Do You Have an Online Presence?


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November 03, 2014

Global social media networkIn our previous blog post, After the Launch, we talked about authors’ good intentions of building and maintaining their online presence – an essential component of a book marketing plan.  Your online presence is the combination of a blog and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, etc. and how effectively you are building an online community of book buyers.

Some authors build their online presence with great results. Others? Not so much.

In the coming weeks we will address four questions, the answers to which will help you evaluate and increase your online presence, build your community, and sell books:

1.       Who is your audience?

2.       Are you blogging?

3.       Who is talking about you?

4.       Are you doing too much?

Today, let’s take a look at the first question.

Who Is Your Audience?

When you first considered writing a book, you should have researched the demographics and interests of your audience. To whom does your book speak? Who will buy your book? What are their likes, their dislikes? Their ages, incomes, professions?

It’s time to revisit that research, this time considering where your audience hangs out on the Internet and what topics interest them. This step helps you write blog and social media posts that are relevant and interesting to your audience. The goal is to increase the size of your community, your audience, by having community members refer your posts to their friends.

Knowing where they hang out helps you decide which Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups to join, which hashtags to use on Twitter, who to follow on Twitter, what topics to address on your blog, and what photos to post on Pinterest.

Not only will you speak more directly to your audience, but knowing your audience gets you over the hump of not knowing what to write. In our next blog post, we’ll help you with Blogger’s Block.

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