8 Ways to Make Your Book Lay Flat


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September 06, 2017

Guest post by Sandy Gould, Direct Sales Manager, Color House Graphics

Each book design has a different purpose, and some books are more effective if they can lay flat on a surface when opened. For example, cookbooks, music books, instruction manuals and other similar books need to lay flat in order to be fully functional. To achieve this, the books should utilize a binding style that allows the book to lay flat when opened. Below are the various Lay Flat Binding options.

Plastic Coil Binding

plastic coil bindingThe plastic coil is a single piece that is a full circle through the punch-holes in the page.

Plastic coil does not bend or lose its shape. It is available in a number of standard colors and a variety of special-order colors. Plastic coil binding is suitable for both low and high-page-count books, and works well with most paper types.

Single Wire Binding

The single wire is a single piece that is a full circle through the punch holes in the page. It is available in black, white and silver. Some special-order colors are also available.

Single wire binding works with most paper types.

Double Wire Binding

Double wire binding is more sturdy than single wire binding. The wire becomes a “C” shape when bound (see photo). It is available in black, white and pewter.

Some special-order colors are also available. Double wire binding works with most paper types. Facing pages align exactly, unlike the spiral and plastic coil bound book pages.

Plastic Comb Binding

Plastic comb binding is c‐shaped. The spine of the comb can be imprinted with a title. Plastic comb binding works with most paper types.

Lay-Flat Perfect (Otabind)

Otabind books are perfect bound (they have a spine). The spine of the cover is not attached to the book block. The trim size and page count factor into how flat it will lay.

Otabind is available in PUR adhesive, allowing it to work with most paper types.

Semi-Concealed Wire-O

Semi-concealed wire-o works with softcover books. This binding style uses double wire binding. The book cover wraps around the book spine and allows for a printed spine.

Fully Concealed Wire-O

Fully concealed wire‐o works with hardcover books. This binding style allows for a printed spine. The cover is printed and wrapped around the binder boards like a hardcover book (see image).

Exposed Wire/Coil Hardcover

The covers for books with this binding style have two separate printed and wrapped boards, with the double wire binding the two-piece cover and text. The covers are printed and wrapped around binder boards like a hardcover book.

If you would like more information on lay-flat binding, or other bind styles, contact me and I can answer any questions you may have. Color House Graphics offers a variety of finishing and binding solutions to complete your project. I’d be happy to help you figure out which method is best for your project.

Sandy Gould, Direct Sales Manager

P: 616.241.1916 Ext. 242  | Toll Free: 800.454.1916 Ext. 242
E: sandy@colorhousegraphics.com

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