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August 25, 2016

Sometimes you meet someone who has a message for you, and choosing to listen can literally change your life.

Jo Anne Musolf, author of Living Your ‘Someday’ Now! It’s All About What You Believe, met her messenger while she was weighing the pros and cons of attempting an uphill climb. You see, Jo Anne is afraid of heights. While she was trying to decide whether or not to start climbing, a gentleman noticed her hesitation and said to her, “I would give anything for your health and your youth and all the times in my life I said, ‘Someday I’ll do that,’ but then never did. Your ‘someday’ is now. Don’t think about it; just do it.”

Jo Anne made the climb, and she says she started to use the phrase from that time onward. She says, “Every time I find myself procrastinating or using excuses to put off some life adventure, I remind myself that ‘my someday is now.’”

As Jo Anne expanded her coaching and consulting career, she became aware that her personal and business clients also used the excuse that they would absolutely do something they wanted to do—someday. “Of course, they never did that thing they wanted to do,” laughs Jo Anne. “So-o-o, I wrote the book to kick butt and move people away from their excuses and on to their long-desired life or goal.”

Living Your ‘Someday’ Now! is that book, but it’s also a process and a Life-Design journal meant to guide readers on a self-paced journey to explore, liberate, create, and transform their non-serving beliefs and stories until their wishful thinking becomes reality. With her life mission of doing all she can to make people’s lives happier, saner, and joyful, Jo Anne wrote the book as a way to reach a larger audience than she could reach through one-to-one coaching sessions and large group workshops. Having said that, Jo Anne emphasizes that she “intends for Living Your ‘Someday’ Now! to be the ‘textbook’ for transition and change retreats.” Readers and retreat attendees can use the personal Life-Design journal included with the book as a target and benchmark reference as they move through their lives.

1106 Design is pleased to have helped Jo Anne fulfill her mission: to help her readers realize their “someday” now. We provided Jo Anne with cover design and interior layout services—“And there were a lot of layout factors because of the style of the book,” Jo Anne smiles. 1106 Design also provided her with proofreading, and helped her to send the book to print-on-demand (POD) services. “1106 Design held my hand, answered a million questions, and made me feel safe as I jumped the hurdles to write, edit, design, and finish a book—and then get it off to be printed.” Jo Anne reflects, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know. My book publishing process ‘slugged’ along at a snail pace until 1106 Design guided me to the end. There is no way I could be so proud of how my book reads and looks without their professional skills and support.”

Jo Anne made the choice to go with both CreateSpace (now Kindle Direct Publishing) and IngramSpark for print-on-demand (POD). “I chose two print houses because Michele DeFilippo of 1106 Design shared the valuable information that if I had books printed at CreateSpace, my book would be listed as “in stock” on Amazon.” Jo Anne continues, “And if I also set up my title at IngramSpark, my book would be available at other online retailers as well as be available for purchase by libraries and bookstores.” Jo Anne provides some valuable insight to other authors regarding CreateSpace and IngramSpark, commenting that the books printed by IngramSpark were a bit more costly but the book interior was sharper. “That being said, the interior from CreateSpace is not bad at all, just not as sharp as IngramSpark.”

The Life-Design journal included in the book presented a challenge for providing Living Your ‘Someday’ Now! in an eBook format. The journal is meant to be used while reading the book, which would be difficult on an eReader. As a result, Jo Anne decided to hold off on the eBook until she has the workbook in a downloadable format on her website. “Once the download is complete, I will offer Living Your ‘Someday’ Now! as an eBook,” Jo Anne says.

When asked for her advice to authors who are first-time self-publishers on how to self publish a book, Jo Anne doesn’t miss a beat. “Just as life isn’t a do-it-yourself process, neither should book publishing be one. I will definitely be writing another book but will involve 1106 Design from day one,” she advises.

And with Jo Anne’s firm belief in living her “someday” now, she of course encourages her fellow authors to not put off their book publishing dreams. Thank you Jo Anne—we look forward to following you as you continue to inspire others while living out your own “somedays!”

Living Your ‘Someday’ Now! It’s All About What You Believe

Author:  Jo Anne Musolf

Genre: Nonfiction, How to Make Sustainable Personal, Business, and Cultural Changes

Author Website:

Facebook Page: (@LivingYourSomedayNow)

Author’s Page on Amazon:

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