my endless list of questions. I’ve always found their answers sound; I can’t remember when I didn’t take their advice on any of the numerous parts of publishing and marketing our book.

Curse of the Coloring Book is expected to launch in October. I look forward to continuing to work with 1106 Design on our current marketing needs and sequel novels. Next time I’ll use their editing service earlier, and expect to save thousands of dollars.

I didn’t use 1106 Design to design our book cover as it was already done before I contracted with them. However, knowing now the quality and efficiency of their work, and what a pleasure they are to work with, I’d use them for any project related to designing, publishing and marketing a book.

You’d be lucky to work with them too.

Jenifer Behling
Principal, Ghost Dog Enterprises, Inc.

Jenifer Behling, Curse of the Coloring Book: A Novel Based on a True Story

I cannot say enough good things about my experience(s)

This is the second time I have worked with Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design, and I cannot say enough good things about my experience(s). Both Michele and Ronda are true professionals at the design and literary business, but beyond that, they each have excellent skills in working with clients. While I do not consider myself an insecure individual, creating a book can be a very difficult and unnerving experience. Michele and Ronda are true to their word when they say they will be there for their clients every step of the way. Rarely does a company exceed my expectations, but 1106 Design has done that twice. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone with a book they wish to self-publish. I have been impressed, and I am honestly very grateful too.

Stuart Fabe, Evening Comes

Professional, Artistic and Collaborative

I have worked with traditional publishers on my first two books so I was a novice when it came to overseeing the design of a self-published book. Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design walked me step-by-step through the process and were willing to answer every question at every point. They carefully integrated my wishes and feedback to make sure I was happy with the outcome. The book is beautiful, has hit #1 immediately and I made back my investment with them!

Dr. Marcia McFee,

I can’t recommend 1106 Design highly enough

1106 Design designed our children’s book, which is titled Hello, My Name is Bunny! They did an incredible job! Ronda Rawlins handled our project, and she could not have been more professional, diligent, and patient. The result of our collaboration with 1106 Design is a beautiful, professional-looking book that has the people we’ve shown it to so far marveling. I can’t recommend 1106 Design highly enough and we intend to use them again for the next book in our Hello, My Name is Bunny! series.

Matthew Bloom; Hello, My Name is Bunny!

The team at 1106 Design was most helpful

I am a novice author and the team at 1106 Design was most helpful. The interior design, layout, and proofing were excellent. Their patience was most valuable of all. They gave this, my first book, the professional touch and extra aura that will capture buyer attention.

Joseph Ganci, Gideon: The Sound and the Glory

If you are working with 1106 Design, you are lucky

If you are working with 1106 Design, you are lucky indeed. Michele and Ronda exemplify the best practices of integrity, honesty, and sterling work. As a first-time author, I found them to be quickly responsive to my many requests, patient even when I was having difficulties, and sincerely concerned about producing for me the best possible product. If I had known about them and the quality of their work prior to committing my book to a publisher, I would have published my book through 1106 Design instead. It would have been quicker, with less grief and hassle involved. Cheers and total appreciation for the good work of Ronda and Michele.

Helena J. Sturnick

A first rate professional organization

These past few months I have had the privilege of working with Ronda and Michele at 1106 Design. They are a first rate professional organization. I am a very inexperienced writer and I had to put all my total trust into a company who could guide me down the path of producing a book that I would be proud of. These folks exceeded all of my expectations and I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about publishing. They are a first rate organization and I am eternally grateful to them for the wonderful work they have done with my story. Thank you Ronda and Michele. I was so impressed that I’m thinking about doing another one. I so appreciated your help.

Eli Schwartz, All About Me

Use 1106 Design

Do you want a book that makes you proud? Do you want to get there as efficiently as possible? If so, then 1106 Design is the company for you. They may not be the least expensive option, but they are the best option. These are been-there, done-that professionals who can guide you through the process of designing your book. I worked closely with them in the development of 7 Powers; they were consistently thoughtful, well-informed and responsive. I could not recommend anyone more highly.

Hamilton Helmer

A true five-star experience

I recently finished a non-fiction project with 1106 Design. I started the design process with 1106 Design two years ago, but due to unforeseen circumstances had to halt the project in order to further develop the manuscript. Prior to stopping the project, 1106 Design designed an amazing cover that perfectly captured the look I had envisioned.

Upon hearing I needed to stop the project after completing the cover design, Michele graciously supported my decision. Most companies want to finish a project on their timeline and on their terms – not 1106 Design. They genuinely want what is truly best for the author, and if that means stopping the project midway for further development, you will find nothing but support and understanding from Michele and Ronda.

Lastly, the personal touch they provide throughout the process is incredible. I am happy to say my leadership case study is finished. 1106 Design’s custom interior design, professional proofreading, and cover design has truly blown away all of my expectations on how a self-published book can look. As you can see from a myriad of other reviews, what you will get with 1106 is a true five-star experience. I am looking forward to working with them on all of my future projects!

Dr. J.E. Garvais, After The Trauma

1106 Design is THE BEST!

Here is one of the best pieces of advice I received at an SCBWI conference (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators). “Do what you do best and then hire someone to do the rest. But hire THE BEST.” I followed that advice and have confidently and joyfully moved forward ever since, knowing THE BEST was on our team.

1106 Design began as our print page formatters, but they have become much more than that in our ever-expanding adventure. The day that Michele DeFilippo and Ronda Rawlins entered the forest of The Woodland Elves was the day life changed for our small friends. Instantly, our dream took a new and much more relaxed path through the woods because we could place total trust and faith in a staff that CARED about The Woodland Elves and would DO what we were not qualified to do.

Staying in the safety zone changes nothing. TRUSTING Michele and Ronda to stretch into uncharted territory for us made all the difference. They helped to bring our vision to life with their incredible team of talent, integrity, hard work and creative genius.

The 1106 Design team does not “tiptoe through the woods.” They were COMMITTED to bringing our forest to life. Knowing that my abilities did not stretch beyond the writing of the book, they took over for The Woodland Elves and were willing to go the distance to help the elves taste the sweetness of victory in the woods.

The Woodland Elves series is alive with color and beauty and excitement. 1106 Design began helping us plant our forest one acorn at a time nearly 3 years ago, and now that forest is shaking 55 countries in the world after only a few years. The elves have been empowered to do what they have come to do.

Sometimes, the right people enter our lives and just trusting them to do what they do best is the solution to everything. In this case, that has already proven to be true.

1106 Design… Michele and Ronda…. You have taken our literary adventure from good to better to best. We can’t wait to see what happens next. The spirit from the woods thanks you and celebrates all of the gifts you have shared. Most of all, we celebrate YOU and your friendship. You are part of the elfin family forever.

Shary Williamson


Through my research I learned you need the best and a company that can do it all to publish as an Independent Author. I found 1106 Design, and they made my first publishing process so much easier. Michele and Ronda are professional and know how to publish a book from start to finish. They provided editing, cover design, interior layout design, proofreading and setting up the files for the printers and eBook for my memoir. My book is better because of the quality of their work. They responded quickly to my many questions and showed an abundance of patience for this inexperienced author. They exceeded my expectations and I recommend them to new or experienced authors. I will use them for my second book!

Glyn Haynie

Why Go Anywhere Else?

My forthcoming novel Fighting Back is my second interaction with the good folks at 1106 Design. They did a cover and exterior for my nonfiction book back in 2009, and I’m still very pleased with it eight years later. I contacted Michele last year about doing my novel, and she still remembered me! However, I initially opted to save money by getting a budget cover done elsewhere. Bad idea. After seeing the results, I came back home to 1106. Without a hint of “I told you so,” they took on my project. Ronda is the main point of contact. I have found her to be informative, responsive, patient with my questions, and always pleasant, whether via email or phone. The new cover the 1106 team designed is arresting, and it generates lots of unsolicited compliments. The interior is great too. I’ll be doing a sequel in a year or two, and I don’t plan on shopping anywhere else for these services. Thank you 1106 Design!

John F. Harrison

Utmost professionalism!

It is so refreshing to have tremendous personal support with the utmost professionalism. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with 1106 Design.

John Sherman, Convitality: A Story of Tolerance

Ronda was great!

I worked with Ronda almost exclusively. She was prompt, courteous, and always willing to help with anything that needed to be done. The editors and designers they used were clearly professional and you could tell they knew their stuff! This was all new to me and it was a huge benefit to have that extra helping hand navigate this strange industry of book publishing. Similar to my industry, subjective tasks can sometimes take more time and money than expected. My book turned out to be only slightly more than the estimate (due to my changes) which was expected. The amount of time it took to finish was about double the 4-month promise. That was a surprise. Unfortunately, being that I have no comparison, I cannot offer you reasons as I don’t know if it was because of me and my changes or them… all I can say was that it was a surprise. Lastly, we had some snafus with Ingram Spark at the end but Ronda did go to bat for me. In addition, I called after hours due to one particular snafu, and Michele picked up and chatted with me even though she could have let it ring through to voicemail. So, all in all, 1106 Design were great people to work with. If you need the helping hand getting your book published, I would recommend 1106 Design.

Stephanie Wascha

Their work is amazing!

I worked with Ronda mostly, but I’ve met Michele, and she is wonderful as well! My questions were always answered, even though some of the work fell over the holidays. I never felt frustrated or out of the loop. The cover is amazing, and the formatting for my book is also amazing. Couldn’t ask for better! Ronda was happy to connect me with other people when I had questions about marketing, etc. 10/10 will work with them in the future for my next books.

E. Paige Burks

Professionalism and creativity personified!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Ronda and Michele on six novels, and they’re terrific! The design and layout of the books has been excellent, and the creativity they’ve brought to the books has made a huge difference in their quality. It’s also incredibly comforting to know that they manage the production process so meticulously. Several times when I’ve misplaced a file or used the wrong file, they’ve come to my rescue. They are always super-responsive. I know they’re constantly juggling many book projects, but they’ve always made me feel like mine is a priority.

Dennis Meredith

If you’re searching for someone to help you design your book, your search is over!

After working with Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design on my first book, I am very happy to say that I will undoubtedly request their services when the time comes to publish my next piece. As first-time publishers, my wife and I learned so much during the past few months and Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design supported us every step of the way. They gave their honest and professional opinions and advice, while still giving us the opportunity to make final decisions along the way. Saying that we recommend 1106 Design is an understatement. Thank you so much to Michele, Ronda, and their design team!

Scott Weibling

#1106 in name, #1 in design

Michele, Ronda and the team at 1106 Design have designed the interior of my three children’s fantasy books. Their work is very professional, communication is exceptional and turnaround excellent. I’m delighted with the result and look forward to working with them on my next book.

Robin Mason

A Trailer for Your Book is a Must

If you’re wondering whether or not to create a trailer to supplement your book, consider this, what made you spend money on the last movie you watched? Most likely it was the trailer. We too questioned the relevance of a trailer for a piece of literature. But after seeing the trailer produced by the team at 1106 Design, we are so grateful we decided to make one. The team at 1106 Design captured the essence of our book using our words, but brought so much more to the table with music, imagery, and a professional voice over. We plan to use the trailer at our launch and all of our speaking engagements, in addition to posting it on YouTube and social media networks. Again, we couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Scott Weibling

A Professional Outstanding Publishing Company

Almost two years ago we were approached by a traditional book publisher to submit a book proposal. They ultimately decided that the book had too much of an international focus for their audience so we decided to complete and publish it ourselves. We were new to writing and publishing a book, so we spent a great deal of time researching independent publishing companies. After reviewing the services, costs, royalties conditions and design samples for numerous companies we felt that 1106 Design offered the best deal. Our experience working with Michele and Ronda over the last two months has been amazing. Writing the book is only half the work; the editing, interior design and proofreading to provide a professionally published book is the other half. 1106 Design not only provided us a professional publishing service, but also made it fun. Their project management tools, procedure and communication helped to streamline the process. We learned a great deal about self publishing through this process and felt like they are not only experts in the industry, but care deeply about the perfection of each project. I would highly recommend 1106 Design for any self-publishing project and will use their service again in the future.

Once the publishing process is complete, we received all files and the book was uploaded to Create Space and IngramSpark making it easy for us to access distribution channels through Amazon and other online and retail book sellers. 1106 Design does not take royalties from the sales. They have a one-time fee for their work and then the author receives all profits above printing costs and retailer discounts.

1106 Design is transforming how authors and business professionals can distribute their work is a timely and profitable manner. Thank you for working with us to make this book available to our supporters.

John Leary

Time For Wonderlust

When I came to 1106 Design about his time last year for a cover design, a painful period followed. Michele was adamant that the interior design I brought with me was poorly done and should be replaced by a new one at 1106 Design. It was hard for one to swallow because it meant I was, in effect, starting over. She did prevail. The 1106 Design team redid the interior and added the cover design as well. Often, I wondered if I had made the right choice, given the extra time and cost. Now I’m at the point of seeking third-party support from reviewers, distributors, and celebrities, and I finally know we made the right choice. I can’t predict what others will think of my writing ability, but I do know the book looks like a contender. That’s crucial in a totally saturated market.

Forrest Wright

Excellent Job Once Again!

Thanks to the 1106 Design team for a fantastic job on my second book. Since we already had a template in place from the first book, the process was even more seamless and stress-free. My thanks to Ronda Rawlins for being prompt and willing to talk things out by phone so we got the interior layout 100% right. Again, my sincere appreciation on a job well done!

Danny Rubin

Book Website

Michele and her team at 1106 Design never cease to amaze us. Our website is exactly what we wanted! We wanted a clean, easy to navigate website that captures the essence our our book, River Guide. Once it launched, the compliments started to rush in immediately. People couldn’t stop commenting on it’s professional design and captivating appearance. And the technical support, for someone who very much needs it, was much appreciated and still allowed us to make major decisions. Once again, we couldn’t be happier with the results from 1106 Design! Thank you.

Scott and Michelle Weibling


I’m talking about Michele and Ronda and the entire team. The most difficult part of writing a book isn’t the writing, it’s aligning yourself with an editing and publishing team that senses and cares for your baby, your book, your passion, and has the patience to hand-hold and actually respond to your questions. The Surfer’s Journey was my five year effort through a PhD program and a new career. They were professional, did what they said they would do in the time set, and taught along the way. Thank you!!

Don Kennedy

Real Pros Who Become Good Friends

The ladies of 1106 Design are good at what they do. Their patience is supreme and their hand holding abilities throughout the book-birthing process averts many mistakes and heart attacks. They are part of my team from now on.

Scott Eubanks, author of Mad Dogs, Marbles and Rock Fights


The team at 1106 Design, especially Michele and Ronda, were my lifeline during the entire process of creating my first children’s book—from helping to edit the manuscript, to identifying the image specs and coordinating with my illustrator, to assisting with the technical gymnastics of getting the book ready for distribution. I appreciated that they were honest about what they were experts in and not, and in the areas they were not, they provided guidance on where I could find more information. I never felt like I was being left on my own. Rather, they always kept a lifeline out to make sure I could navigate the process and often ending communication with asking me how they could help me next. There was a lot I did not know and they always took the time to thoroughly and clearly answer my questions. As a result, I have a beautiful and professional book that most cannot tell is self-published. I could not have done this without them. I feel services like what 1106 Design provides is the key step from sitting on a book idea to making it actually happen. Thank you! —Sonia Panigrahy, author of Nina the Neighborhood Ninja

Sonia Panigrahy

Best team in the world

Rest assured, you have found the best team in the world to work on your book.

It was truly a breath of fresh air to work with 1106 Design. Both Michele and Ronda were incredibly professional, thorough, and prompt.

Throughout the entire process, I never had any doubts. Their communication was excellent. When you work with 1106 Design, you will have full confidence your book is in good hands.

You deserve peace of mind, and your time is best spent doing more of what you do best: writing!

Let 1106 Design take care of the details so you can get started on your next book!

Sean McCabe

1106Design Makes Dreams Come True

Dear Michele,
I really appreciate all of your help in preparing my novel for publication. The level of detail and accountability Ronda demonstrated on my project made the process go so much more smoothly. Your entire team has been right there, every step of the way, whenever and wherever support was needed. I couldn’t have realized my dream without you.

M. Lauryn Alexander

1106 Design Brought My Book to Life

1106 Design’s work is nothing less than spectacular. From start to finish, Michele and Ronda couldn’t make it easier and the finished book is, again, spectacular. Everything they did, from editing to interior design and cover design, brought my book to life and were great guides for setting it up for print-on-demand and ebook stores. I can’t recommend them enough!

Paul Sean Hill

1106 Design BE’ing GREAT!

As a first time author, it was quite the learning experience. Writing a book is so personal and intimate. Ronda & Michele were so honest, patient, knowledgeable and quick. We met every deadline, even in crunch time. Highly recommend them!

Ed Harrold, author of Life With Breath

Personable, responsive and compassionate

As a first-time author, I lacked experience and knowledge. I had lots of courage, though I didn’t have any sense of how to go from manuscript to final product. Michele and her team walked me through each step; one baby step at a time. They are incredibly personable, responsive and so compassionate. I would highly recommend 1106 Design to authors along the entire continuum of experience. They are up-to-date with the best way to leverage technology to get your book to market.


Quick, professional, outstanding results

I have been working with 1106 Design to publish my books for years, and I frequently recommend Michele and her team. After learning everything you shouldn’t do when self-publishing with a previous group, I gratefully found 1106 Design. You won’t be disappointed with the process and the final result. I wish you great success!

Marcia Reynolds

Second Rodeo with 1106 Design

As a self-published author, this is my second rodeo with 1106 Design. The first time around the block, I was inexperienced, to say the least—okay, I knew virtually nothing. Michele and Ronda held my hand throughout as we worked to get my manuscript published. This time, though, they provided me the opportunity to learn much more about the details of the process. Additionally, since we placed my first book on the market, they’ve developed a series of author questionnaires that serve two principal purposes. First, they force the writer to do much up-front critical thinking about which of 1106 Design’s a la carte services they truly want and need. Second, the questionnaires nudge the writer into dealing with matters such as the presentation of one’s print and electronic versions as well as pricing and marketing. With my third book now underway, of course, I’m thinking ahead to using 1106 yet again.

Eric Smith

I remember the sunny day

I remember the sunny day at poolside googling the world with iPhone trying to find someone to help me publish my work when I saw a recommendation for a company named 1106 Design. I knew nothing of publishing and was leery, but reached out nonetheless. Now, several months later, thanks to the amazing team at 1106 Design, my book, Antiquity, was delivered to my home. My daughters exclaimed it could have come from Barnes and Noble. None of this would have been possible without the steadfast help of the great folks at 1106 Design—Michele, Brian, Ronda—everyone. I would take the ride with them again without hesitation.

Michael Xavier Boggins

Reasonably Priced, Clearly Presented and Professionally Executed

I enjoyed working with 1106 Design and could not be more pleased with the results. The staff is extremely knowledgeable. They guided me through each phase of my book’s design and production, giving me options that fit the look I’d been searching for to convey the tone of my work. I highly recommend them without reservation to anyone ready to self-publish. I will definitely use them on all of my future books!

SC Watson

Will definitely recommend them and work with them again

“We were thrilled with the creativity, professionalism, and responsiveness of Michele and Ronda from start to finish. Though this is our first self-published book, we’ve been “around the block” working with and art-directing graphic designers for decades – so we know how challenging we can be. 1106 understood our preferences and perfectionism and delivered results that exceeded our expectations. Will definitely recommend them and work with them again.”

Simcha & Frumma Gottlieb

I am pleased with the final outcome

“Michele and Ronda were awesome to work with, especially for this newbie. They promised to hold my hand every step of the way, and they did just that. Obviously, I didn’t know what to expect, but their professionalism, expertise, and patience put me at ease. I am pleased with the final outcome of my children’s book, “Tango Mike Mike: The Story of Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez,” and would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks. Again, thanks ladies. You made this whole process an easy one. God bless you, and thanks for making my dream come true!!!”

Yvette Benavidez Garcia

I was immensely pleased

“Working with Michele and Ronda at 1106 Design was very productive and, at the same time, extremely pleasant. They and their staff were entirely professional and provided helpful and timely assistance at every step in the process. I have written three books before this, but was never involved in setting them up for publication. For a variety of reasons I decided to publish this book on my own and could never have done it without the able assistance of the people at 1106 Design. They explained the intricacies of publishing, setting up ISBN numbers, and myriad things with which I had never before had to contend. They arranged for the cover, layout and interior design as well as the ebook, and produced a truly professional product. This book was a fairly technical social science work and involved many detailed tables, all of which were handled expertly and expeditiously, better in fact than in my previously published books. When I finally received the hard copy of the book, I was immensely pleased; it met or exceeded my expectations in all regards. I can recommend them with complete confidence.”

Byron M. Roth

I’m addicted to their astute professional skills

“I just completed publishing my third novel with guidance and great design help from 1106 Design, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It is rare for me to think that a company has exceeded my expectations, but once again Michele and Ronda and their team have done so. I’m addicted to their astute professional skills; both Michele and Ronda have the kind of friendly and forthright personalities that make it much easier to navigate the rigors of publishing a book. I would encourage any writer to work with 1106 Design. A+++”

Stuart Fabe

Their consultation was on-point

“After working with a traditional publisher on two books, I decided to try self-publishing. The team at 1106 Design made it a breeze!  They have the process down to a science. Their consultation was on-point, and their work product excellent. I am so pleased that I’m going to have them start work on a second manuscript shortly! My thanks to Michele and Ronda for their excellent help and clear communication!”

John Leifer

Thank you all for making my dream come true

“As a first time publisher who needed a lot of hand holding, I received great attention and care from 1106 Design. They made a sometimes intimidating and confusing process seamless. Thank you all for making my dream come true.”

Terri Segal

I will be back to 1106 Design for my next book

“When I finished my second book, I went back to 1106 Design. It was an easy choice for me knowing how professional and efficient Michele, Ronda and the 1006 Design team are, and the outstanding work they did for my first book. On my first book, they exceeded my expectations, and they didn’t disappoint me for my second book. The process was smooth and Ronda or Michele took time to answer my questions and provided valuable advice. I will be back to 1106 Design for my next book. If you are an Independent Author and Publisher use 1106 Design to produce a professional-looking book free of errors.”

Glyn Haynie

Absolutely great to work with

“Ronda and Michele at 1106 Design were absolutely great to work with, especially for a first-time author like myself. I had decided to self-publish because I like to remain in full control of the process. The team at 1106 Design made that possible, with iterations at exactly the right time. They guided me towards a great end product that I am proud of. Thanks guys!”

Philip Muls

The best available option for self-publishers

“For someone like me, who does not know anything about creating a book from my original manuscript, it was an amazing easy job to do it with the help of Michele, Ronda and their staff. 1106 Design is, without any question, the best available option for self-publishers.”

“I did a lot of research on the Internet and asked other people who were in the publishing business, and they all pointed to 1106 Design as the one I should try. And, I am so glad that I did. I have no words to thank you all.”

Jose Gomez, M.D.

I would highly recommend 1106

“Ronda, Michele, and the staff at 1106 were well worth the expense. My first book has been published less than a week, but I keep receiving compliments on the design. 1106 really worked well with me to create exactly what I wanted to express. The book looks beautiful, and I have so much appreciation for what a knowledgeable book designer and editors can do. Having all of the services (interior design, exterior design, and editing) under one roof made for a smoother production experience. I really needed that assistance and wanted that expertise. Ronda’s professionalism and attentiveness was out of this world. I would highly recommend 1106 to any self-publishing author who wants to create a truly polished and attractive book. The process may take longer than you hoped, but you will have something that you can be proud of at the end of it.”

Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S

The people at 1106 Design are amazing

“The people at 1106 Design are amazing. They go out of their way to make it as easy as they can for a novice like me. The dust cover front page is beautiful and it was a creation of the people there.”

Roge Bolan

1106 Design did a phenomenal job on my book

“I cannot say enough positive things about 1106 Design, LLC. The company provided numerous services in helping me to produce my book titled “Winners and Losers in the American Capitalistic Economy: A Primer.” Those services included: (1) interior design and layout services; (2) indexing services; (3) proofreading services; and (4) overall project management.

I shall be using my book to teach a class called LAW, ECONOMICS AND CAPITALISM at the Howard U. School of Law during the fall 2018 semester.

1106 Design did a phenomenal job on my book. Many scholars and members of the general public who have read my book have also taken the time to note the excellent design and layout of the book.

I would recommend 1106 Design to any publishing company regardless of whether the publisher is a “self publisher” or a publisher of other persons’ works. Accordingly, if you are in need of all or some of the four services I mentioned earlier, I would definitely recommend that you check out 1106 Design. You won’t regret it!

Thank you, Sherman! It was a pleasure to work with you as well. I hope your students, as well as a much wider audience, access your comprehensive analysis of contemporary issues that affect us all. Best of luck!”

W. Sherman Rogers

1106 did a fabulous job

“Just received the press proof of my book, and it’s hard to believe that it’s actually done! Ronda, Michele, and the team at 1106 did a fabulous job on designing the interior and cover for my memoir. I couldn’t be happier. They know indie publishing and their suggestions with respect to using CreateSpace and IngramSpark were very helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend 1106 Design; they are pros.”

Peter McShane

I would recommend 1106 Design to anyone

“I am happy to give 1106 Design a 5-star review. First off, they created a beautiful cover that was more than I had hoped for. Secondly, they were a joy to work with. Brian was very helpful while going through the design process. I would recommend 1106 Design to anyone.”

Kyle Lockhaven

My book is absolutely gorgeous

“Michele and Ronda and the team at 1106 Design have been absolutely fantastic to work with. This is my third book with them and they are absolutely top notch with their attitude, professionalism, creativity, flexibility, and responsiveness as well as the excellent finished product they produce. My book is absolutely gorgeous with a detailed final proofread and when I needed files from previous books (dating back to 2006), they were able to retrieve those quickly. I would not hesitate to work with 1106 Design in the future.”

Gayle Nobel

I can’t wait to work with 1106 again

“I’ve referred clients to 1106 and always been impressed with the beautiful books they create, but this was my first time working with them as a co-author of The Anti-Cookbook, Easy, Thrifty Recipes for Food-Smart Living. Michele and Ronda exceeded our expectations at every turn—the knock-it-out-of-park cover design, the spot-on marketing consultation, and the exactly-how-we-wanted-it interior are the obvious hallmarks of their excellence. But, the small experiences were wonderful too—the conference calls, attention to questions, and patience with last-minute catches. 1106 Design has it all—the know-how, the staff, and the taste-level. What a terrific company. I can’t wait to work with 1106 again.”

Rebecca Bloom and Shelley Onderdonk

Professional and efficient

I am a first-time author who knew nothing about the process of getting a book ready for printing. Ronda was patient and very helpful. She explained everything in detail and even though there was a steep, steep learning curve for me, she was always kind, professional and efficient. I was the one who made many mistakes in the process; she was the one who cleaned them up. Although I’ll be better equipped next time, my experience with 1106 Design was terrific. Thank you!”

Larry Shushansky

I continue to be grateful

“My latest novel, Evening Code, is the fourth book I have published in the past four years, and none of it would’ve been possible without the talented professionals at 1106 Design. I continue to be grateful that Michele, Carol, and Ronda have both the skills and the personalities to provide consistently great counsel on design while paying assiduous attention to process. I would encourage any author to entrust a manuscript to the pros at 1106 Design (seriously!)”

Stuart Fabe

Support and hand-holding

“I was referred to 1106 Design with the promise of professional work, support and hand-holding through the process of self-publishing my book, “Trailer Trash: an ’80s Memoir.” They not only delivered on these promises but brought me quite a bit of education, peace, and patience to the process. Shout out to Ronda (who had to put up with my anxiety and mini-meltdowns) and Michele for her guidance.”

Angie Cavallari

They were terrific!

“I highly recommend 1106 Design. When I first talked to Michele, I signed up immediately. Usually, I research different companies extensively whenever I purchase any service or product, and I questioned why I didn’t do that in this case—until I started seeing how they do things. Then I immediately knew that I didn’t need to look at any other companies and I made the right choice. Everything they did for me was great—the formatting of my book, You Gotta Have Heart, the proofing (make sure you do your initial proofing very carefully), the cover design and the uploading of the files. Ronda was just great to work with and everything she said she was going to do, she always did. And she did it exceptionally well. I worked with Brian on the cover design, and he was also great. I can’t say enough good things about 1106 Design. They were terrific!”

Bruce Bernstein

A professional product that rivals the top best sellers

Highest Endorsement for 1106 Design! Ronda and Michele are amazing. I researched my options and they came out on top. The creativity of design, the innovation mixed with decades of publishing expertise and experience resulted in a professional product that rivals the top best sellers. In fact, here’s just a few highlights of what’s happened in just 7 days! Man, You Rock bolted to #1 New Release on Amazon (Family) beating out the now #2 “Walt Disney World 2019 Guide.” I am quite pleased competing with the largest family theme park on the planet! It also hit #1 New Release on Amazon (Parenting Teenagers)! It is also now a Best Seller on Audible in the audio book format. In addition, we already have orders for hundreds of books from schools, churches, to individuals and we’re just getting started. This week I have already met with (5) Barnes & Noble store managers to arrange an Author Book Signing Event at each location. Check out the Man, You Rock! Official Book Trailer and Amazon link. My very best, Dr. Rex S. Vanderwood Author, Man, You Rock! 

Book Trailer:
Book: Man, You Rock!

Dr. Rex S. Vanderwood

I am more than pleased

“I was fortunate to have worked with 1106 Design. Michele, Ronda, and the rest of the team were delightful to work with. They were prompt, professional, and provided me with the support and advice which was needed. Their demeanor was always pleasant and cheerful. They were always willing to help and offer their unique insight and perspective regardless of the task.

It is obvious 1106 Design knows what they are doing, inside and out, and are world class at what they do. Their design work and layout is impeccable, always meeting the highest standards.

“You don’t know what you don’t know” is a familiar term. It is most apropos here as there are a host of issues and nuances specific to this industry which must be addressed. 1106 provided me with necessary perspective and advice so I could effectively navigate my way. Having been through the process I simply cannot envision publishing a book without them. It was of incalculable value.

I am more than pleased with the final product. I would unhesitatingly recommend that anyone authoring and publishing their first book utilize the services of 1106 Design.”

Fred Stuvek Jr.

Superb result

The 1106 Design team provided me with a thorough, prompt, and superb result. I am not disappointed.

Lynn Nanos

You will not be disappointed

“I stumbled onto 1106 Design by accident. Michele’s bio appeared on my LinkedIn search. It was divine intervention. I wanted to self-publish my first novel and I didn’t know what I needed to do. I cannot speak enough about how well I was treated by Michele and her team. 1106 Design are consummate professionals, they held my hand from start to finish. As I said in my acknowledgments page, I gave 1106 Design a manuscript and they gave me a book. If you are thinking of self-publishing, do yourself a favor and hire 1106 Design. You will not be disappointed.”

Jonathan Wallach

These folks are pros in all departments

“I found 1106 Design on Facebook, liked their page and started collecting some of their “How To” and “Consider This” blog posts months before I was ready to publish. Then we worked together for about 3.5 months and I couldn’t be happier with the result – the overall design inside and out stands up to all and surpasses many publishing-house-produced books. I found Michele, Ronda, and their crew to be very responsive to my desires and probably more tolerant than they should have been of my occasional lapses into basket-case status. And when an unforeseen literary award submission deadline suddenly loomed, they were able to shift gears and accelerate getting a print version on the market in a hurry, without compromising quality. These folks are pros in all departments, but if I had to pick one of their services that was more valuable than the others, it would be their professional proofreading. On a handful of occasions their suggested revisions sent me to the internet with a “that can’t be right” in my head, and every time I came back with “okay, it’s right, it’s right, it’s right. Joint ’72 launched three weeks ago and the reception for the quality of the book itself has been excellent. My thanks to everyone at 1106 Design!”

Michael Clark

I love my book!

“I found 1106 Design after I contacted another company with great industry recommendations. This company was not taking new clients and recommended 1106 Design. I noticed that 1106 Design did many fiction books and mine is non-fiction with many citations so that was a concern. I contacted them and set up a preliminary discussion online as I live in Africa. From that day forward, my collaboration with 1106 Design was professional and fun. I needed a lot of handholding because I am not a computer whiz and there were many revisions that I made to the pdf’s they sent, but always, they explained clearly what to do and how to do it. I would especially recommend the proofreading — it made all the difference for me since I had many technical terms. Also, I was concerned with going over my free dollar limit for revisions but they gave clear estimates of overages and stuck to them. Overall, this was a great experience and I am eternally grateful to 1106 Design. I love my book!”

Jill Hickson

Everyone was amazingly courteous and professional

“My experience with the entire team at 1106 Design was, in one word…Exceptional! Everyone was amazingly courteous and professional, from Ronda, Brian and all the others behind the scenes that contributed to designing my self-published book, “Be An Unstoppable You: The Ultimate Self-Leadership Formula to Achieve PEAK Performance.” I even had the opportunity to work directly with the owner, Michele DeFilippo. Michele was extremely attentive and her eBook, “Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing” was full of extremely helpful information. She took the time to listen to my questions and answered all of them to my satisfaction. This was by far one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made! If you want a beautiful book of the highest quality, meticulously prepared by industry experts, look no further than 1106 Design. You’ll be glad you did!”

George D. Griffin III

I am extremely satisfied

“I can honestly say, working with 1106 Design was nothing short of spectacular. The insight and advice the whole way through was appreciated. I am extremely satisfied with the final product and I will definitely be recommending them to anybody needing similar services. Thank you!!”

Melissa Ann

They were super responsive

“Everyone at 1106 Design did a fantastic job. They were super responsive to my every question and concern, attended to details I didn’t even know existed, and really provided peace of mind that we were following “industry standards” that would have taken me hours or days to research on my own without a traditional publisher. If I write another book, I definitely plan to use 1106 Design again. Overcoming Spiritual Myopia: A View Toward Peace Among the Religions:

Margaret Placentra Johnston

Very knowledgeable, extremely courteous and patient

“I just published my fifth novel in five years with the guidance and counsel of the true professionals at 1106 Design, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Working with Michele, Ronda, and Brian has been a very positive experience once again. They are very knowledgeable, extremely courteous and patient, and are dedicated to creating a final book that I am proud of. Trust them with your literary efforts. You’ll be pleased that you did.”

Stuart Fabe

I can’t recommend 1106 highly enough

“When I decided to independently publish my book I wanted it to look professional: the cover, editing, book design, right down to the smallest detail. I found 1106’s ad in the Independent Book Publishers Association journal and, from the start, I knew I was in good hands. Michele, Ronda, Doran and Anita helped me create a book that I was proud of. They are set up to communicate on-line but a couple of times I wanted to talk to them directly and they always responded and answered my question promptly. The best part was that they always knew the next step in the process so I simply followed their direction and completed each task with confidence. My book, Loving Choices, Peaceful Passing: Why My Family Chose Hospice is for sale on Amazon and other online retailers and people are buying them! I can’t recommend 1106 highly enough. They are the best!”

Kathleen Vallee Stein

Thank you so much for everything!

“I found 1106 Design through a review done online of the top 100 self-publishers. They were right at the top of the list, and so I gave them a call. From the first call, I knew I had chosen the right place. I worked mostly with Brian, Ronda and occasionally Michele. Everyone is so pleasant and professional. You do not need ANY prior knowledge to start as they walk you through and hold your hand during the entire process. It is seamless. I have and will recommend 1106 Design to any and everyone looking to self-publish. It was so much more than I ever expected. Wonderful, wonderful experience. My book is called “The Way to Peace.” It has been touched by angels all the way through the process. Thank you so much for everything!”

Michelle Sinclair

A first-class design team

“Not my first rodeo in the book business. This is my six title and the third designed by Michele and company. How much praise can one heap on a first-class design team without sounding repetitive, if not redundant? Not enough! The people at 1106 are creative, knowledgeable, responsive, patient, tactful (as in, newsflash Hemingway — author turned Indie does not often equal bestseller), resourceful, digitally hip, and just plain Arizona-charming, veranda-friendly on the telephone. Did I say creative? Yeah. I put it first because it matters the most. Creative is the wow factor in book design — what invites a reader to take a closer look, maybe flip the book, maybe open it. Maybe read.

Special kudos to Ronda, who is on the front lines of the daily and gritty battle of book design decisions and details. Frankly, I don’t know how she commands so many recruits, or how she dares to check her inbox every morning. Thanks, Ronda, for all you do.”

M. S. Holm

Quick turnaround on all phases of the process

“To those considering retaining 1106 Design: I had a fabulous working relationship with Michele and those assigned to my book. Quick turnaround on all phases of the process.

And in particular: I compare my book, OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD, with other self-published books and there is no comparison. Mine could have been published by Scribner’s, 1106 did such a great job with the cover and interior design. Just go to the Amazon page for my book, where you can see the cover, and “Look Inside” the paperback version of the book to see for yourself what the interior design looks like.

And anyone who wants to get the benefit of my experience as a self-published author, feel free to contact me via the Contact page of my book’s website:

And, by the way, WHERE’S … ELI?—book #2 of the Al and Mick Forte crime fiction series—will be in 1106’s hands to handle by the end of the summer.”

Alex S. Avitabile

I think we made a good team

“I was unsure about who I’d trust publishing my book and looked hard and carefully about where to go. A friend recommended 1106 Design and I’m grateful that she did. I was introduced to 1106 by Michele and then worked predominantly with Ronda. I don’t know that I was an easy client. My book is so personal—partly about the death of my son—so I considered it sacred ground and I felt protective. I also had a budget that I was pushing to the max. Because of some changes, the final cost was more than I’d originally planned for, but would I do anything differently? No. I knew I wanted my book to be the best it could be. I’m so proud of “Sooner Than Tomorrow: A Mother’s Diary About Mental Illness, Family, and Everyday Life” and how the book turned out. The internal and external designs are perfect (IMHO) and the book looks SO professional. I think it’s beautiful! It’s getting all 5-star reviews on Amazon and I’m beginning to get invitations to speak at conferences. So Michele and Ronda, thanks for all the hard work—together. I think we made a good team. I hope you think so, too.

 P.S. I want to acknowledge and thank the editor at 1106 who reviewed my book. I found his edits to be insightful and sensitive. I felt like he understood what I was trying to say.”

Dede Ranahan

You can’t ask for a more creative, skilled, and professional team

“When it comes to interior book design, you can’t ask for a more creative, skilled, and professional team than 1106 Design.

My experience working with 1106 Design was top-notched from beginning to end.

1106 Design came highly recommended by my book coach: “An excellent full-service company.”

I was not disappointed; they lived up to my expectations—no question.

One great thing about 1106 Design is that they spelled out the purpose of each decision during the design process.

Another great thing was the speed of their responses to my “many” questions. They stayed in constant contact with me and always delivered each phase of the design process as promised and on time.

What is the result?

Thanks to 1106 Design I have a beautiful interior book design that is a work of art.

5 Stars!”

Rosa Chillis

They are always responsive and helpful

“Where to start? I decided several years ago that I wanted to do a children’s picture book about my special needs grandson. The writing of the text was not difficult – it just seemed to come to me. Everything else, not so much. It took me two years to get the nerve to actually show it to someone and ask for an opinion. Of course, I am an unknown author, so getting an agent was totally out of the question. I knew of Ingram Spark and decided that I would self-publish. I set up an account on their website. Easy enough right? Now what? I panicked!

I looked at their “experts” and contacted 1106 Design. I really cannot remember why I initially chose them, though I do know that I wanted someone in the United States. I have NEVER regretted my decision. From the very beginning, they have been welcoming, informative, kind and supportive. I have worked with Michele, Carol, Ronda, (soon with Jerome) and I think others and I apologize if I am omitting anyone.

They are always responsive and helpful – and I have needed a LOT of help. This whole process has been totally out of my comfort zone. The whole thing took a little longer than I initially anticipated, through no fault of 1106 Design, and they were there with me the whole time.

My children’s book is ALMOST there. It has been proofed and (I think) soon to be ready for printing and distribution.

I think that Michele and the gang think they are soon to be through with me, but I am not sure that is the case. I will still need guidance and assistance.”

Beth McLemore Brock

Michele and her crew knew exactly how to design covers

“Since 2006, Michele and her crew at 1106 Design (which this time around includes kudos to Ronda and Brian) have come up with three perfect covers for my three scholarly books. That’s “scholarly” as in many footnotes. Most such books are, well, pretty boring. Not Michele’s. My three book covers, In Defense of Advertising in 2006, Montessori, Dewey, and Capitalism in 2007, and this month’s Independent Judgment and Introspection, have sent a message to the scholarly/professional market, namely get a life and start looking exciting and dramatic. Those are the two best words I can come up with to describe the covers. It’s uncanny also in that it seems like Michele and her crew knew exactly how to design covers to fit my personality! And none of us have met in person. Long-distance cover designing works, especially when you get all the hand-holding that 1106 Design specializes in!”

Jerry Kirkpatrick

They were so patient

“Ronda and Michele could not have been more helpful and knowledgable during the entire process. “Rounding Home: A Memoir of Love, Betrayal, Heartbreak and Hope with an Intimate Look into Raising a Child with Severe Autism” is my first self-published book. They were so patient with all of my silly questions and millions of emails! I can’t thank them enough for helping to make this dream become a sweet reality!”

Sarah Swindell

You guys are amazing

“This is very simple. You guys are amazing; thank you for making my dream come true. You made my book special. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again. God bless!”

Leroy Collins

They have an excellent editorial staff

“As an author for many years I can say that 1106 Design has provided me the best support and service of any other publishers I’ve worked with. They have an excellent editorial staff and carry you safely through all the areas needed to create a high quality, meticulously prepared book. Ronda and Michele were always available to help me through each process. I highly recommend them for anyone who is self-publishing.”

Albert Goerig

Their interior and exterior designs were exceptional

“This is my first experience with 1106 Design and I couldn’t be more pleased. They were upfront from the beginning and for every step of the way. By following along on their worksheet, I was kept appraised of every step. When I asked questions or didn’t understand an instruction, Michele, Ronda and Brian quickly and clearly replied. Their interior and exterior designs were exceptional. They sent me multiple proofs along the way, keeping everything from cover art to page design on track and professional. I would recommend 1106 Design to any author who wants an attractive and fully print-ready book.”

John Temple

Tremendous teamwork

If you’re looking for a full-service company to create your book – stop searching now. 1106 Design went above and beyond my expectations.

I was nervous to turn over my manuscript to anyone but after speaking to Michele all my fears and concerns dissipated. Soon, project manager Ronda gently guided me through every step with such ease that I felt as if I had my own publishing team sitting next to me. Ronda, Brian and the entire 1106 Design staff were knowledgeable, efficient, professional, patient, courteous and responded to all my questions in a timely manner.

Thank you, 1106 Design, for tremendous teamwork and for making my dream come true. You are a gift to self-publishers. Now, I’m on the road to help others survive adversity, to let them know they are not alone. “Waiting to Hear ‘Momma’: A Mother’s Memoir” is out on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I have teamed up with Cerebral Palsy Nassau and my local Barnes & Noble for a book launch in September.”

Lucille Messina

It was truly a collaboration

“As a newbie author with zero experience, I had the very good fortune to find 1106 Design. My book, with over 125 photos, was a complex project. Michele & Ronda not only provided the services they advertised, they went above and beyond by being available and responsive, answering my million questions with patience and respect, did some serious hand holding, and best of all employed a great design and proofread team to take my blurry vision of a book, and make it a beautiful reality. It was truly a collaboration. Their services comprised everything a new or experienced book writer would need, including uploading the finished product to Amazon and Ingram Spark, so if you want a high quality product that you will be proud of, I unequivocally recommend 1106 Design!”

Jeff Katz

Thank you for a great first book publishing experience

“My first book! Michele, Ronda, Brian, and the entire 1106 Design team hand walked me through the process making sure every step was professionally executed. Always responsive, their project management software was easy to use and overall superb. The finished product was beyond my highest expectations. Thank you for a great first book publishing experience.”

Craig Seyfried

Outstanding Service

“I am very impressed with the service and quality of 1106 Design. I have published several books, some of which I did all the cover and layout, and some of which I had others do the cover and layout. I can honestly say that using 1106 Design was by far my best decision. They gave prompt service and I could actually talk to real people about my specific issues. I recommended several changes to my cover design and they made every recommended change until I had a cover that I liked and that they felt would be marketable. Working together on the cover was a great experience. They were also outstanding with the interior. They did an initial review. After I made some changes, they did a more thorough review, finding several ways to improve my book. After acting on those changes they did a thorough proofreading, finding more ways to improve my book. This is the best interior and cover design service I have ever worked with.”

Ritchey Marbury

They came through for me on all aspects

“It’s been many years since I’ve written and published a book, and I needed a lot of “hand-holding” from Michele’s team to get my latest book designed. I’ve worked with 1106 Design before and was already familiar with the excellent quality of work and client service that they provide. And, once again, they came through for me on all aspects of my project. I’m so grateful for 1106 Design!”

Greg Giesen

I encourage you to pick up the phone and call

“I just self-published my sixth novel with great guidance and help from the pros at 1106 Design. From interior design and layout, to proofreading and full cover design, to making your files print-ready, Michele, Ronda, and Brian are highly skilled. Plus, they are polite and customer-friendly (imagine that!) If you’re considering using a book design firm, and perhaps feel a bit insecure about the process, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call Michele and Ronda. I’ve never been disappointed!”

Stu Fabe

I can’t recommend them enough

“I come from a 43-year career as a Broadway and Off Broadway producer and general manager – it was my job to put all of the elements together and make them work. I have just self-published an autobiography about my adventures called “STAGES: A Theater Memoir.” And 1106 Design were my producer and general manager on this project – it was an AWESOME undertaking each step of the way and their expertise, taste, intelligence, and handholding were a lifesaver. I can’t recommend them enough – I used most of the services they offer and the result is a product I am totally proud of. Without the invaluable help and guidance of 1106 Design, my project would have been a complete mess. I recommend them 1106%. Here is a link to my book:…”

Albert Poland

I would recommend 1106 highly and without reserve

“When I called 1106 Design and a human voice answered the phone (Michele) I was immediately impressed. I was also impressed with the entire organization but especially Ronda. Ronda was always professional, poised, and patient and I needed all of that! I was also pleased with the interior design of the book which featured a number of ideas that I wouldn’t have included but clearly made the book better. I would recommend 1106 highly and without reserve, my final product is exactly what I wanted!”

Daryl Hall

I would highly recommend them to anyone

“After signing a contract with a shady company, I was able to find my way to 1106 Design and what a great choice I made! The entire team worked endlessly with me to walk me through each step including any and all revisions I needed after previously editing. They turned me on to my marketing agent, created a gorgeous interior and exterior design, and were exceptionally pleasant the entire way. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to release a book. It’ll be the best decision you can make!”

Henry Panic

1106 Design is your best choice

“I did my research. Asked a lot of questions. Some promised something for nothing. But when I talked with Michele I knew all would be well. She and Ronda worked with me and guided me every step of the way. If you are a first-time author, 1106 Design is your best choice. Read my book and you will see what I mean!”

Bernie Hester, Jr.

My book is done and so gorgeous

“I cannot begin to say what a wonderful experience I had with 1106 Design creating my novel CHASING CLEOPATRA. Ronda and Michele were there for me all the way, and they never got upset with many requests for changes and new cover designs. My book is done and so gorgeous and printed perfectly. They made the whole thing a JOY, AND I AM SO GRATEFUL TO THEM.”

Tina Sloan

1106 Design was supportive

“There is a difference between simply jogging and running a full marathon. Writing long fiction is more like the latter. 1106 Design was supportive and I just cannot think of how difficult this whole writing business would have been without them. Always pleasant and helpful and a phone call away. Some day I will journey to Arizona and take them all out to dinner.”

Bob Kucharski

I was delighted at the design of the cover

“I first worked with the 1106 Design crew designing a six-story adventure picture book starring three poodles whose assignments are to keep the forest and wilderness trails safe for dogs, humans and other animals. I was delighted at the design of the cover and the ambiance of the entire book. The new, redone and smaller (2-story) Volume 1 is now in their capable hands because they did a great job for me. Oh yeah, if you’re like me and this is your initial publishing attempt and you’re not an internet marketing expert, I highly recommend the Author Marketing Coaching course. I somehow thought I’d figure out how to succeed at promoting online but this course revealed the sobering fact that successful marketing is an art and a science, demanding the same dedication and hard work it took to write the book. The course is a great road map. It isn’t going to do your work for you, but it will tell you what it takes to successfully market on the internet.”

Ron Guiley

I highly recommend 1106 Design!

“Michele, Ronda, Brian, and the whole 1106 Design team were wonderful to work with. I interviewed several companies and chose 1106 Design based on excellent recommendations and their professional attitude; not pushy and did not promise the moon. Just good advice and great editorial assistance, proofing and design of interior and cover. I highly recommend 1106 Design!”

Dennis Scifres

1106 Design’s services were invaluable

“I must once again acknowledge the great assistance provided me by 1106 Design, LLC in my self-publishing of “Where’s . . . Eli?” Just like the first time around with “Occupational Hazard,” the folks here—Brooklynite Michele DeFilippo and Ronda Rawlins—have been instrumental in getting this book ready to roll in no time. 1106 Design handled everything from cover design, final proofreading, interior design, preparing the book’s files for print on demand (POD) and eBook, and dealing with Amazon and IngramSpark. 1106 Design’s services were invaluable and made the process smooth and easy for me.”

Alex S. Avitabile