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Author Story: Dennis Meredith

Have you noticed that online ads change to reflect whatever search you last performed in Google? Perhaps you searched for a cruise or a new fridge, or a certain health condition. All of a sudden you are inundated with ads for cruise deals, kitchen appliances and pain relievers!

These ads are just one example of what companies do with the data they collect online. They also inspired Dennis Meredith’s latest novel, The Happy Chip. Says Dennis, “The idea for The Happy Chip sneaked up on me rather insidiously. I realized […]

How to Decide on a Cover Design (and Feel Good About It Too!)

Book Cover DesignI admit it: We’ve put a lot of stress on authors about their book covers.

Over the years we’ve preached endlessly about the importance of book covers. Yes, books are judged by their covers, YOU are judged by your cover, your cover must be professional and measure up to best sellers in your genre, it has to stand out on the bookshelf and on the Amazon page, etc., etc.

Did we mention that in its brick-and-mortar bookstores, Amazon is displaying books, you guessed it, with their covers facing outwards […]

Author Story: Meredith Angwin

Meredith AngwinWriting a book is a great way for entrepreneurs, celebrities, speakers and others to increase their profiles. At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

But does it?

For pro-nuclear advocate Meredith Angwin, that’s exactly how it worked.

Meredith’s new book is called Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy. While Meredith is well-known and respected as an advocate for clean nuclear energy, she says, “Writing this book increased my prestige in the industry. Instead of just being a blogger, I am an author. Someone noted that ‘author’ and ‘authority’ have the same […]

3 Ways to Sell Books from Your Author Website

3 Ways to Sell Books from Your Author WebsiteOften we are asked by authors, “What will a website do for me? I already have a Facebook page….”

Having a Facebook page is really quite essential these days, even if it seems the daily slog to get people to “like” your page can be too much. Basically, you need to grab every opportunity to gain exposure for your book. A website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account, a page on Goodreads…everything adds to your author profile and helps build your community of […]

How much assistance should you give your book designer?

book cover designA graphic has been making the rounds on social media (again). You might have seen it. It’s a pricelist of fees, presumably for a graphic designer. The prices start at $100 for “I design everything” and increase to $200 for “I design, you watch.” The prices rise progressively as the client (you) get more and more involved in the design process, until ultimately the final fee is $3,400 for “You design everything!”

Naturally this graphic is popular with designers. It resonates with us because we’ve all been there. As […]

The Real Cost of Book Cover Design

It’s one thing to get a book cover designed, but it’s quite another to turn it into an actual book cover.

Getting a front cover designed by a freelance designer or graphic artist, whether that’s someone sourced on the Internet or someone local, is a popular option among indie authors. While we’ve seen some great designs, the main goal of authors who go this route is to save money. However, once the cover design is selected, the covers must be sized and submitted for print, tasks that often are left […]

Author Story: Gary L Stuart

We managed to catch up with author and lawyer Gary Stuart as he publishes the third book in his popular western “Angus” series, The Last Stage to Bosque Redondo. Gary is a busy man. In addition to having published eleven books, Gary teaches creative writing to law students at Arizona State University and continues to practice law part time. He also teaches Legal Ethics, Legal Writing, and Appellate Advocacy at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, and serves as Senior Policy Advisor to the Dean at the ASU […]

Are you sabotaging your book?

As a leader, entrepreneur, or specialist in your field, you know that publishing a book is key to your future success. Authors are held in high esteem by just about everyone; knowing that you were able to write a book and publish it is very impressive! Writing a book is proof that you’ve accumulated enough knowledge to fill a couple of hundred pages and have managed to achieve something that most people never hope to accomplish. People want to buy from successful people, and publishing a book is proof […]

Author Story: Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez is a retired therapist who has heard many painful stories from his clients, in addition to going through tough times himself. These stories are the inspiration for his books, and they serve as the basis from which he extracts ideas on the human experience in painful relationships.

Forgive Me Never is Daniel’s latest book. It is the harrowing story of Olivia, a Latina single mother who is struggling between two cultures. She discovers the terrible secrets of her childhood and the real reason her mother suddenly disappeared nineteen […]

Can I Use Microsoft Word for Book Layout?

Can Word be used for book layout?

Well, of course.

Hah! Anyone who follows this blog would not expect that answer from me, but the truth is who’s stopping you? Go for it.

But you’ll need to understand the trade-offs.

On the upside, you will save money, at least initially. Just about everyone has access to Word, so there’s no need to go out and buy new software. Probably you used Word to write and correct your manuscript, and you feel quite comfortable using it and confident that you’ve developed some level of […]