Author Story: Dr. Jon Cunningham


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December 05, 2022

Encouraged by Michele DeFilippo’s book Publish Like the Pros, Jon Cunningham decided to self-publish his own nonfiction book, Around My Garden in 80 Years. His book delves into the intricacies of gardening, including explanations on pollination, composting, irrigation, and grafting. A major theme of the book is self-reliance and sustainability. Gardening has long been a fun hobby for Cunningham and his family, and after eighty years working with plants, he decided to share his knowledge with others. When COVID came along, he was forced to stay home, leading to him finally having time to put his passion down on paper. He hopes he can guide others on how to take proper care of their gardens and encourage them to live sustainably. Though his book is featured on Amazon, you can also find it in hardware stores and nurseries.

From the Back Cover

WARNING: This book may tickle your funny bone.

This practical guide to gardening will help you think organically and sustainably about self-sufficiency. You will learn to do many fun things you never thought possible.

+New techniques and tips

+How to grow fruits and veggies

+Solar energy systems and how to choose wisely

+Seeds and seedlings

+Vermiculture (worms)

+Composting tips and techniques

+Container gardening

+Succulents—beautiful, low water and low maintenance

Jon Cunningham practiced dentistry for many years with both his father and his son. All three being avid gardeners with over 100 years cumulative experience.

How Did 1106 Design Help?

Around My Garden in 80 Years was Cunningham’s first book, so each step of the process was equally challenging. Fortunately, he turned to 1106 Design. We helped Cunningham with cover design, proofreading, editing, printing, distribution, and creating his author website. With our signature handholding, we guided Cunningham through the difficult process of publishing. Now he faces the challenge of marketing his book.

His Advice

Make sure you use quality services. Don’t hesitate to do your research to ensure that the service you choose will deliver professional, expert assistance. Here at 1106 Design, we don’t settle for less. We believe in delivering the highest quality service possible. Whatever your publishing needs, we’re here to help. To learn more about how we can help you succeed, please contact us today!

Around My Garden in 80 Years: My Adventure with Soil, Sun, and Water

Author: Dr. Jon Cunningham

Genre: Nonfiction, gardening, sustainability



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